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Create fake text in seconds, take a screenshot, and send to your friends... then sit back and watch their total surprise

Fake Text Fun is the ultimate prank to trick your friends and family! Endless entertainment awaits! Laugh your head off when you share to social media and gets tons of comments on Facebook or Instagram!

+ Create fun looking text screens in seconds
+ Create unlimited texts that save automatically
+ Friends be fooled so easily... you be laughing nonstop!
+ Make 'em jealous with all your new celebrity friends... you can make it look like *anyone* is texting you! Beyonce, Taylor Swift, or Justin Bieber!
+ Unleash your inner comedic genius... people will love you for it
+ No Ads or in-app purchases
+ Share on social media, pile up the likes and comments
+ Grab it now, start making fools of your friends immediately!

##For entertainment purposes only. Use your new power to trick others for fun only. Use with caution.

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Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Social Networking

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Fake Text Fun - Prank Message screenshot 1Fake Text Fun - Prank Message screenshot 2Fake Text Fun - Prank Message screenshot 3Fake Text Fun - Prank Message screenshot 4Fake Text Fun - Prank Message screenshot 5

Version History

Launched Jul 08, 2016 (almost 4 years ago).
Jan 09
Version 1.2

Minor fixes and new app icon.

Jul 18
Version 1.1

- New logo and minor fixes... More laughs than ever!

Jul 08
Version 1.0