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Brushes 4 is the latest iteration of the app that started the iPhone and iPad painting revolution. Redesigned with a clean and modern user interface, Brushes supports iPhone and iPad with optimisation for the iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPad with Apple Pencil.

• Highlights:
- Clean and modern user interface with light and dark modes.
- New painting gallery.
- New canvas interface.
- Apple Pencil support with pressure curve.
– Unlimited undo and redo.
- Continuous auto-save.
- Cloud import and export.

• Parameterized Brushes:
- Selection of ready to use brushes with customisable settings.
- Create your own custom brushes from millions of permutations.
- Generate random brushes for inspiration.
- Dynamic adjustment of brush size and opacity.

• Layers:
- Layer your artwork for greater control.
– Lock and hide layers.
– Use alpha lock to only paint where pixels already exist.
– Adjust individual layer opacity.
– Duplicate, rearrange and merge layers.
– Apply layer blending modes: normal, multiply, screen, exclude.
- Color fill any layer.
– Invert layer color and desaturate.
– Flip and arbitrarily transform layers.
– Adjust the color balance per layer.
– Adjust layer hue, saturation and brightness.

• Colors:
- Colour picker with hue ring and saturation square.
- Store and recall your favourite colors in swatches.
- Sample painting colors with the eyedropper tool.

• Apple Pencil:
- Intuitive and powerful pressure curve to match your style.
- Configurable realtime pressure based adjustment of brush size and opacity.

• Creation:
- Preset canvas sizes for paper, photographs, iPhone and iPad screens, film and television displays.
- Custom canvas size.

• Import, export and sharing:
- Import images directly from your camera roll.
- Import PNG and JPEG images from cloud services.
- Export your paintings for sharing or importing into other apps as PNG and JPEG to all cloud storage services or as photos directly to your camera roll.
- Compatible with paintings created by Brushes 3 and Brushes Redux.

• Light and dark appearances:
- Choose between light and dark monochrome appearances, or current system setting.
- Minimal use of user interface color so that tints in the user interface do not distract from or influence your artwork color choices.


Thank you to Angela Ali, Jason M., Jeff Parker, Sandra Perez and Yoshiyuki Uchida for contributing artwork to the App Store screenshots. Please visit our website to see more of their artwork and for links to their portfolios.


Brushes was originally created by Steve Sprang for iPhone in 2009 and for iPad in 2010. His last version, Brushes 3 was released in 2012, but was removed from the App Store in 2015. I took over development to modernise and support an app that has continued to be enjoyed by so many artists.

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Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Productivity

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Version History

Launched Nov 19, 2018 (over 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Jan 21
Version 4.1.0

- Added support for iPadOS 13 light and dark mode system appearances. Also includes the option to override the system setting to light or dark mode for Brushes. Changing the appearance between system, light and dark is in the settings menu when in the painting canvas.
- Added option to show touches for screen recording. Available from the settings menu when in the painting canvas.
- Added link to the Brushes YouTube channel. Available in the about menu when in the painting canvas.
- Fixed current layer not always being highlighted in the layers list.
- Minor user interface fixes and enhancements.

Dec 09
Version 4.0.10

Minor fixes and enhancements.

Jun 18
Version 4.0.9

New app icon to tie in with our graphic design app Inkpad.

Jun 06
Version 4.0.8

Fixed minor user interface alignment of the brush menu disclosure indicators on iPhone.

Jun 04
Version 4.0.7

Added disclose indicators to the brushes menu to make it clearer each brush can be edited.

May 21
Version 4.0.6

Fixed the inserting of portrait photographs to have the correct dimensions.

Feb 19
Version 4.0.5

Fixed the brush opacity to use the slider range linearly from 0 to 100%. It was previously difficult to apply opacity to brushes that were defined with 100% intensity.

Dec 20
Version 4.0.4

Minor user interface appearance enhancements.

Dec 05
Version 4.0.3

Increased maximum painting dimensions and changed the layer count to be based on painting size and device capability. Each device will allow as many layers for a given size that it can support.

Dec 01
Version 4.0.2

Added support for double-tap on the Apple Pencil (2nd generation).

Nov 30
Version 4.0.1

Fixed color picker swatch selection when using the Apple Pencil.

Nov 19
Version 4.0.0

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