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Learn more about the Bible with this fun game.

Find out who is the character through the clues he gives you in a sentence.

The game currently has 700 questions.

You can connect to Facebook and compare your score with your friends!

The player has the option to send suggestions for questions, and report errors in questions.

You will begin the game with 100 hit points, each wrong answer you lose 25 points, and each right answer earns 5. If you lose all life points, the game ends.

Each correct answer earns you 1 point. The score is obtained through the best score.

You have 30 seconds to answer each question.

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Who am I? (Biblical) [Ad Free] screenshot 1Who am I? (Biblical) [Ad Free] screenshot 2Who am I? (Biblical) [Ad Free] screenshot 3Who am I? (Biblical) [Ad Free] screenshot 4Who am I? (Biblical) [Ad Free] screenshot 5

Version History

Launched Jun 09, 2016 (over 4 years ago).
Nov 01
Version 1.2

- update for enhancements and compatibility with iphone x

Jun 09
Version 1.1.7