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Do you want to win the big prize?
Have you ever dreamed of winning the Jackpot?
Do you want to win tons and tons of gold coins?

Join the adventure here in the veggies’ fancy land!
From the widely popular Casino Coin Dozer, with fun and cute veggies, travel to the wonderful destinations, with all love and courage!
You will experience the mysterious lands, shoot the monsters on the wheel and collect as much coin as you can. Drop those gold coins onto the board to doze panel and push them all in your pocket- don’t forget the special coins can reward you useful tools and free gems! Don’t worry about the coins falling off the side and into the sea, they are collected in the treasure pool and only one Jackpot can win all of them. All set collection you complete unlocks a unique powerful skill, and raise the upper limit of free coins.

Stunning 3D graphics and special effects
Shiny cute veggie coins
Huge prizes
Casino slot machine
Legendary collectives and powerful tools
Powerful veggie skills

Push coins, win the slots jackpot, and collect every Gacha if you can! Join us and play today!

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Version History

Launched Jun 13, 2016 (over 3 years ago).
Aug 19
Version 1.1.1

fixed some bugs

Aug 09
Version 1.1.0

Bob to beat the Devil Baby advertising, because it caused the error won't happen again.
Drop from the advertising devil eggs, code monkey baby learn strong compression technology, the capacity of the game a decrease, but what don't shrink.

Jun 13
Version 1.0