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The Surgical Instrumentation app is a great resource for learning about instruments that are used in the operating room setting. It can be a powerful reference tool for professionals such as Doctors, Circulating Nurses, Surgical Technologists, Central Service Technicians and Students.

The app now features over 335 instruments (and growing) with photos, details and the purpose of the instrument. The application will help you identify instruments visually and by the name.

Using Pinch to Zoom will allow you to see more detail of said instrument. This will allow for better identification.

To make finding the instrument quick utilize the search function at the top of the application. Search by instrument "Type", "Name", and "Keyword".

Since there are so many instruments available that have multiple uses, we have now made it to where you can sort them into their main categories of uses.
Just select the "Specialty" tab and type one of the following:

Dermal & Podiatry
Ent, Sinus & Plastic
Neuro & Ortho
Urology & Rectal

Surgical Instrumentation features a great section that explains the process on how instruments are processed the moment they enter the decontamination room of a hospital or similar facility.

When you are done take some time to test your knowledge with four (Instrument Match, Multiple Choice, Right, Wrong and more) included quiz games which could help you with the CRCST or CIS exams.

Now try and guess the correct name with no time limit with the "Flash Card" mode.

Help boost your memory with the The Surgical Instrumentation matching game, which lets you pick the correct name with the shown instrument.

**There are no "In-App Purchases", so all Instruments and quizzes are fully available.**
Optimized for iPhone, iPad compatible.

*****We are cramming as much value as possible into this app. Thank You all for your support!*****

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Version History

Launched Dec 12, 2015 (almost 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Oct 07
Version 1.4.0

Added the following:
Desmarres Chalazion Forceps
Berke Ptosis Forceps
Larsen Tendon Forceps
Converse (Green) Eye Fixation Forceps
McPherson Iris Bipolar Forceps
Desmarres Lid Retractor
Helveston Muscle Hook
Dean Tonsil Scissors
Barraquer Eye Speculum
McIntyre Anterior Chamber Cannula
Castroviejo Caliper

Aug 01
Version 1.3.9

Since there are so many instruments available that have multiple uses, we have now made it to where you can sort them into their main categories of uses.
Just select the "Specialty" tab and type one of the following:

Dermal & Podiatry
Ent, Sinus & Plastic
Neuro & Ortho
Urology & Rectal

Apr 20
Version 1.3.8

Fixed scroll lag that some users experienced.
Significant size reduction.
Performed some Image optimizations.

If you have reviewed our application and this update has helped, would you mind revising? It will help out a lot.

Thank you for using Surgical Intsrumention.

Apr 10
Version 1.3.7

Babcock Forceps
Beckman Dull
Cinelli Osteotome
Cobb Elevator
Cottle Elevator
Fomon Rasp
Heaney-Ballentine Curved
Joseph Bone Saw
Neivert Knife Guide
Potts-Smith Dissecting Scissors
Rochester-Oschner Curved
Rubin Septal Morselizer
Suture Wire Cutting Scissors
Titanium Debakey Forceps
Tyding Tonsil Snare
Weitlaner-Wullstein Retractor
Wieder Tongue Depressor

Upadated Photos:
Adson Angled Sharp Retractor
Aufricht Glabellar Rasp
Chest Tube Passer
Duval Lung Forceps
Jansen Middleton Septum
Lambotte Osteotome
Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder
Randall Stone Forcep

Mar 15
Version 1.3.6

You are now able to miss up to 5 questions on the quiz.

Feb 06
Version 1.3.2

Added Filter Bar which does the following:
Search by Type
Search by Name
Search entire instrument database for a Keyword
Screen Adjustments

On some devices wrong images were shown in the search bar for searched instruments

Dec 03
Version 1.3.1

We will be adding a close up image to the instruments that have teeth and possibly of instruments that have details that you can’t see from the standard image angle.

We will also be adding updated images over time of certain instruments.

