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Download the Sumdog app to play Sumdog's newest games with Math, Reading and Spelling questions.

Please note, some games and questions may require a premium student account to play.

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Version History

Launched Sep 09, 2016 (almost 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 16 days, on average.

May 31
Version 41.2.0

We've made the questions better than ever! It's now prettier and faster to boot!
We've also spruced up the score screen and made a few refinements to Match Tower.

May 10
Version 39.2.0

Get ready to farm!! Enjoy our new game, Farmhouse. Can YOU become a Hyper Farmer?

Also, we've done a lot behind the scenes to keep bringing you bigger and better updates!

Apr 04
Version 38.1.0

Race down the river, collect gems and perform awesome tricks in our brand new game - Powerboat!

We've added new information panels to the games' loading screens, to show you what part of the learning journey you're on.

We've also increased the beauty of collectable gems across all our games.

Mar 02
Version 37.2.0

Like blowing us castles in cannonball? Check all the all new cannonball, with
improved graphics, more castles and more fun!

We've also fixed issue with the splash screen so it now displays correctly.

Feb 05
Version 36.1.0


Sumdog crazy, soccer mad? Well check out GOALZ, our new free kick game.
Blast your way around dummy defenders and beat your friends!
How many can you score in the time limit?

Jan 26
Version 35.1.2

New release alert! The colour scheme of the question display has been refreshed to improve readability, along with loads of other little things to make your experience even better.

Nov 30
Version 35.0.2


We have massively reduced the size of our app, making it faster and easier to get online and learning!

Nov 27
Version 34.2.0

Not the most exciting release we have ever made, but it fixes loads of little things that make your experience even better.

Nov 13
Version 34.1.2

What time is it? RELEASE TIME!

We have had our special builder utility belts on this week, and have been improving the architecture of the city.

Oh, and we have put some background fixes in place to make things much smoother.

Nov 02
Version 34.0.3

Woop woop, new release alert.

We've made the questions a whole lot faster, and made some fiddly changes to Stack 3D and Dance 3D.

Oh and we no support IOS 9! Woohoo!

Oct 10
Version 33.0.3

We’ve just released a new game - STACK 3D
Do you like puzzle games? Do you like building things? Do you love gigantic hot dogs and chickens?
Of course you do. Play the new game now!

We’ve also released some cool new animations, added a shine to our windows and some other code stuff that make things much better.

Sep 11
Version 32.2.0

The most recent update is small but mighty!

We’ve cleaned up some of our games interface so you can focus on learning, and tidied up behind the scenes as well.

Sep 04
Version 32.0.0

Small but mighty updates!

We’ve upgraded some techy things under the bonnet, but most importantly you can now see your little feets while playing Pierwalk.

Toe-tally exciting!

Aug 29
Version 31.0.0


We’ve created an easier way for you to jump in and out of games, and turn your sound on and off.

We’ve added the Danceometer to Dance 3D, so you know how far away you are from becoming the world's greatest toe-tapper.

We’ve also tweaked, stretched and prodded loads of other cool things that will give you an even better experience!

Aug 03
Version 30.3.0

In this update, Drive3D is more fun than ever before! Go faster than a cheetah chasing on sports day by collecting boosts, keep track of the competition in the new mini map and bask in the glorious green space popping up around the city.

We’ve also done some tidying up around the place to make your learning experience even smoother.

Jul 19
Version 30.2.0

We’ve made some awesome changes to our games, have a look below!

- Random Castle sizes, which ones will you get?

Street dash
- Camera and obstacle fixes
- Easier to take corners at full speed, like a cheetah after a coffee

- Faster grabby hands
- Better lighting to see your beautiful faces

- New rings to show you the way! Get them all to receive a perfect score (they also explode)
- Steering fixes, it’s much easier to avoid buildings (if you want to)
- Sneaky bug fixes


Jun 28
Version 30.1.0

We've upgraded some complicated things to improve performance and load times
throughout games.

Jun 18
Version 30.0.0

We've cooked up another game for you, try Chef3D now!

We've also upgraded some complicated things to improve performance
throughout games.

May 18
Version 28.0.0

Added the new games High Rise and Street Racer 3D!

Apr 24
Version 27.2.0

Performance and reliability improvements.

Apr 18
Version 27.1.0

Performance and reliability improvements.

Apr 06
Version 27.0.1

Added the new games Street Dash and Cake Monsters 3D!

Mar 20
Version 26.1.0

Performance improvements.

Feb 19
Version 25.2.0

- Fixed repeating spelling questions
- Fixed memory leak

Feb 12
Version 25.1.0

Performance improvements.
Log in via Clever.

