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MrMC is a software media center for playing videos, music, and pictures. It allows users to play and view most videos, music, and other digital media files from local storage media and media devices/servers such as Emby, Plex, HDHomerun, TVHeadend and more.

- integrated Trakt support
- integrated Plex client with Direct Play
- integrated SMB, NFS, FTP/SFTP clients
- integrated LightEffects client (boblight/ambilight)
- integrated SQLite or external MySQL databases for video/music libraries
- supports DVDs with DVD menu support
- supports MKV, AVI, DivX and other video files
- supports ACC, FLAC, DD, DTS and other audio formats
- supports MythTV, HDHomeRun and many other IPTV devices
- user installed python addons/plugins are not supported

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Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Photo & Video

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Version History

Launched Jan 03, 2016 (over 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Sep 17
Version 3.9.8

- file browser info, its in library or its not in library
- emby/JF: check for LocalAddress and other fixes
- move metadata updates to server side pulls

May 28
Version 3.9.7

- jellyfin: initial commit
- switch from libmpeg2 to ff-mpeg2video for dvd (menu/stills) playback
- tvos: fixup tvos navigation sounds
- ariana skin: bug fixes
- opacity skin: bug fixes
- opacity skin: TV Info bar
- libdsm 0.2.8_7
- libsmb2 1.0.0-4
- bump metadata.* addons
- add subtitle(text) opacity
- bump MythTV addon
- allow 0x1015 (dolby vision stream) if only one video stream

Feb 18
Version 3.9.6

- OpenSubtitle search fix

Feb 01
Version 3.9.5

- fix for tvDB API changes

Jan 12
Version 3.9.4

- add support to downmix LFE into stereo
- fix some migration issues for v18 database
- refactor ios/tvos audio sink to use info from native audio settings

Dec 28
Version 3.9.3

- database bump to v18
- fixed tvDB metadata collection
- handle local art movieset-poster.* and movieset-fanart.* for sets/collections
- fixed: some issues with interlaced playback
- trakt: fix scrobble for some show titles that contain ( )
- playback of a search movie.
- use system light/dark interface switch
- select system as default interface colour
- system keyboard and adjust colours for dark/light mode
- start app in left landscape mode

Aug 19
Version 3.9.0

plex: sort order
emby: server sort order, manual login, missing dates
core: dolby vision and atmos improvements
core: homeshelf, stereo upmix, interlace checks
skins: visual and navigation improvements

Apr 24
Version 3.8.1

Background color and background opacity settings

audio: boosting center
refactor eac3/atmos handling
he-acc audio detection
cleanup passthrough detection
fix music database on older skins
allow plug n play shares in new source browsing
smb2 wants ip not hostname
Live TV OSD, tvOS double press
ignore ipv6 for gateway and dns
[hue] only capture if necessary
m3u, avoid mime type checking
mp4 files with bad a/v interleaving

fix recently added movie listing
hookup GetMoreResolutions, NextUp
add nodes, works for video item
fix listing of some seasons
mark emby items with "SkipLocalArt" property to avoid looking for media files
fix music playback
fix multiple media tiles
expose share path for manual login

enable home submenu for music only if music is flattened
check publicAdrressMatch for local servers
sort by title as default in movie and tvshow lists
maintain section list order as per Plex Server
fix music playback
fix multiple media tiles
fix RA and in progress incorrect order
keep section order as per PMS, default -> sort by title
revert transcode plex thumbs on the server, helps loads

Mar 04
Version 3.8.0

- New MrMC branding
- Home folder fixes
- Opacity/Ariana skin improvements
- Webui update
- Dropbox integration
- Emby/Plex improvements
- Various bugfixes and improvements

Dec 19
Version 3.7.1

sync: scrappers, skins, extensions
sync: smb2 and add browse for server shares

fix: plex/emby: auto play next item in the list
fix: plex/emby: force a wait while app is starting up. gui might not be ready yet
fix: slow thumb/cover updates when entering dir
fix: handling sink errors in suspend state
fix: missing audio on return from sleep
fix: par/dar under videotoolbox
fix: catch shoutcast exception

see full list at https://forum.mrmc.tv/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=4494

