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Bird lovers will delight in sweet dove sounds!

Dove calls are quite distinct from the calls and songs of smaller backyard songbirds. In place of tweets and chirps, dove calls and songs consist of softer coos. Dove calls can sometimes sound like a softer version of an owl`s eerie nighttime "who-whooo". Male doves sing a particular song while perched in a tree called a "perch-coo" that is designed to attract a mate. Other dove calls consist of "coo-ooo" sounds in various patterns used to communicate between mated pairs. Aside from vocalizations, doves also make sounds by flapping their wings together to warn of predators.

White doves are quintessential birds of peace and love, but not all doves are the classic white variety; more common are mourning doves which are light grey or brown in appearance. Kids and adults alike will love learning to recognize these beautiful birds by their sound! Once you are familiar with dove sounds, you will easily be able to identify when they are nearby in your backyard or while walking in nature!

Bird watchers can use these real-life dove sounds to learn dove calls and more easily spot these common birds in the wild. Listen to the soft, soothing coos of doves today!

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