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****Conceptualized by Prafulla Athalye, the senior most disciple of Ustad Allarakha Khan and Ustad Zakir Hussain.****

Sarangi Lehra is an ideal accompanist for every Tabla player, who wishes to bring life to their Riyaz and Concerts with the soulful tune of Sarangi.

Adapted to play the Lehra or Nagma, this app will serve as an ideal accompanist powered with all the Taals and Raags for a perfect Bandish. Sarangi Lehra brings the power of Lehra’s to your pocket. It is a perfect accompanist for not only your riyaz sessions but also for concerts for a perfect Sangat.

Adapted to play the perfect Sarangi Lehra’s, the app is available for both iPhone and iPad. Utilize this app to practice from the slowest tempo (40 beats per second) to the highest tempo (450 beats per second). The tempo can be increased at the rate of 1 beat per second. Practicing at such a low level of granularity strengthens the sense of laya (speed) of a Tabla player, something that every Tabla player yearns for.

The app can be used to select the desired Taal (various beat cycles) from a list of 13 Taals that have been carefully selected to cater to the needs of all kinds of Tabla players. The Taals (with the corresponding beat cycles) offered in the app is mentioned below:

- Teentaal (16 beats)
- Dadra (6 beats)
- Rupak (7 beats)
- Keherwa (8 beats)
- Matta Taal (9 beats)
- Jhap Taal (10 beats)
- Chartaal ki Sawari (11 beats)
- Ektaal (12 beats)

User can select a Taal of his choice and click on the Play button to start Sarangi Lehra for that particular Taal. You have the freedom to select a Raag for the Lehra from the available list of Raags in each Taal. The app also features a metronome which ticks at the same pace at which the tempo is set. Advanced users who do not require an indication of every beat (matra) can switch off the metronome.

Every Taal is divided into parts (Khanda), each of which could be of the same or different lengths depending on the Taal. Typically the beginning of each part (khanda) is indicated by a taali (clap sound) or a khaali (cymbal sound). Users who do not wish to have the continuous metronome ticks can use the taali/khaali indicator during their practice.

The app also features a pitch changer that can be configured as per the tone (Sur) of the Tabla being used. The pitch changer is of one octave from G# of the lower octave to G of the higher octave. In between subsequent notes, there are 30 sub-divisions that can be used for fine tuning the pitch and to match it with the pitch of the Tabla.

A Taanpura sound is also available which gets auto-tuned as per the pitch setting. The Taanpura notes change automatically according to the Raag that is selected by the user.

Availability: iPhone and iPad

If you have any feedback or question about the product, mail us at feedback@i2econsulting.com. You can also reach out to us at our Twitter handle @sarangilehra

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Launched Mar 18, 2016 (over 4 years ago).
Mar 18
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