Sep 18
Version 3.7.0

iTunes Shared Folder access
monitor hardware volume keys
Hue light service
Plex Photo/Image transcoding
Server selector on home screen
Allow sources on Home screen

Addons are now called extensions
Smb clients (smb1/smb2/smb3 support)
Plex/Emby clients
Bluray support
tvdb/tmdb API support

hev1 format under videotoolbox
crash if 2-byte/3-byte NALs are present
tvos, handle ac3 5.0 channels
see github for a complete listing

May 02
Version 3.6.2

silence log spew
fixed, gui renderer crash
fixed, missing skin.re-touched
fixed: allow images from webserver

Apr 21
Version 3.6.1

pvr.tvmosaic addon

various crash cases
various pvr manager hangs
skin.opacity: bigger posters
remove 1080p limit on images and fanarts
do not extract thumbs larger than the source
picture slideshow screen on all skins
add network drives to profile settings window
vfs based paths in zebra list (broke Yatse support)
upstream sync plex addon
upstream sync for all skins
increase audio buffer size for iOS/tvOS
enable manual emby sign-in over https

Mar 29
Version 3.6.0

add opacity gray colour scheme
add zoom, stretch, non-linear stretch, vertical shift and pixel ratio AVF decoder
add python for internal usage
add 'plex for kodi' addon
fixed OSD Settings on swipe down if playing fullscreen video
fixed really ignore interlaced content on hw decoders
fixed missing folder.jpg items
fixed gif open error
fixed plex in progress sort order
fixed plex parsing of only one show in ParsePlexSeries
fixed iOS dim bug, screen scaling was wrong
fixed iOS mirroring
fixed force gles to RGBA8 on wide color devices
fixed hdr detection
changed thumbs to not use file caching, fix possible format errors
changed yuv/rgb matix values for 601/709
changed busydialogdelayms to 1000ms default with range of 0 to 4000ms

Feb 13
Version 3.5.0

core: exclude folders named _gsdata_, aka GoodSync bread crumbs
core: add CGUIDialogOSDSettings window
Core: add reload keymap button in settings
emby: fix collections listes in movie lists
fixed: dolby vision detection for VTB/AVF codecs
fixed: crashing in libsmbclient, smb.GetImpl might return null so check it
fixed: block skins from issuing an exit under darwin. not permitted
update: skins to support focus engine
changed: deterlacer/auto for appletv4k to VS_INTERLACEMETHOD_DEINTERLACE_HALF
settings: change to more sensible defaults for novice users
services: LightEffects cleanup of the thread
backport: various backport fixes
fixed, crash if a control vanishes during render cycle

Dec 17
Version 3.3.2

- fixed PVR addons

Dec 15
Version 3.3.1

** there is an issue with PVR addons in this version, please skip it if you are using any of them **
added, setting to disable default limited to full rescaling of video content
fixed, color range diddling for limited/full range
fixed, include smpte2085 in color matrix selection
changed, hevc/hdr vector for videotoolbox to be only for 4K and DolbyVision
fixed, videotoolbox wrong color range check for FullRange
podnapisi: remove ‘ from search string, add premiered year to search string, display title if release name is unknown
opensubtitles: remove ‘ from search string
update: sync UseLimitedColor to upstream
changed: use colorspace in vda, vtb and afv codecs
changed: add colorrange into hints

Nov 29
Version 3.3.0

gui: fixed home shelf action selector
gui: add “screensaver.xbmc.builtin.slideshow” , pick a folder and have images slideshow screensaver
pvr: bump pvr.mythtv to support 0.29 protocol
plex: add trailers
web: hide “now playing” if one of the logs is open, it covers log window
player: remove READ_MULTI_STREAM, most content has more than two streams
player: changed, no need to hammer codec info at frame rates
player: silence codec skips if format is bypass, skip count > 0 is an artifact on some high frame rate content
player: fixed possible crash on stop
player: change min a/v offset from 0.25s to 0.05s
darwin: fixed crash in AVFoundation codec if CMVideoFormatDescriptionCreateFromH264ParameterSets fails
darwin: changed VideoToolBox decoder to exclude pps changes from triggering a vtb restart
darwin: changed AVFoundation decoder frame rate tracker to perfer dts over pts
darwin: fixed, a/v offset control for AVFoundation decoder
darwin: enable gles fence during video playback
darwin: fixed codec info crankyness under AVFoundation codec
darwin: fixed use videotoolbox for hevc/hdr settings to match videotoolbox visability
darwin: refactor VideoToolBox parameter set handling