Bigger Buttons on Flash Card

30 Updated images for the following:
Freeman Rake
Adson Retractor
JulianTungsten Carbide
Cooley Peripheral Vascular Clamp
DeBakey Atraumatic Clamp
Adson Tissue Forcep
Peers Bertram Towel Forcep
Mosquito Forcep
Bookwalter Oval Ring
Bookwalter Round Ring Segments
Bookwalter Straight Ring Segments
Bookwalter Horizontal Bar
Bookwalter Horizontal Flex Bar
Bookwalter Table Post.jpg
Edson Brown
Lewin Bone Forceps
Lane Bone Holding Forceps
Purse String Clamp
Arthrex Fiberwire Scissor
DeBakey Aortic Aneurysm Clamp
Penfield Dissector 1
Penfield Dissector 2
Penfield Dissector 3
Penfield Dissector 4
Chest Tube Passer

33 New Instruments added:
Crile Forceps Straight
Ferris Smith Forceps
Sarot Tungsten Carbide
Weitlaner Retractor Dull
Sopher Ovum Forceps
Jacobs Vulsellum Forceps
Jacobs Vulsellum Forceps Angled
Sternal Wire Twister
Karmody Spring Retractor
Waugh Tissue Forceps
Thumb Tissue Forceps
Sims Scissors Curved
Bone Rasp
Yasargil Bayonet Tumor Grasping Forceps
Simpson Obstetrical Forceps
Supercut Metzenbaum
Supercut Tenotomy
Magill Catheter Forceps
Kantrowitz Thoracic Forceps
Mixter Right Angle Forceps
Harrington-Mister Clamp
Lahey Traction Forceps
Debakey Needle Pulling Tissue Forceps
Taylor Dural Scissors
Friedman Micro Rongeur
Micro Cup Forceps
McGlamry Elevator
Woodson Dural Separator and Packer
Hoen Dura Separator
Crego Periosteal Elevator.jpg
Jacobson-Micro Mosquito Forceps.jpg

Fixed the following:
Remb driver

Thank you for using Surgical Instrumentation!

Sep 04
Version 1.3.0

Added Flash Card Tab.

Now try and guess the correct name with no time limit with the "Flash Card" mode.

Aug 08
Version 1.2.9

Added the following new instruments:

Ceramic Cut Micro Kerrison ,
Cooley Vascular Tissue Forceps,
Dandy Nerve Hook,
DeBakey Vascular Scissors 25,
DeBakey Vascular Scissors 45,
Diethrich Scissors 60,
Diethrich Scissors 90,
Diethrich Scissors 125,
Freeman Rake,
Grooved Director Probe End,
Peapod IVD Rongeur,
Poole Suction,
Rosser Crypt Hook,
Rotator Cuff Grasper,
Toledo Vascular Micro 60,
Yasargil Micro Scissors.

Updated the photos for the following:

Barr Fistula,
Grooved Director Plain,
Heaney Uterine,
Sims Uterine Curette.

Jun 21
Version 1.2.8

Fixed an issue in which a quiz would not end when all questions are answered.
Added 21 questions to Right and Wrong Quiz.

May 15
Version 1.2.7

A new version of the Image Quiz that will show the picture of the instrument instantly instead of gradually.
8 instruments added to Image Quiz.
4 Quiz total.

Also, don't forget to visit Surgical Instrumentation on Facebook to see instruments in action.

Apr 03
Version 1.2.6

The "Inspection" page is now fixed.
The "Tell us your feedback" for is fixed.

Thanks for all the feedback!

Feb 14
Version 1.2.5

More questions added to the Multiple Choice quiz.

Jan 25
Version 1.2.4

Addressing a popular request, all Quiz questions are now random in this update.

Jan 08
Version 1.2.3

Six more instruments are added to the long list on\f instruments.
Laborde Tracheal Dilator,
Laforce Adenotome,
Leksell Duckbill Rongeur,
Seldin Periosteal Elevator,
Smith Peterson Rongeur,
Tenaculum Hook,

There was a request to add a subtle hint as to what question was missed when making the wrong selection.

All three games have been reworked and tweaked.

SPEED enhancements to the scrolling of instruments.

Scores are shown for all quiz games.

NEW image quiz game slowly shows the image of an instrument before revealing the full image. The faster you answer, the more points you get.

Also graphic enhancements throughout the application.

Cleaner look.

Updated to iOS 10
Happy New Year 2017!


Oct 31
Version 1.2.2

New Quiz Game added!
New look.
Correct answer is revealed when picking the wrong answer in games.
10 more instruments added:
Beaver Knife Handle
Cosgrove Flex Clamp
Farrior Ear Speculum
Liddicoat Valve Retractor
Octobase Retractor
Purse String Clamp
Resano Forceps
Sawyer Rectal Retractor
Schocket Scleral Depressor
Sims Uterine Curette

Oct 17
Version 1.2.0

More questions added to quiz game.
17 more instruments added to database.

