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This is the app for drone enthusiasts who wish to have a more portable ground station.

Works with Arducopter and 3DR Solo platforms via wifi or BLE.

Please read the user manual at https://sidepilot.net/pdf/SidePilot-UserManual.pdf

NOTE: If you are not using the 3DR Solo, you must have either a BLE repeater module (HM-10, BLE Mini etc), or a Wifi connection to your drone.

* GPS Location of drone
* Location of nearby aircraft shown on map
* Set, edit and delete waypoints offline & when connected. Import and export waypoint sets to share with devices, or edit using a text editor.
* Arm/Disarm
* Display VFR information such as altitude, yaw, pitch and roll.
* Voice alerts for mode changes and other important information
* Edit, save and load entire parameter sets
* Perform Pre-Flight checklist
* GPS satellite count and HDOP
* Distance from home/device
* Battery voltage display and warnings
* Calibration of battery monitor, accelerometer, compass and radio limits
* Performance setting sliders. Allows for quick tuning of the drones performance
* Live stream direct to Facebook or YouTube from Solo
* View advanced status's about your drone such as IMU, vibration, RC input and output, etc
* Download Dataflash logs from your drone and export via email to view on PC
* Follow Me - Use your devices GPS to follow you at a set distance/altitude
* Orbit mode - Circle an object for a fantastic cinematic shots!
* Pre-Flight checklist current weather (wind & temp)information and alerts based on your location
* Grid Waypoints - Create a survey grid to fly
* Tap to fly to point - Tap a location and your drone will fly there!
* And many more

Quick-start guide (Using the BLE Repeater):

1. Insert radio into BLE Repeater
2. Turn on drone and BLE Repeater
3. Start app and click the connect button on the top right. If the app does not connect to the BLE Repeater, ensure your bluetooth is turned on, and that the BLE Repeater is enabled under settings/BLE Configuration.
4. The app should begin receiving data from the drone. If it does not, please ensure the radios are connected correctly and that the baud rate is set correctly in the BLE configuration under settings/BLE Configuration.
5. For any other issues, please visit the website at https://sidepilot.net

Quick-start guide (Using a WiFi UDP connection):

1. Turn on drone and connect using wifi
2. Start app and navigate to settings. Select either WiFi UDP, TCP or 3DR Solo (if using a 3DR Solo)
3. If setting up wifi manually, click on WiFi Settings and input the correct ip address and port that the mavlink protocol is running over. (Usually listed in settings as the router IP, and a port of 14550)
4. Go back to the main screen and press the connect button on the top right. The app should begin displaying information about the drone. If not, double check your wifi settings.
5. For any other issues, please visit the website at https://sidepilot.net

Please post suggestions and bug reports on the forums at http://sidepilot.net/forum

WARNING: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Note: All iOS Devices with Bluetooth Low Energy are supported, however iPads without cellular do not have GPS capability unless tethered to a iOS Device with cellular, and even then it is poor and not suitable for navigation.

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Version History

Launched Sep 29, 2016 (almost 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 30 days, on average.

Jan 11
Version 1.36.4

* Fixed performance slider bug
* Fixed 3DR firmware update process

Sep 18
Version 1.36.3

* Bug fixes and performance improvements
* Performance calibration sliders fixed
* Facebook Live streaming works again
* Video stream no longer 'catches up' the buffer when returning to the main screen

Sep 03
Version 1.36.2

Bug fixes, Performance improvements & Improved Arducopter 3.6+ support

Jun 26
Version 1.36.1

Just a small patch to fix custom bluetooth functionality

Jun 25
Version 1.36

* Compatibility with ArduCopter 3.6
* Increased support for custom BLE modules
* General bug fixes

Feb 19
Version 1.35

* Fixed RSSI not showing in Advanced status menu
* Fixed 3DR Solo button change menu crashing the app.

Feb 07
Version 1.34

* Fixed 3DR Solo firmware parameters not being loaded correctly
* Added OpenSolo Smart RTL mode support
* General Bug Fixes

Dec 21
Version 1.33

* iPhone X layout support
* Other layout fixes
* Waypoint load fix

Dec 08
Version 1.32

* ADS-B Flight Tracking - Real time flight information of aircraft around you
* General bug fixes

Nov 30
Version 1.31

* Waypoint Speed control
* Solo - Photos now save locally when taken using the controller paddle
* Solo - Photos no longer get saved as black images

Sep 29
Version 1.30

Our biggest feature update yet!