Oct 20
Version 3.2.0

skin.opacity: Revert "colorize focus texture with primary_color"
skin.opacity: extend top bar label
skin.opacity: fix hidden services on 4:3 screens
skin.opacity: sync with skin repo
skin.opacity: add slider to scrobble on touch devices
skin.opacity: cleanup slideshow
skin.opacity: quit button on home for non apple devices
skin.opacity: slide show exit buton
plex: separate vc1 and hevc local transcode settings
emby: only lookup "connect.mediabrowser.tv" if net is alive
topshelf: specify RA and in progress type
darwin: enable avfoundation decode and add setting for videotoolbox to include/exclude hevc/hdr content
darwin: videotoolbox, refactor/cleanup and fixed crash and hang from sps/pps changing midstream
darwin: videotoolbox, refactor/cleanup to remove passed frameInfo, we already know pts from embedded CMSampleTimingInfo
darwin, audiotoolbox(ac3/eac3), strip padding and add parse frame size from header(future)
darwin: fixed build for DVDVideoCodecAVFoundation but leave it disabled for release
darwin: add and enable h265 hw decode for videotoolbox
backport: upstream backports/sync
metadata.tvshows.themoviedb.org: upstream sync
metadata.tvdb.com: upstream sync
metadata.themoviedb.org: upstream sync
metadata.common.themoviedb.org: upstream sync
metadata.common.theaudiodb.com: upstream sync
metadata.common.fanart.tv: upstream sync
metadata.common.imdb.com: upstream sync
metadata.universal: remove Rotten Tomatoes as its no longer supported

Sep 14
Version 3.1.0

add skin.opacity v0.9.0
edl fixes and player sync
movie trailers for sqlite/mysql
several plex/emby fixes
correctly set times when pulling/pushing trakt and manually setting watched status
fixed EDL commercial break
fixed tvos remote fast repeat
add .m4v to music tag loader and play music videos (m4v) as videos

Jul 19
Version 3.0.9

add trakt push/pull with auto update
add dateadded to core settings
fix rss handling (refactor)
fix EDL list handling
fix lighteffects screensaver deactivate
fix crash in smb/CheckLibLoadedAndLoad
fix crash trying to render while in background
fix iOS/tvOS native keyboard under 11.x
fix tvOS remote regressions
fix tvOS 3rd party remote usage
fix showing percentage while waiting for plex/emby sign in pin
fix plex listing genre -> tvshows
fix playback of mp4's with bad a/v interleaving

Jun 27
Version 3.0.7

Metadata provider APIs
Plex/Emby, add delete item option
New FocusEngine/Sire Remote Handler for tvOS

VMSF_DELTA filter in unrar allows arbitrary memory write

Jun 11
Version 3.0.6

core: revert host/ip lookup fallbacks
core: add logging to CPasswordManager:AuthenticateURL
core: fixed libsmbclient, off_t patch is incomplete, force off_t to 64 bits the old way
fixed, crash on exit. do not delete renderer if not on gl context thread
changed: CDNSNameCache::Lookup to use libdsm netbios lookup as fallback

Jun 01
Version 3.0.5

Revert: set DSM as default SMB service
Revert: smb: remove FORCEV1 setting
core: darwin, switch over to objc using ARC
core: libdsm, bring back session caching
core: libdsm: check for errors session create instead of timing out
core: show sets when services are enabled in skin.mrmc
fixed: emby set watched
fixed: when called to stop app, stop rendering
fixed: crash on exit. CGUITextureManager is a global and we have no clue when it gets destructed.
fixed, revert program stream selection for m3u8
fixed: memory leak and potential crashes
backport: [3d] Avoid switching stereo mode based on current display mode
backport: fix aspect ratio for matroska containers for stereo modes

