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Count down the days until Christmas with a fun snowy countdown.

- Choose from eight beautiful backgrounds, featuring Santa and his reindeer, many Christmas trees, and even a snowman!
- Enjoy classic Christmas music including Deck the Halls and We Wish You a Merry Christmas
- Watch the falling snow on the countdown screen
- Open a new gift every day of December in your advent calendar! You'll get a beautiful Christmas themed HD image which you can set as your wallpaper, as well some other ideas to help you get in the Christmas mood :D
- No ads! I really don't like ads in apps, so there are none at all in Christmas Countdown :)
- Upgrade to premium to get a countdown widget so you can quickly see how many long there is until Christmas! You'll also get more music, including Jingle Bells and Silent Night, extra backgrounds and an exclusive countdown style!

I have a lot of fun developing Christmas Countdown, and love hearing from you! Talk to me about the app at apps@jupli.com or @juplichristmas on Instagram and Twitter :)

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Version History

Launched Nov 15, 2016 (over 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Mar 21
Version 20.0.1

In this difficult time where we all need to stay indoors more, the Premium features of Christmas Countdown are unlocked for everyone to use until July 2020. Please enjoy the features, stay safe and look out for each other.

Jan 04
Version 20.0.0

Removed the 2019 advent calendar content to reduce the app size for 2020!

Dec 03
Version 19.4.3

Fixed a crash when opening a gift

Nov 18
Version 19.4.1

Preparing for the Advent Calendar!

Oct 07
Version 19.3.0

- Added new Premium countdown box featuring a snowman - the previous Santa box is now free for everyone!
- Music now plays even if in silent mode
- Some improvements for iPad users

Aug 26
Version 19.2.0

- Another new countdown choice! You can now count down the weeks to Christmas. Just tap the countdown box to change.
- Move the countdown box up and down! Tap and hold it for a second, then move it to where you want.
- Lots of little fixes to improve the app as always

Aug 02
Version 19.1.0

Lots of new stuff for those of you counting down to Christmas in August!

- Ever wondered how many seconds there are until Christmas? Now you can find out!
- Switch between the different countdowns with a single tap. Just tap the countdown!
- The menu now shows what music is playing, and lets you pause and play it easily
- Fixed Premium sometimes resetting (if this was happening to you, please let me know if this update fixes the issue for you - email apps@jupli.com)

Jan 15
Version 19.0.0

Slimming down for 2019 - I've removed last year's advent calendar content so the app takes up less space on your phone throughout the year.

Dec 16
Version 18.5.2

Advent calendar updates :D

Dec 07
Version 18.5.1

A few bug fixes and changes:
- Fixed an issue with the HD wallpapers where a blank screen would be shown
- Fixed a rare case where the widgets counted to the 25th even when 24th was chosen
- In the advent calendar, the Open Gift button will now appear immediately at midnight

Dec 05
Version 18.5.0

Night Mode has been way more popular than I expected! So, I've added automatic Night Mode. This will enable Night Mode from 6PM to 7AM, and turn it off during the day.

I've made a bunch of small fixes too! :)

Nov 27
Version 18.4.0

The advent calendar is here! :D

Nov 15
Version 18.3.1

18.3.1: A quick fix for widget issues introduced in 18.3.0

- Night Mode! Darker backgrounds and colours. Not just for night time!
- Count down the number of Sleeps until Christmas with a new countdown text option
- A new icon to match the one used elsewhere
- Fixed an issue where your settings wouldn't be saved if your phone was really low on storage space

Nov 13
Version 18.3.0

I've added lots of new stuff now that Christmas is quickly approaching. Not too long until the advent calendar begins!

- Night Mode! Darker backgrounds and colours. Not just for night time!
- Count down the number of Sleeps until Christmas with a new countdown text option
- A new icon to match the one used elsewhere
- Fixed an issue where your settings wouldn't be saved if your phone was really low on storage space

Oct 01
Version 18.2.0

Less than 3 months to go! I've been working hard to make the app faster and easier to use. I hope you like it!

- A new free background featuring a much-requested nativity scene
- A new menu so you can get around more easily. Change your themes and music 57% faster than before!
- Fixes for a few issues with notifications

... OK yes I made up the 57% but it is pretty fast :D

Sep 09
Version 18.1.1

We're 70% of the way to Christmas, so it's time for a big update!

- Advanced customisation! Now you can separately choose the countdown background, box and style
- A new style of countdown for Premium users (more free ones coming soon)
- A new background!
- Double the snow. Literally! And you'll see more and more as Christmas gets closer
- Faster than ever start up time

Jan 08
Version 18.0.0

A post-2017 slimming to bring down the size of the app so it takes up less space on your phone during the year! :)

Dec 18
Version 17.5.5

One more advent calendar update!

Dec 10
Version 17.5.4

A few small changes to the calendar design, and fixed even more Youtube links!

Dec 06
Version 17.5.3

Replaced YouTube links which were blocked in some countries

Dec 04
Version 17.5.2

Fixed a problem with turning on notifications, and also improved the calendar on iPhone X!

Nov 28
Version 17.5.1

A few more additions for the upcoming Advent calendar :D

Nov 21
Version 17.5.0

Ready for December! This update brings all the Advent calendar goodies. No peeking!

Nov 07
Version 17.4.0

Who's excited for Christmas? I am! I've added lots of stuff in this update!

- Share the countdown with friends! I've made it super simple - it copies to your clipboard and then you can paste it anywhere!
- Two new themes for all you awesome Premium users :)
- In many European countries, December 24th is the big day of celebration, so I've added the option to change the countdown date
- Improved iPhone X support. Now the app will look awesome on your cool new phone!
- Fixed music stopping after one track. Now it'll go forever!
- Lots of other small fixes too!

Sep 06
Version 17.3.1

Some fixes and performance improvements!

Aug 07
Version 17.3.0

Now with a countdown widget for all you awesome Premium users!

Jul 31
Version 17.2.0

Weihnachten, Navidad, Noël, Natale, Boże Narodzenie and クリスマス! I've gotten some help to translate Christmas Countdown into 6 other languages so more people can enjoy the countdown. In other news, the countdown now works in landscape mode, so it'll look great on your iPad!

Jul 05
Version 17.1.0

Lots of people asked for Christmas music, and now it's here! Just pop in to the settings menu to turn it on :D

May 02
Version 17.0.0

Getting ready nice and early for Christmas 2017! Keep an eye out for more updates over the next few months :)

Dec 21
Version 4.4.2

Some final tweaks before Christmas!

Dec 20
Version 4.4.1

Final preparations for Christmas! Also fixed a bug which kept bothering you to enable notifications!

Dec 09
Version 4.4.0

I've made a bunch of little fixes, and also made some performance improvements so everything should feel a bit smoother!

Dec 04
Version 4.3.4

I've updated some pesky music links in the Christmas Calendar, as a few ended up being blocked in certain regions, and also on some mobile devices. Nobody should be denied the joy of Christmas songs, so I've found some better links!

I've also fixed an issue with the calendar on certain screen sizes preventing the wallpaper being set. Sorry about that one. But it's all sorted now. :D

Nov 30
Version 4.3.3

I've added five themes which you can choose from to change the look of the countdown. Also some updates to the calendar as we get closer to Christmas!

Nov 15
Version 4.2.0

Nov 15
Version 4.2.0

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