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NPC For Hire is a story driven aid for GMs that allows you to generate, build, and manage NPCs paired with beautiful hand drawn portraits. GMs will be able to spin up a story that is not only compelling, but will immerse players in a fantasy world with ease.

NPC For Hire includes 58 beautiful human portraits that you can use in your campaigns for free. Additional portraits (including other races) can be purchased to diversify the NPCs that your players come in contact with.

Don't know where to start? Generate an NPC and use it as a launching point to craft a unique and memorable personality for your players.

Already have an NPC in mind? Head to the builder and whip them up and help your players see the NPC as you do.

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Version History

Launched Dec 08, 2016 (almost 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 5 months, on average.

Jul 30
Version 2.1.0

- Added the ability to add custom images
- Added new pack notification system
- Moved from paid app to free app with in-app purchases

Apr 29
Version 2.0.3

1. Characters are being updated to be full-color images.*
2. We are transitioning to a free app with in-app purchases.
- You still have access to all of the same characters.**
3. You can now share your characters as an image.
4. You can now backup and restore your characters.
5. The app has a major visual update.

* Not all of our characters are updated yet, so be sure to check out the purchase screen from time to time and download the latest images as we continue to update our characters.

** With the new structure of the app, you will need to download each character pack from the purchase screen to gain access to the high-resolution images (again, you will be able to download them for free).

Feb 14
Version 1.6.0

- Added Heroes (12 new images)
- Added Monsters (21 new images)
- Added Villains (19 new images)

Oct 13
Version 1.5.1

- Add ability to randomize name in builder
- Fixed KS Custom Portrait

Sep 27
Version 1.5.0

- Added Dwarves (24 new images)
- Added Halflings (14 new images)
- Added Mystics (Dragon Folk, Fey) (9 new images)
- Added Gnomes (6 new images)
- Added KS Custom Portraits (5 new images)

Aug 23
Version 1.4.0

- Added Half Bloods (Half Demons, Half Elves, Half Orcs) (24 new images)

Jul 31
Version 1.3.0

- Added tag / filtering system
- Added elf sketches (27 new sketches)

Mar 14
Version 1.2.0

- Added all human sketches (50 new sketches)
- Updated the generation system

Jan 19
Version 1.1.0

- Updated notification system
- Converted alignment system to attitude system

Dec 09
Version 1.0.3

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