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Ghost Detector Pro is the top rated instrument for the modern day ghost hunter and paranormal investigator.


EMF/EM Field Detector Instrument
The Electromagnetic Field (EMF/EM Field) Detector Instrument uses your devices magnetometer to measure fluctuations of physical electromagnetic fields in the surrounding area.

Audio Detection Tool (ELF/EVP)
The Audio Detection Tool uses a phonic to electric sensor system, powered by the latest scientifically proven algorithms, to analyze complex Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) and Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) audio signals.

Temperature Meter
The Temperature Meter uses the relative temperature to measure temperature changes in the surrounding atmosphere.

Nearby Ghosts Widget
Ghost Detector Pro comes with a built in widget for your device's Today View so you can see how many ghosts are nearby at a seconds notice.

Home Screen Quick Actions
iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S+ owners can use 3D Touch to launch Ghost Detector Pro how they like with Home Screen Quick Actions.

Ghost Detector Pro is a state-of-the-art application, yet it is very easy to pickup and use. Designed and developed to be the perfect tool for every ghost hunter and paranormal investigator no matter their experience level. Simply hold down the detect button and let Ghost Detector Pro do the rest.

Disclaimer: This application is designed to assist the modern day ghost hunter and paranormal investigator discover unexplained phenomena. However, as advanced as this application is, it can neither prove, nor disprove, the existence of the paranormal. As a result, this application is provided for entertainment purposes only. Use responsibly.

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Version History

Launched Jan 27, 2016 (almost 5 years ago).
Aug 01
Version 1.0.2

Ghost Detector Pro 1.0.2

- Bug fixes and UI improvements
- If you enjoy using Ghost Detector Pro, please take a moment to leave a review in the App Store. Thank you for the support!

Feb 18
Version 1.0.1

Ghost Detector Pro 1.0.1

- Fixed issue with the Nearby Ghosts Widget not appearing in the Today View for some users.
- As always, if you love Ghost Detector Pro it'd be awesome if you could leave us a 5 star rating in the App Store. Thank you!

Jan 28
Version 1.0