May 25
Version 3.0.4

rssfeed: add new url
AE, fix error adjust in syncStream
bump to 3.2 FFMpeg
fixed video playback from GoPro cameras
update webinterface (log downloader)
fix for media stream extraction
enable wake-on-access for emby/plex clients, limit WakeOnLan to local devices, broadcasts do not cross subnets
backport upstream changes
add setting to set auto hide OSD timeout
bump to libdsm 2.0.7
add libdsm connect by browse
libdsm, handle guest/no username properly
fixed memory leak. if sqlite3_open_v2 fails, must also do sqlite3_close
fixed memory leak. CGUIWindowSplash::OnInitWindow can get called several times
update tvh and iptv pvr clients
fixed emby sign in by user/pass if no internet
emby/plex flatten TV shows if needed
skin: add missing 3D flag to skin.re-touched

Apr 27
Version 3.0.3

emby: added new native emby client
plex: fixed 3D SBS detection
core, added audio silence factor selector
core: remove ".." from root mediawindows that contain services
core: reduce READ_CACHE_CHUNK_SIZE from 512k to 128k
mysql: add SETTING_MYSQL_TIMEOUT setting to MySQL service
homeshelf: various fixes and additions
lighteffect: handle screensaver on/off
changed: auto close OSD after 3 sec inactivity
changed: allow xxx.filepart video extension

Mar 16
Version 3.0.2

add ShowCodec to virtual remote in Webui
fixed, plex. correctly display partially watched episode when “unwatched” filter is applied
fixed, missing CURL::GetRedacted
fixed, skin.mrmc. lost “programs” menu. if disabled, it cannot be enabled
changed, enable file caching for bluray m2ts files
fixed, enable YADIF, YADIF-half for arm/arm64

Feb 15
Version 3.0.0

- kodi v17 database compatibility
- added, metadata.mymovies.dk scraper
- added, DVD VIDEO_TS folder support
- added, support for older hdhomerun devices.
- added, plex transcode
- fixed, EIA-608 subtitles in mp4
- fixed, skin.re-touched: missing plex music library
- fixed, various other cosmetic issues
- fixed, dvd playback with previews before main menu.
- fixed, possible crash vectors.
- fixed, 3d -> 2d mono
- fixed, crash when going home and updating home shelf
- fixed, remove xxx.fi archive files on startup, they could be stale
- fixed, fixed, CloseNetworkShares on app stop
- changed, libsmbclient. make double sure that libsmbclient can find smb.conf
- changed, libnfs. use server reported chunk size instead of assuming our internal default
- patches, libdvd. add a few patches from handbreak and mplayer
- version bump, libNFS
- version bump, libass. crash issues with certain ass subs

Dec 19
Version 2.8.1

fixed, Full/Limited Range Video Levels
fixed, filmon PVR addon
fixed, music playback when screensaver pops
fixed, odd smb crash when returning from bouncing out to home