* Panorama Mode - Take a set number of photos while yaw'ing. Currently does not trigger if not using Solo, will come in a future update
* Return to Me - Returns to your iOS devices GPS location
* Mission distances - Get a running and total of your missions flight distance.
* Generic BLE module support! - You can now use modules such as the HM-10 with SidePilot!
* YouTube and Custom RTMP live streaming
* Solo visual tracking follow me - Still in alpha but seems to work okay.
* Battery information (Cell voltages, current etc)
* Solo settings - WiFi SSID, password and power
* Button assignments - Change which button does what. A& B only for stock users, all buttons for OpenSolo users.
* LED control - Change each LED color, strobe, speed etc and save it for each flight.
* Light show - Sync LED's to either current microphone noise or to a prerecorded song using Vixen software (see user manual)

* MPCC yaw control is better (not perfect yet though)
* Compass calibration actually works
* Accelerometer calibration actually works
* Home position not being set correctly
* Parameter sets not uploading correctly
* Disconnecting not actually disconnecting you
* Solo offline firmware downloads
* General UI updates

Fin. (That was alot!)

Sep 15
Version 1.27

Support for OpenSolo firmware upgrade process.
This is for ALL 3DR Solo users.

Also fixes issues with parameter uploading

Aug 22
Version 1.26

* Fixed Solo photo capture not taking a photo on the GoPro
* Added Boat mode
* Fixed Solo GC firmware update

Aug 03
Version 1.25.5

Minor Update:
* Migrated backend files to github for better availability
* Fixed GoPro photo issue
* Implemented basic Multi Point Cable Cam (no yaw control yet, next update)

Jul 15
Version 1.25.4

Fixed Solo firmware updating

Jul 14
Version 1.25.3

Fixed issues with Solo firmware updating

Jul 12
Version 1.25.2

Bug fixes
* Waypoint deleting crashing app
* Solo firmware upgrade not working
* Imperial units while setting waypoints

Jul 11
Version 1.25

* Main screen layout update
* Landscape only! From this update, SidePilot will only be using landscape mode.
* Waypoint menu update - Can now reorder way points and edit from this menu. Can now add waypoints at your drones current coordinates!
* Imperial unit support
* Geotag photos as they are saved to camera roll, match up with photos on the GoPro for easy geotagging.
* Import and export waypoints, parameters and logs. Gives you the ability to share with friends/devices as well as edit manually on a computer
* Waypoint POI's - Enter a POI and when your craft is doing a mission it will point the gimble at the POI.

Bug Fixes:
* Facebook live-streaming share with friends
* Fixed log importing
* Facebook live view counter

Jun 24
Version 1.24

* Compass calibration
* Performance Settings (Flight speed, yaw speed, maximum altitude, maximum range)
* GPS Sat count and HDOP displayed
* Save & load entire parameter sets
* Drift option in the mode button

* Voice alerts no longer repeat endlessly
* 'Go to Point' will return to loiter when arrived

Jun 15
Version 1.23

* Facebook Live Streaming! If using a 3DR solo, you can now live stream directly to Facebook!
* Solo Green cube firmware upgrade! If you have installed the Green Cube in your Solo, you can now keep up to date with the latest firmware updates, directly from the App!

* Parameters now load correctly and don't duplicate on save
* Height indicator moved to the top bar
* MJPEG video streaming fixed
* Takeoff and RTL offline waypoints fixed

May 25
Version 1.22

Our biggest update yet!

* Save video to camera roll
* Better Fullscreen video
* Dedicated Shots button
* Offline Waypoints
* Cable Cam (New Shot)
* Timestamp for dataflash logs
* More waypoint options (Camera & Servo trigger)
* Shots start recording
* Follow me dynamic altitude

Apr 21
Version 1.21

* Orbit Mode!

* Video mode freezes fixed
* Other bug fixes

Apr 09
Version 1.20

* Follow Me - Use your devices GPS to follow you at a set distance
* Solo video support - including GoPro shutter and mode control!
* Pre-Flight checklist current weather (wind & temp)information and alerts based on your location
* Grid Waypoints - Create a survey grid to fly
* Tap to fly to point - Tap a location and your drone will fly there!
* General Bug fixes

Dec 14
Version 1.13

* Better Arducopter 3.4 support
* Level Calibration. Ensure your drone flies level after transport
* More detailed Parameters. Each parameter now has a full detail description and range of possible values. No more googling to find out what to change a parameter too.

*General bug fixes

Nov 23
Version 1.12

* Airport No-Fly indicator - Red circle on map indicates a 5.5km radius around an airport.
* Improved look status bar - Less cluttered, leaves more room for the map
* Pre-flight checklist - Use the built in or customize for your use.
* Bug fixes for WiFi video feed

Nov 04
Version 1.11

* Dataflash logs - download and export your on board flight logs via email
* 3D Map! - Zoom in and pull up with 2 fingers to go into 3D mode
* Advanced status view - view extra status's such as rc out values, IMU values, etc

* Logs displaying 'Optional' around values and duplicating these
* Live Video crashing or not being displayed on the main screen

Oct 20
Version 1.1

* New App name!
* Increased PX4 support
* Calibrate Radio limits
* Set flight modes
* PID Tuning
* Arrow pointing towards drone

Oct 04
Version 1.01

Fixed not being able to connect via UDP
Fixed support for older devices.

Sep 29
Version 1.0

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