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"This game has the best artistic quality and effects
I've ever seen."- Japanese music master Onoken.
"A brand new game experience. It will change music games forever!"- Taiwan's top musician Vanros Kloud.

Lethe is a theatrical music game designed with beautifully artistic scenes, sand painting scrolls, and high quality music. Players can discover the lost memories of the "Lethe" continent by gathering elven energy and solving puzzles. The pictorial operations help you release the mysteries and riddles that bind and separate Taya and Omari.

---Game Features---
Brand new gameplay where you open a musical scroll and dive into a unique world of magic and sound. As you journey through this world, more and more music will be unlocked and an immersive world of adventure will open up to be discovered.
Play to the tunes of original musicians from around the world, such as Onoken, Vanros Kloud, Sakuzyo, and celebrated newcomer Kage.
Rise above traditional visual experiences through a perfectly developed Unity 3D integrated game system.
Grants you a real sense of music performance. Every scene of this game is hand painted and fuelled by the mystical power of music and emotion.
You will become immersed in an epic fantasy drama set in the style of a timeless fairy tale.

Indieplay Best Music Sound Effects
Jinyuan Best Music Sound Effects
Jinyuan Best Art Design
CGDA Best Mobile Game Design & Innovation Award
TIGA Best Game Nominations
Very Big Indie Pitch - The Fourth Best Game (The only Asian product nominated)
IMGA Highest Award Nomination
IMGA Most Anticipated Game Award
IMGA Best Audio Award
Taipei Game Show Best Art Award

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Secondary: Music

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Version History

Launched Dec 22, 2016 (almost 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Jul 12
Version 1.7.8

1. Add a new music
2. Sets the interface size to write changes

Jun 17
Version 1.7.4

1. Bug fix for: unable to hit the first 6 notes in the Colorful Festival-Hard mode
2. Bug fix for: unable to complete the last map mission when the score is over 45000
3. Bug fix for: issues on the Tarot
4. New function: Note time adjustment function in Set
5. Optimizations for the whole game

Jun 01
Version 1.7.3

1. Three newly-added music demos for a new side quest. You need to complete the main quest to unlock “The Tree Hole”.
2. Note hints have been added and can be configured in the main interface.
3. An announcement and pre-purchase function have been added.

1. The difficulty of certain stages has been adjusted.
2. Calibration optimization for rhythmic tapping.
3. Performance optimization on all music pieces.

May 04
Version 1.7.1

1. Adding 9 supporting languages, including Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, English, French, Italian,Spanish and German.
2. Adding story lines' animations.
3. Adding Achievement System.
4. UI interface optimization.
5. Adding Account Login System.
6. Adding scores and achievements saving function.

Jan 05
Version 1.6.5

-新增:小精靈系統 可以通過系統看到更多隱藏要素
-新增:公告板 可第一時間瞭解到遊戲的近況及更新時間
-新增:iMessage表情 聖誕表情、新年表情、讓你的Lethe節日語言更加豐富
-新增:春節皮膚 為Lethe帶來新年的氣氛

Dec 22
Version 1.6.4

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