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Emoji Maker! Design and create your own original emoji and emoticons! It's fun, fast, and addicting! Make your first emoji today.

Tired of the boring old emoji on your phone? You are in luck! With Emoji Maker you can create your own emoji in a snap. The emoji design possibilities are truly endless. You will have hours of fun designing, and sharing your own emoji creations. Just be careful, once you start its hard to stop. You have been warned.

162 Emoji Eyes
109 Emoji Mouths
71 Emoji Noses
26 Emoji Hands
163 Emoji Bodies
89 Emoji Props
4530 Stickers
Custom text, fonts and text bubble tool
Cut-Out tool lets you use parts of photos
Paint tool to make original emoji effects

Share your emoji in text messages, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp, or any other app on your phone.

Created by the makers of piZap Photo Editor.

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Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Social Networking

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Version History

Launched May 01, 2016 (over 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 5 months, on average.

Apr 15
Version 2.1

Bug fix: emoji's were not saving with transparent background in the last release

Apr 05
Version 2.0

Emoji Maker PRO is here. Remove annoying ads and unlock 162 eyes, 109 mouths, 71 noses, 26 hands, 163 bodies, 89 props and 4530 stickers.

Mar 13
Version 1.8

4671 NEW Stickers! A massive upgrade!
- add background color or background image to your Emoji!
- ability to lock and unlock the body object of the Emoji
- ability to adjust width and height of stickers independently
- upgraded color picker

Nov 03
Version 1.7

- No login required! You can use the app to make Emojis and save them directly to your device without creating an account.
- Emoji now work iOS Stickers in our iMessage App! Just long press the Emoji and you can stick it to your messages!
- Click main menu items to scroll to the top of the feeds.
- Bug fixes.

Oct 04
Version 1.6

- New "Liked" feed so you can easily access and save all your favorite emoji made by your friends
- NEW extension for iOS 10 Message users! Use all your emoji directly in your text messages!

Sep 28
Version 1.5

NEW extension for iOS 10 Message users!
Use all your emoji directly in your text messages!

Aug 30
Version 1.4

- 115 NEW Emoji Bodies to choose from!
- New Following feature so you can follow your favorite Emoji Artists and get followers for your Emoji Feed
- Find Friends feature so you can see your friends' emojis
- Body object is not locked when you are adding other features like eyes and mouths, so you don't keep accidentally selecting the body layer
- "Delete All" button added to the paint tool

Jun 21
Version 1.3

New User Accounts - Save your emoji to a profile!
Popular Emoji Feed - See all the amazing emoji that everyone else is making!
Emoji Emoji Emoji - Access to all the community emoji to share in your messages and posts. Never run out of unique original emoji!

May 13
Version 1.2

Bug Fixes

May 05
Version 1.1

Bug fixes

May 02
Version 1.0

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