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Game of the Year (2017) on the App Store!

Search for hidden folks in hand-drawn, interactive, miniature landscapes. Unfurl tent flaps, cut through bushes, slam doors, and poke some crocodiles! Rooooaaaarrrr!!!!!

A strip of targets shows you what to look for. Tap a target for a hint, and find enough to unlock the next area.

In case you like numbers a lot:
- 25+ hand-drawn areas
- 250+ targets to find
- 1600+ mouth-originated sound effects
- 400+ unique interactions
- 1 in-app purchase to unlock additional Beach areas
- 3 color modes: normal, sepia, and night mode
- 100+ iMessage stickers
- 1 iCloud sync
- 22 languages (translated by the community)

 $3.99 in iOS App Store


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Version History

Launched Feb 07, 2017 (almost 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Nov 03
Version 1.6.4

What's up! This update fixes various layering issues throughout the game. If you spot one, or encounter any other bugs, send me (Adriaan) an email and I'll try to fix it: support@hiddenfolks.com

Oct 31
Version 1.6.3

Hey folks! This is Adriaan typing, game designer of Hidden Folks. With this update, I hope to fix some of the rogue controller instruction panels that have been popping up randomly. We also fixed some translation errors, made scrolling the camera even smoother, improved iCloud support, make the sounds of the targets in the pirate ships area more unique, removed some behind the scene errors, and added two missing translators to the credits area! If you encounter any bugs, please send me an email so I can try to fix it! Send an email to: support@hiddenfolks.com

Oct 24
Version 1.6

Heeeyyyy folks! This update adds an in-app purchase to the game that unlocks 5 new Beach areas with 60+ more things to find!

Play with the sand on the small beach. Take a swim and play some beach golf on the large beach. Hike through obstacles to your sailboat. Explore the many islands and watch the race. And witness a battle between pirate ships!

To make the Beach areas took us nearly a year and we're super proud of the result!! We wholeheartedly want to thank our community for sticking with us, playtesting the new areas, and translating the new clues. If there is anything we can help you with, send us an email at: support@hiddenfolks.com

May 18
Version 1.5.3

Hey! How are you? Adriaan here, game designer of Hidden Folks! This update adds a button to lock the screen rotation of the game. Convenient if you want to play the game while lying down! If there's anything I can help you with, email me at: support@hiddenfolks.com

May 09
Version 1.5.1

Hey there! Adriaan here, the game designer of Hidden Folks. This update adds a City-themed puzzle area to the game and fixes a bunch of bugs. Also: the area select screen now has a little sneak preview of the new theme we're working on and a button to join the Hidden Folks community on Discord. Get at it!!!

Mar 15
Version 1.5

What's up! Adriaan here, the game designer behind Hidden Folks. This update upgrades the interface so you can play Hidden Folks in landscape mode on your iPhone! On top of that, you can now: reset single areas, zoom in more, and pick a default side for the targets panel (bottom, left, or right). If anything doesn't work as expected, definitely reach out to me and we'll figure it out together. Reach me at: support@hiddenfolks.com

Dec 14
Version 1.4

Here it is: the long-awaited snow update adding 3 new areas to Hidden Folks!! Enjoy! Swoosh!!!!

Nov 06
Version 1.3.5

Yoooooooooo! This is Adriaan, game designer of Hidden Folks, typing this utterly long "What's New" message to you in the midst of working on new areas! This update makes Hidden Folks compatible with iPhone X, adds a sneak preview of the next areas to the area select screen, makes the game run a little better on older devices, allows you to zoom in just a little bit more on phones, fixes some sorting issues, has a new settings screen (in both the area select screen and in the game!), and squashes some bugs. It's a pretty solid update, I think. But yeah, new areas soon. SOON. Before Christmas, that's the plan. Follow me on Twitter (@AdriaanDeJongh) if you want sneak previews. Oh, and send me an email if you have any questions: hello@adriaandejongh.com

Aug 28
Version 1.3.2

What's up!!! Adriaan here, the game designer behind Hidden Folks. Can I do a mini announcement here and tell you we plan to add more areas later this year... for free? All the positive reviews have been very motivating to me and Sylvain (the illustrator with whom I made Hidden Folks) and we really can't wait to show you what's next!! Again; if there's anything you'd like to say or need help with, send me an email at hello@adriaandejongh.com

This very tiny update brings back the old icon, fixes a few minor sorting and translation issues, and adds an app subtitle to some languages. Nothing new.... yet!

Jun 26
Version 1.3.1

Hey there! Adriaan here, developer of Hidden Folks! In this tiny update, I fixed some bugs related to saving your progression (it should work for everyone now) and to layering issues! If anything isn't working as expected, don't hesitate to email me or tweet at me! My email address is: hello@adriaandejongh.com

Jun 15
Version 1.3

This is the giant factory update adding 3 new areas to Hidden Folks! And 8 more languages! And various bugfixes! Enjoy! Woohooo!!!

Feb 15
Version 1.02

- New Icon.
- Minor interface fixes.
- Minor sound fixes.

Feb 07
Version 1.0

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