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Don’t worry about kiosks, due dates, or late fees. With unlimited entertainment for one monthly flat fee, it’s just happiness delivered to your door!

Noteworthy features:
• Tens of thousands of movies and TV shows, including the hottest new releases
• Browse DVDs and Blu-rays by genre and mood: new releases, comedy movies, horror movies, romantic movies, etc.
• Quickly add and arrange your queued titles on-the-go
• Get personalized recommendations and discover new gems
• Search for movies, TV shows, actors, genres, and channels (HBO, Showtime, AMC)
• We’ll notify you when we ship you something
• New releases are added every week

How does DVD Netflix work?
1) Browse our extensive catalog and build a queue of titles
2) We send you DVD or Blu-ray discs with free shipping both ways
3) Watch and enjoy – keep as long as you want with no late fees or due dates
4) Return with the prepaid envelope and we’ll send another disc, usually the next day

Plans start at just $7.99 per month and your first month is free. Get movie night delivered with a tap of your finger.

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Version History

Launched Dec 19, 2016 (almost 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Aug 06
Version 1.25

* Profile PINs are now supported
* various bug fixes and stability improvements

Jun 09
Version 1.24

* improved stability for 32-bit devices

Apr 22
Version 1.23

* New feature: Top Picks for You
* New feature: Change format between Blu-ray and DVD for Saved queue items
* Replacement discs now show in the At Home queue tab
* Improved customer messaging for account-related information
* Improved stability and other minor bug fixes

Jan 29
Version 1.22

* ability to change formats for shows and movie series in your queue
* stability fixes
* bug fixes
* security improvements

Nov 21
Version 1.21

* Easier reporting of disc problems from your Queue
* Improved usability of Search tabs
* iPad usability improvements
* various bug fixes and performance enhancements

Sep 19
Version 1.20.1

* iOS 13 updates

Sep 12
Version 1.20

* added "Share" icon to Collections
* improved messaging around app updates
* iOS 13 support
* bug fixes
* performance and stability improvements

May 21
Version 1.19.3

* bug fixes

May 07
Version 1.19.2

- now featuring Collections, hand-curated lists of movies you'll love
- new Call Us menu item for contacting Customer Service directly from the app
- easier access to your service code in the menu
- various bug fixes related to Search

Nov 29
Version 1.18.1

* Fixes for crashes related to Search (our sincerest apologies)

Nov 20
Version 1.18

* added Popular Movies
* now showing more Genres under Search
* bug fixes

Sep 25
Version 1.17

* See more of your rental history
* Bug fixes

Aug 19
Version 1.16

This update contains:

* Give and manage review feedback
* Bug fixes

Jul 10
Version 1.15

This release brings:

* Drag and drop re-ordering in the Queue.
* Bug fixes

May 15
Version 1.14.1

We fixed a bug with push notifications.

May 09
Version 1.14

We fixed some bugs and improved things under the covers.

Mar 05
Version 1.12

The following changes are in this release:

* support for customers on account hold
* support for site maintenance
* bug fixes

Jan 17
Version 1.11

Happy New Year to our iOS customers!

This update includes:

* support for nice new art work
* better handling of profile queues
* bug fixes

Dec 12
Version 1.10

* Bug fixes

Nov 23
Version 1.9

For those who are also Netflix streaming customers, see if a title is available to stream and open the Netflix app

Nov 09
Version 1.8.1

* we fixed a bug with the menu button on certain devices

Nov 06
Version 1.8

* iOS 11 and iPhone X compatibility
* bug fixes

Aug 20
Version 1.7.5

* bug fixes

Aug 08
Version 1.7.4

Thanks for being a DVD Netflix customer. If you're enjoying the app please consider leaving a review.

Fixed in this release:

* a bug with trailers for certain movies

Jun 30
Version 1.7.3

High resolution movies images now available for iPad

May 10
Version 1.7.2

Thanks for being a valued DVD Netflix customer! If you love the app please consider leaving a review.

This release includes the following:

* bug fixes

Apr 21
Version 1.7.1

Thanks for continuing to use the DVD Netflix app and for being a customer!

This version contains some important bug fixes so be sure to update.

Also, if you enjoy using the app, please leave us a review.

Apr 10
Version 1.7

* iPad in portrait and landscape
* Trailers for select titles
* Bug fixes

If you like the app, please leave us a review. Thanks!

Mar 21
Version 1.6

* search your queue: pull down to reveal search box, swipe right or left on results to move or delete the item
* bug fixes

Mar 08
Version 1.5.1

* read and write movie reviews on your iPhone!
* bug fixes

Mar 05
Version 1.5

* Read and write movie reviews on your iPhone!
* Bug fixes

Feb 17
Version 1.4.5

* performance improvements
* bug fixes

Feb 06
Version 1.4

The Oscars are on Feb 26th - don't forget to have the app at the ready to add your favorites!

Updated in this release:

* more movie details including subtitles and CC
* more info when adding a title to queue
* bug fixes and performance improvements

Jan 26
Version 1.3

* Queue management tips
* Add a title to your queue and easily move it to the top
* Performance improvements and bug fixes

Jan 11
Version 1.2.1

Tip of the week: to move a title in your queue try swiping right. To delete it, swipe left.

This update contains the following changes:

* login: support for older profiles
* queue: scrolling performance improvement

If you like the app, please consider leaving a review.

Thanks for being a DVD customer!

Jan 10
Version 1.2

Tip of the week: to move a title in your queue try swiping right. To delete it, swipe left.

Friendly reminder: if you like the app please leave us a review.

This update contains the following changes:

* login: tap "SHOW" in the password field to ensure you're typing the correct password
* login: if you have problems signing in call Customer Service directly from the login screen
* login: support for special characters
* login: improved error messages
* rating: toggle "not interested"
* movie: improved display of format
* various bug fixes

Thanks for being a DVD customer and for using our new app!

Dec 20
Version 1.1

Thanks for downloading the DVD Netflix app!

The following things have changed in this version:

* you can now rate a title "not interested"
* browse a lot more content
* various bug fixes
* performance improvements

Dec 19
Version 1.0

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