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This app has been created by the NDT Academy and is for anyone taking an ultrasonic course at level 2.

With a database of over 300 questions and answers (and an instant feedback feature meaning you can keep track of how you are doing), you can use this tool to assist you with learning the vast volume of theoretical material required to successfully pass the ultrasonic course. Use this app ahead of undertaking the course and you will be a step ahead of your peers, meaning you have more time and headspace to concentrate on the practical elements of the course.

The app will test your knowledge of ultrasonics and help you to learn. Many of the more difficult questions come with an explanation, should you get the question wrong, allowing you the opportunity to more thoroughly understand the question and to work out the correct answer for next time.

You will receive ten categories of general knowledge ultrasonics questions and a further eleven categories covering the following:

Ultrasonic formula
Nearzone calculations
Snells law
Beam spread calculations
Beam path calculations
Decibel calculations
Attenuation calculations
Equipment specific questions

Support for this app can be found on our website www.ndtacademy.co.uk via the contact form. We also welcome any feedback or suggestions you might have.

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Launched May 11, 2016 (over 2 years ago).
May 11
Version 1.0


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