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For Alice to survive in the magical world, no one must know that she comes from the world of humans. Not until it’s clear what all this is about and who is the enemy and who is a friend. Why is Alice the only one in this world who can see the dragons?

Wizards are very clear about who is and who isn’t welcome in their world. Alice has to start a journey to earn the right to stay in the magical world. Fortunately there are also wizards that want to help Alice and teach her many useful spells.

In English, Deutsch, Česky, po Polsku...
Double the length of the first part
The classic hand-painted point and click adventure game
New from the GameStylus.com team
Friendly price, your payment supports further development of the game

Help: In the menu you can get hints to any location in the game, you can also find your collected items there and you can turn on and off the music and sounds or restart the game.

Czech: Alice a dračí magie, druhý díl dobrodružné série o Alici ve světě magie. Kompletně Česky.

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Version History

Launched Nov 10, 2016 (almost 4 years ago).
Jul 17
Version 1.2

Game improved, added new languages

Nov 10
Version 1.1