Adson Angled Dull Retractor
Adson Angled Sharp Retractor
Bakes Dilator
EEA Sizer
Fansler Speculum Dilator
Fansler Speculum
Ferris Smith IVD Rongeur
Fiber Optic Light Retractor
Jacobson Micro 45
Jacobson Micro 125
Jarit Mallet
Lambotte Osteotome Curved
Lambotte Osteotome Straight
Light Handle
Murphy Ball Probe
Stewart Crypt Hook
Williams Discectomy Retractor

Jul 21
Version 1.1.9

-Implemented Pinch to Zoom on the instrument detail screen
-Fixed some layout issues.
-"About" page totally revamped.

Jul 05
Version 1.1.8

Update 1.1.8 adds the following:

Option to reset High Score.
Screen Adjustment.
Instruments added to instrument match game.
Status Bar is now hidden.
A whopping 30 more instruments!

Aufricht Glabellar Rasp,
Aufricht Nasal Retractor,
Ballenger Swivel Knife,
Castroviejo Caliper,
Chandler Retractor,
Coakley Curette,
Cottle Cartilage Crusher,
Cottle Columella Forceps,
Cottle Septal Speculum,
Davidson Scapula,
Fomon Dorsal,
Freer Septum Knife,
Goldman Displacer,
Gomco Clamp,
Innomed 45 Degree Large,
Innomed 45 Degree Small,
Jansen Middleton Septum,
Knight Nasal Scissors,
Lead Hand,
Lempert Rongeur,
McKenty Elevator,
Meshgraft II,
Smith Ramus Separator,
Turner Warwick Copper Blade,
Turner Warwick Curved Blade,
Turner Warwick Rake Blade,
Turner Warwick Ring,
Walsham Septum Straightening,
and Wiener Antrum Rasp.

Mar 07
Version 1.1.7

21 Questions added to Multiple Choice game.

29 Instruments added to database.

Instruments added: Adson Tungsten Carbide, Alexander, Barr Fistula, Castroviejo Suture(0.5mm), Emesis Bowl, GORE Suture Passer, Gorney-Freeman SuperCut, Grooved Director Plain, Heaney Uterine, Hirschman Speculum, Hohmann-Mini, Hohmann, Jansen, Julian, Kirschner Wire, Lambert-Kay, Mogen, Obturator, Pacifico, Peripheral Vessel Clamp, Pratt, Sauerbruch, Sims Uterine Sound, St. Marks, Steinmann Pin, Stevens Tenotomy, Vantage Universal Scissors, Wisconsin

59 Instruments added to Instrument Match game.

Again, thanks for your support and don’t forget to rate!

Jan 29
Version 1.1.6

30 Instruments added to database

Instruments added : Adson Brown, Aortic Aneurysm Clamp, Backhaus, Bethune Rib Shears, Bowman Lacrimal Probe, Breisky, Castroviejo, Cerebellar Retractor, Davis Brain Spatula, Dingman Mouth Gag, Doyen Rib Raspatory, Fomon Double Ball End, Frazier Suction Tube 6 French, Frazier Suction Tube 10 French, Harrington Splanchnic, Henly Carotid Retractor, Javid, Joseph Skin Hook, Key Elevator Curved, Lane Bone Holding Forcep, Locking Pliers, Love Adson Elevator, Mayo Noble, Metzenbaum Lahey Dissecting Scissor, O'Sullivan-O’Conner, Randall Stone Forcep, Scalpel Handle #3L, Singley, Woodson

-Enjoy the subtle sounds of soft background music that has been added to the quiz with the option to turn off.

-Sound has been added to the correct answer.

-Sound has been added to the wrong answer.

-Sound has been added to out of time.

-Sound has been added to next picture.

-Fixed a bug that prevented the instrument D’Errico from showing in search.

Again, thanks for your support and don’t forget to rate!

Jan 22
Version 1.1.5

- Added instrument matching game
- Layout fixes

Jan 08
Version 1.1.3

This update contains:
- Facebook integration
- Twitter integration
- New Quiz landing screen
- Over a dozen new instruments, mostly Ortho related.
- Some bug fixes

Dec 12
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions

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