Nov 27
Version 2.8.0

fixed, segfault caused by not protected method CGUITextureManager::HasTexture
refact, CBitstreamParser::FindIdrSlice so it works with both annexB and avcC formats
removed, unused CBitstreamConverter::MaybeInterlaced
log m_lastIDRframe clamp correctly
changed, tvOS. log what changed when screenDidDisconnect fires
added latest ios devices for proper screen scale, thx Memphiz
silenced, debuging log spam in CDVDPlayerVideo
fixed, tvOS. if we are paused when screensaver pops, come back paused unless we get pushed to background
cosmetics, fixup comments in previous commit
changed, move CheckForInterlaced to base class so we can use it in other demuxers
fixed, used hints.maybe_interlaced to check for interlaced. using parseh264_sps cause false positive with rare h264i (finally found one :)
changed, more robust CheckForInterlaced DVDDemuxFFmpeg
sidestream sync, fixed, start at boot per app name. thx koying
fixed, darwin/tvos typos
sidestream sync, fixed use CLOCK_MONOTONIC, as OS. thx koying
changed, ffmpeg makefile. 1) always build as release, 2) disable-vda, we do not use it under osx, 3) disable-runtime-cpudetect, we do explicit targetting, and 4) add arm64 build support
changed, move back to full core usage under ffmpeg decode, no sign of previous deinterlacing issue
fixed, mem/cpu usage logging under droid
fixed, tvOS. Downscale 4k to 1080p in h264 decoder to bypass memory bandwidth limit
refactor, tvOS MainController for better foreground/active/inactive/background handling
fixed crash, music -> fullscreen. fake UnregisterAudioCallback better
core: silence depreciated warning on tvos/ios
core: silence xcode warnings
core: fixed ZebraListAccessCheck, need to compare paths using results from realpath, else they might not match
tvos: topshelf image fix fro service based items
core, CCurlFile::Download. add try/catch for internal throws that can crash us and move to direct to file. fixed crash on downloading large files'
core, bump up render buffers for osx
core, speed up CUtil::GetFileAndProtocol by a factor of three
core, increase the read size for CUtil::GetFileMD5
changed, plex client. use g_sysinfo.HasInternet and fallback to PingHost to plex.com for checking internet access
added, debug setting to periodic log app memory/cpu usage
show Load profile window from settings submenu, Profile setup needs to be done in Settings -> profiles
fixed, hack in fix for sierra/osx libcurl
fixed crash, plex client. defer GetDefaultHeaders until we have a network
fixed, tvOS crash when in background. do not render if we cannot
fixed, jpegio. return original size, thx koying
DVDOverlaySSA: Fix Leak with SSA subtitles
GUIFontTTFGL: Fix texture leak in subtitles
cosmetic cleanup, no functional change
plex: fix listing of shows/movies if only one content section exists.
skin.amber: hide music , tvshow and movies if user so chooses.
fixed, another message memleak in ActiveAE
upstream sync, rar deadlock with cbr + net vfs (credit spiff) #10830

Nov 05
Version 2.7.1

opensubtitles fix
podnapisi episode search fix
fix: stop playback using "stop" button on ios app remote or learned remote
plex 3g/LTE login fix

Oct 18
Version 2.7.0

plex, search for actors or directors from info window
plex: add Plex Music
plex: fix plex cloud listing
plex: add plex users to Profiles, reload plex services on profile switch
plex: dont start plex services thread if plex service has not been setup
plex: reset PlexServices to initial values once we stop it… fixes some skin issues as m_hasClients is left as true once we kill plex server
added, fetch old log to webiterface
added, option to sort movies by SortByLastPlayed
added SetCustomPath to support custom protocols
added, mp4 and m4v as valid music file extension
added, http PUT and DELETE handling
fixed, revert, inprogress tvshows submenu to display shows rather than episodes
fixed. always use PostMsg if not on main app thread
fixed, CNetworkInterfaceLinux::IsWireless()
fixed, native ac3 passthrough fails on some devices, use IEC pass for for them
fixed, stream sync, better randomizer. thx koying
fixed, delay registerAudioRouteNotifications:
fixed, iOS appletv remote seek and send info on media we are playing
fixed, big seek is like a chapter, also do a m_callback.OnPlayBackSeek there too
fixed, ignore loopback interfaces (darwin/osx)

Sep 15
Version 2.6.3


- many bugfixes and cosmetics
- fixed, missing rar checks. fixes rar playback
- disable native ac3 and eac3 on pvr
- disable screensaver if slideshow is playing
- fixed, behavior when playing audio/video and pushed to background
- fix video playback from Home Shelf
- plex: in progress/recently added selector (Settings -> Library -> Vidoes - > Display In Progress items on home screen)
- plex: playback from HomeShelf, check if we have multiple resolutions for the movie and play selected one
- skin.amber: enable custom backgrounds for Movies/tv shows if only plex is enabled
- skin.amber: fix overlay for watched/unwatched status
- skin.amber: fix static vertical menu setting

Aug 11
Version 2.5.0

fixed, Random play/pause bug when playback does not really pause
fixed, Update Libraries sometime does not work, removed from plex client scope

Aug 02
Version 2.4.1

fixed pvr packaging

Jul 30
Version 2.4.0

NEW Plex Client, System -> services -> Plex, use plex.tv to login or GDM to discover local server
NEW LightEffects service, boblight addon replacment. Needs external boblightd server to run LEDs
fixed: https streaming and VU+ PVR
fixed https server connection
fixed hide watched and select first unwatched season/episode
various skin cleanups and cosmetic fixes
more subtitle fixes
core: bump mrmc-repo-resources to pickup Swedish translation fix
general cleanup
fix TopShelf playback and info display
add banner to the tvshow/season listing
fixes for dvd/iso files that were not to standard

