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Think you have the skills to solve a maze? What about a Virtual Reality version?

Maze Walk VR takes maze solving to a whole new level by utilizing a unique movement and selection method using the accelerometer and gyroscope on your mobile device (iPhone and iPod). You can physically walk in both the real and the in the virtual world simultaneously (or if you prefer just jiggle your hands, bend your knees, or run on the spot to mimic walking movement).

Maze Walk VR features challenging physics-based gameplay and is fun for any age.

1) Over 2 million downloads (and associated times to beat!)
2) We appreciate your feedback and are listening to every one of your comments. We try to push new maze levels every few weeks, and each update will include improvements, bug fixes and new Easter Eggs.

1) Use your cunning and your memory to make your way to the Tower. Unsure where it is? Just jump in place (or give your phone a sudden big jiggle) and you’ll be able to see over the maze walls.
2) Race to the finish in the quickest time...You may even hit the leader board!
3) Find hidden Easter eggs

1) Works with/without a VR headset
2) For a more immersive experience, we recommend loading your phone into a VR headset / Glasses / Goggles and trick your mind that you are really there! Use the ToggleVR button to switch between full-screen & cardboard / stereoscopic / VR modes.
4) Also works with Google Cardboard triggers and 3rd party VR headsets that don't... i.e. should work with any VR headset. If not, let us know!
5) Select buttons by staring at them for a moment, or use the trigger on your Google Cardboard device.
6) Use tokens to play levels. We give you 3 for free. Acquire more by finding the hidden Tokens in each level or purchasing in the Shop.

They are there if you can find them. Lots more coming!

Additional levels can be unlocked by finding hidden coins or in-app purchase.

Check out https://www.mazewalkvr.com for help, tutorials, tips & more!
Have ideas for maps, themes, Eggs, etc... email mazewalkvr@mypad3d.com

This application may require internet connectivity and subsequent data transfer charges may apply.
This game may include:
- The option to make in-app purchases. The bill payer should always be consulted beforehand.
This game will not include:
- Anything that is not suitable for children of any age. We like kids of all ages!

MYPAD3D develops Interactive Virtual Reality solutions that provide businesses and consumers with experiences to help guide more informed decisions while having fun. MYPAD3D works with numerous industries and uses proprietary technology to produce high-end photo realistic interactive solutions that are delivered through the channels that consumers need; including mobile, online, downloadable and VR headsets. MYPAD3D solutions enrich the customer experience, expedite sales, and make businesses more profitable. Headquartered in Seattle, MyPad3D can operate throughout the world. For more information, please visit MYPAD3D.com or email MoreInfo@MyPad3D.com.
Follow-us on Twitter @MyPad3D or Facebook & we'll regularly let you know where some of the coins are!

ABOUT Virtual Reality
Whether you have a Google Cardboard / GoogleVR, Oculus, VIVE, WMR, or any other Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality headset, our solutions will be of interest. Please note that these solutions don’t currently work on Meta or Microsoft HaloLens.

Exploration in virtual reality is available using Google Cardboard on iPhone. Google Cardboard only works with iPhone 5S and later, running iOS 11 or later.

Additional MYPAD3D Virtual Reality solutions can be found at www.mypad3d.com and on the App store by searching for MYPAD3D.

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Version History

Launched Jul 27, 2016 (over 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 2 months, on average.

Dec 12
Version 4.3

• New Pirate Level Pack!
• Free coins next time the app is opened!
• iOS 13 and latest Apple devices support
• Fixed not being able to select buttons in Soccer and Easter levels

Oct 05
Version 4.2.1

• iOS 13 support, with improved performance

Jul 16
Version 4.2

• Reduced app size
• Bug fixes and improvements

Mar 21
Version 4.1.4

• Updated ad delivery service
• Performance and stability improvements

Feb 15
Version 4.1.3

• Fixed some UI elements not responding to input

Jan 19
Version 4.1.2

• Updated App Preview

Previously in 4.1.1
• Ads hide if no content is loaded
• Fixed Winter level coins not being collectable (thanks Steven Wetzel!)
• Fixed not being able to move to upper areas in Sky levels (thanks again Steven!)
• Due to the above bugs, we will keep the coins promotion going a little longer - get them while you can!

Jan 15
Version 4.1.1

• Ads hide if no content is loaded
• Fixed Winter level coins not being collectable (thanks Steven Wetzel!)
• Fixed not being able to move to upper areas in Sky levels (thanks again Steven!)
• Due to the above bugs, we will keep the coins promotion going a little longer - get them while you can!

Dec 21
Version 4.1

- Token Sale! Get double the Tokens for the same price
- New ad experience
- Improved performance and stability

Oct 17
Version 4.0

• Sky levels!
• Soccer levels!
• Redesigned level select UI
• iOS 11 compatibility

May 09
Version 3.3.1

• Fixed crash on level 3
• Levels can now be played in any order
• First level in every world can be played for free

Apr 12
Version 3.3

• 5 New Fun Easter levels!
• More Easter Eggs (literally!)
• More action - now you have to jump
• Special 110m hurdle dash level!
• iOS 10.3 support

Feb 28
Version 3.2

• New menu art
• Performance improvements

Jan 09
Version 3.1

• SPECIAL New Year Gift - Extra free hidden Tokens in one of the new Winter Levels!
• User experience enhancements (movement, selection, jumping, coin collection, etc.)
• NB: If the app crashes on initial load, please close all apps and try again. More prevalent on older phones with less memory.
• Lots of Bug fixes (levels stay unlocked, negative coins, leaderboard, and more)
• Follow-us on Twitter @MyPad3D and we'll regularly let you know where some of the coins are!

Jan 02
Version 3.0

• New Winter Levels!
• UI Redesign

Dec 16
Version 2.5.2

• Now you can select buttons just by gazing at them for a moment if you have a cardboard device that doesn't have a trigger
• Fixed crash when trying to switch which cardboard device you're using
• App size reduced
• Performance improvements
• iOS 10.2 support
• Replay and Level Select button added while playing a level
• UI feedback improved

Dec 06
Version 2.5.1

• Fixed timer not starting in level 3

Dec 04
Version 2.5

• New level!
• Token purchasing now works properly
• Updated art in every level
• Timer doesn't start until moving out of the start area
• Reminder of how to move at the start of a level
• Auto-climb up the ending tower so you don't get dizzy!

Nov 07
Version 2.0

• New levels!
• Game Center leaderboards
• Added menu
• Token system
• Intro screen is only shown once

Sep 16
Version 1.1.1

• iOS 10 compatibility
• Reduced app size
• Minor text changes

Sep 14
Version 1.1

• New level
• Intro screen
• Fixed visual flickering

Jul 27
Version 1.0

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