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Kaplan Mobile Prep gives enrolled Kaplan students convenient access to expert test prep and course features—including hours of live lessons with top instructors, on-demand videos, quizzes, practice questions, practice tests, and more. This official companion lets you take Kaplan’s experts with you as you prep for your exam—from anywhere you happen to be.

Prep on the go with all the tools from your Kaplan course, including (varies by program):
- Up to 500 hours of instruction and practice
- Results-centered feedback that helps you guide and focus your practice
- Realistic practice tests you can take in full, or section by section
- Strategies that build your skills, endurance, and confidence for Test Day
- Digital books and Qbank

If you’re enrolled in a program that includes the Kaplan Channel, enjoy:
- Up to 30 hrs/wk of interactive programming taught live and online by our highest rated faculty
- Sessions that target your greatest areas of opportunity so you can gain more points in less time
- Live lessons six days/week, and 24/7 access to recorded sessions
- Calendar reminders so you’ll never miss a session that you want to attend

Supported programs:
AP® Exams
Bar Review QBank Released
COMLEX Level 1
Police Entrance Exam
USMLE Step 1
USMLE Step 2

Have questions or comments? We’d love your feedback. Contact us at mobilesupport@kaplan.com

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Version History

Launched Aug 27, 2017 (almost 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Apr 03
Version 1.3.3

Minor bug fixes and enhancements

Mar 14
Version 1.3.2

- Now you can enjoy a smooth native video experience on a vast number of videos
- MCAT Qbank now has a periodic table for reference
- Fixed audio issue on videos with explanations
- Additional optimizations and bug fixes

Feb 05
Version 1.3

- New Native test functionality for some GMAT and MCAT enrollments (with others coming soon!)
- Now you can take your Qbank with you on the go
- The same native test experience is also available for select quizzes
- Review questions you've already answered
- See your performance at-a-glance
- Optimized formatting for equation rendering
- Resolved an issue where some students were being logged out after attempting to add Channel sessions to calendar
- Miscellaneous optimizations and bug fixes

Aug 30
Version 1.2.6

- Resolved an issue where some Nursing students could not watch videos
- Resolved an issue where some Nursing students could not launch certain assignments and client simulations

Aug 10
Version 1.2.5

Bug fixes and enhancements

Jun 14
Version 1.2.4

- Update to video player notifications to handle muted devices
- Users can now add free enrollments to existing accounts
- Improved Sign Up logic
- Updated Privacy Policy
- Other bug fixes

May 01
Version 1.2.3

- Improved notifications logic when accessing web-based materials
- Student enrollments with Study Plans will now automatically check for the latest version more frequently
- Faster account creation for new students
- Added error handling for disrupted logins
- Resolved a rare issue where some students were getting stuck on Loading Course spinner
- Miscellaneous bug fixes

Apr 05
Version 1.2.2

- Resolved an issue where some students would get stuck after log in on iPhone 6
- Resolved an issue where some sequences could not be launched from the Study Plan
- Optimizations and improvements for Channel

Mar 01
Version 1.2.1

- Resolved an issue where some students were having trouble logging in
- Resolved an issue where Channel information was getting truncated on iPhone SE
- Updated error handling for account creation
- Miscellaneous bug fixes

Feb 20
Version 1.2

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- New products added regularly

Bug Fixes
- Resolved an issue with Channel where some students could not join live sessions
- Resolved an issue with "Need to Reschedule" links in Study Plan
- Resolved an issue with hidden assignments in the Study Plan

Dec 08
Version 1.1.4

- Updates for MCAT Adaptive Qbank
- Bug fixes

Dec 02
Version 1.1.3

- Support for iPhone X devices
- Study Plan menu items are now collapsable
- Updated Video Player UI
- Resolved an issue where music was terminated when launching the app
- Resolved an issue where some students could not join some Live Online sessions
- Resolved an issue where assignment status was occasionally not saving for some students
- Resolved an issue where duplicate assignments were appearing in Resources for some students
- Performance optimizations

Oct 18
Version 1.1.2

Updated app icon

Oct 04
Version 1.1.1

- You can now reschedule classes from the app!
- Added support for special characters in password field
- Updated accessibility labels
- Miscellaneous bug fixes

Sep 11
Version 1.1

- Improved Accessibility Handling
- Bug Fixes

Aug 27
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions


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