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Learn Biblical Greek vocabulary in a quick, fun and easy way. Study by frequency or by type of word. Test yourself anytime. Track your progress and pass any vocab test with ease. The app has 1023 words which cover 90% of the New Testament Greek text.

Summary of Features:
- Beautiful intuitive design.
- 1023 most common words in the Greek New Testament (10+ occurrences)
- 700+ top of the art illustrations for most of the words.
- Unique learning algorithm brings up the words you still learn more often.
- Study Greek words by frequency or part of speech.
- Control the length of your tests: test all words in a segment or pick 10, 25 or 50 questions.
- Tracking mode shows your progress based on the test results.

The Greek New Testament contains about 5,400 unique words which combined occur 138,020 times in the texts. The Greek For All – Vocab offers 1,023 of the most common words which cover 90% of all occurrences. In fact, the top 300 (all 50+ words) will appear 110,400 times in the New Testament which is about 80%.

Even though the word segments may vary between 30-100 words, our unique learning algorithm circulates only 5-10 words in a loop so you could see them more often and learn quicker. As you learn a word, it removes it from the loop and adds another one, thus you can learn at your own speed.

700+ hand drawn images beautifully illustrate the meaning of the words making the learning experience fun and easy.

Download the App today, pass any Greek vocab quiz and start reading the Greek New Testament.

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Version History

Launched Apr 29, 2016 (over 2 years ago).
Jul 20
Version 1.2

(1) Added audio pronunciation for every Greek word. Now all 1023 Greek words have Erasmian pronunciation.
(2) Added 250+ new images. Now the app has 700+ images.
(3) Added Gen.Sing. form and the article for all nouns to improve comprehension of their gender and declension.

Jul 03
Version 1.1

• Added audio pronunciation for every Greek word.
• Added 250+ new images.
• Added Genetive form and the articles for all nouns to improve comprehension of their gender and declension.

Apr 29
Version 1.0


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