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=== Created by a fan of U.S. history, Broadway, and Being Amusing On The Internet! ===

America's Newly-Favorite Founding Father overcame incredible odds to get to America. He created our financial system, founded the New York Post and the U.S. Coast Guard, was George Washington's most trusted advisor, and wrote most of the Federalist Papers, just for starters.

He's honored on the $10 bill, in paintings by the most famous artists of his time, in statues of marble and bronze, and now there's a huge Broadway hit musical about him.

But.... he's never had an app. Until now!

iHamilton lets you create memes featuring the major players in Alexander Hamilton's life, featuring pictures of these historical figures; you can share the memes we've included, or you can use your own text and even your own pictures. Also, you can take the included quiz and find out which of Hamilton's inner circle you most resemble... or are you Hamilton himself?


Note: Back Bay Bytes LLC is not affiliated with the musical "Hamilton".

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Version History

Launched Jun 13, 2016 (almost 4 years ago).
Jun 17
Version 1.0.1

- Fixed a bug with a Lafayette meme
- Fixed a bug that caused the app to crash on some devices

Jun 13
Version 1.0