Feb 09
Version 25.0.4

Performance improvements.

Feb 08
Version 25.0.2

Performance improvements.

Feb 06
Version 25.0.0

Performance improvements.

Jan 18
Version 23.9.0

Try Sumdog's new read aloud maths questions in your app.

Dec 21
Version 23.8.0

Try Sumdog's new read aloud maths questions!

Dec 11
Version 23.5.0

This release contains special new items for the Garden. The items are available to students who played in recent contests.

Dec 06
Version 22.4.0

Can you win the yellow jersey in Sumdog's latest game Cycle Race 3D?

Oct 23
Version 22.2.0

Move over Strictly, Sumdog's latest game Dance 3D is here!

We've also re-added support for older iOS devices.

Oct 21
Version 22.1.0

Move over Strictly, Sumdog's latest game Dance 3D is here!

Sep 23
Version 21.0.0

Use the exploding bubble gum to knock the most candy off the screen in our latest game Bubble Gum 3D!

Sep 08
Version 20.0.0

Go to the rooftop garden with your friends and play the latest Sumdog game, Plant Busters 3D

Sep 06
Version 19.1.0

Get your green fingers ready to dig into the Sumdog 3D Garden.

This release allows users to access the Sumdog 3D Garden!

Aug 04
Version 18.1.0

Race around the city against your friends in the new game, Drive 3D!

Bug fixes.

Jul 19
Version 18.0.0

Race around the city against your friends in the new game, Drive 3D!

Jun 30
Version 17.0.0

Added the new game Animals 3D!

Jun 28
Version 16.1.1

Added the new spelling questions!
Performance improvements.

Jun 02
Version 16.0.0

Updated the styling of questions.

May 19
Version 15.0.0

Performance improvements.

May 10
Version 14.0.0

Added the new game Stepping Stones 3D!

Apr 18
Version 13.0.0

Added the new Kiteboarding 3D game!

Apr 13
Version 12.0.0

Release the new Recycling 3D game!

Mar 27
Version 11.0.0

Added the new Junkpile 3D game!

Mar 18
Version 10.1.0

Added the Glider 3D game!

Feb 10
Version 9.0.0

Released the new game Go Cart 3D.

Jan 23
Version 8.2.0

Fixed some problems that caused the app to crash when playing the Pier Walk 3D game.

Dec 17
Version 8.0.0

Added the new game Pier Walk 3D!

Dec 12
Version 7.1.0

- Fixed Subway Conga lag issue

Dec 04
Version 7.0.0

Added the new game Subway Conga 3D!
Improved the appearance of questions in the games.

Nov 10
Version 4.3.0

Fixed an issue where games would sometimes stop at the beginning and show an error.

Nov 03
Version 4.2.0

Fixed an issue where games would sometimes stop at the beginning and show an error.

Oct 28
Version 4.1.0

Improvements to questions and answers during the game:
* No more question flickering
* Question loading time reduced
* Made lockout times fairer when answering wrong

Improvements to Shadow Maze 3D
* The finish room flashes on the minimap when it is visible

Oct 20
Version 4.0.2

Fixes to the scoreboard on the end screen in the Shadow Maze 3D game:
* The scores are now shown in the right order.
* The robot score is now accurate.
* You no longer count as DNF (did not finish) on the end screen when losing against a robot.

Oct 18
Version 4.0.0

Added the new game Shadow Maze 3D!

Reduced the app download size.

Oct 05
Version 3.2.0

The Roller Coaster 3D game has a new soundtrack.

Sep 28
Version 3.1.0

Improvements to the Roller Coaster 3D game:
Grabbing the targets is now more responsive. Last levels are much easier.
Overtaking is now smooth.
Added some visual effects and different animations to the targets that you need to grab.
Added the player's chair shadow on the track.
Only the winners cheer at the end.
Fixed an issue where some targets were shown after the finish line.

Sep 21
Version 3.0.0

Added the new game Roller Coaster 3D!

Your character in Fun Run 3D now looks like the character you create in the "3D Face" section of the "House".
Fixed a few other issues in Kabloom 3D and Fun Run 3D.

Sep 05
Version 2.6.0

Added a "Waiting for other players to finish..." panel at the end of the Fun Run 3d Game with a button that allows you to continue to end screen.

Fixed an issue where the games would never end when losing internet connection. Now in such cases, an internet error message is shown at the end of the games.

Fixed an issue where minimising the app while playing the Fun Run 3D game caused the game to end. Now you can resume the game by maximising the app.

Fixed an issue where losing internet connection while playing a game would sometimes cause questions to be displayed incorrectly, with missing images.

Aug 23
Version 1.0

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