Jun 06
Version 2.3.0

picture memory hog killed and made into bacon
expand webserver blacklist
check missing dateadded sort method in AudioLibrary.GetSongs
subtitle manual search
long hold should bring playlist
disappearing SeekBar on chapter skip and ff/rew
ignore passthrough setting if iOS/tvOS audio is not routed to HDMI
keep renderer and friends from stalling
fix audio for wmapro
fixed, cpu percent used. zero out sleeping cpus
skin.amber, fix in progress overlay
fixed, smb_fstat on a directory
fixed, do not decode eia_608 subtitles
use passed frame time in callback for VideoSyncAndroid
skin.amber, fix overlapping label
init ffmpeg threads like LAVFilters does
exclude skin re-touched from non-touchscreen devices

May 17
Version 2.2.0

fixed channel mapping
added native ac3/eac3 decoder
support .divx file format
cosmetic skin fixes
libdsm 0.2.2
fixed frame dropping
changed, libdsm. always translate hostname to ip for libdsm
fixed Apple headphones control button
fixed, picture sucking memory pig
fixed, missing dateadded sort method
pvr epg search
fixed manual search string in subtitle download

Apr 18
Version 2.1.0

changed LiveTV buffering, see GUI settings->tv->playback for 'LiveTV playback wait time'
fixed audio sink for non-pass-through
fixed demux pause flood (hits TVH clients)
fixed stack overflow using json and tcpserver.
fixed crash on iOS. check numberoftaps before assuming we have a valid location
fixed TCPServer start/stop logic
add kiosk mode (kills side blade in MrMC skin)

Mar 30
Version 2.0.0

bump core to match jarvis 16.1 RC2
bump to AE/17 and friends
added rar support
added DVD iso/img support, no VIDEO_TS yet
bumped all PVR addons
added music visualisations
fixed, iOS/tvOS. poke pvr manager when we re-enter foreground
fixed, bring back dvd settings
pvr handling changes, buffer and friends
fixed, pvr livetv buffering issue
fixed, calling into smbc_stat with empty strings
fixed, nextpvr crashing when response is not ok.
fixed, level button in LiveTV settings page

Mar 16
Version 1.6.0

remove DivX support, license issue.

Feb 20
Version 1.5.0

fixed webserver, broken in security fix.

Feb 16
Version 1.4.0

fixed, libdsm crash when iOS sleeps and paused
fixed, security, white/black list check of http requests.
add timeout setting to SFTP
add custom background selection for skins

Feb 05
Version 1.3.0

+ fix play/pause with libdsm
+ fix un-shuffle crash
+ bump ffmpeg version
+ fix podnapisi.net subtitle search
+ vertical blank sync, force always and hide for iOS/tvOS
+ add setting for recently added to ignore file creation date, last added first in recently added list
+ add buffer and network settings
+ add samba timeout settings
+ return of profiles/file manager

Jan 12
Version 1.2.0

+ fixed json crashing, Kodi iOS remote, play video
+ improved siri remote behavior and added up/down/right/left taps
+ fixed decoding png images with colormaps
+ ignore hidden OSX file metadata when scanning libraries
+ fixed music library scan crash
+ added, allow .filepart video file extension
+ restore server wake-on-access
+ fixed, Kodi iOS remote nav and screensaver timeout
+ fixed play/pause function on remote
+ add Amber skin
+ add PM3HD skin
+ add Universal Movie Scraper(metadata.universal)
+ ability to access mrmc.log, enable webserver (tvOS)
+ fixed, hang when using play/pause when resuming
+ fixed,dont exit to appletv when context menu is up. e.g. resume popup on recently added
+ add setting for remote to disable swipes in OSD, only edge taps will work
+ add libdsm
+ fixed, CMYK colorspace jpeg files
+ added, boost center channel on down mix
+ changed, Zeroconf ResolveService timeout from 1 sec to 2 sec
+ fixed, with some smb servers, auth fail gens a permission error
+ fixed, missing rebrand for skin additions in binary pvr

Jan 03
Version 1.1.0

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