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Take a master class in Tap Dancing with this amazing collection of 222 tutorial video lessons.

Lessons for the absolute beginner are included as well as intermediate and advanced levels plus moves and all the steps!

Video lessons include:
Tap Dancing For Beginners How to Do Single Pull Backs in Tap Dancing
Tap Dictionary for Tap Dancers
Single Time Step - Tap Lesson
Intermediate Tap Technique with Lyn Cramer
Advanced Tap Routines with Lyn Cramer
Basic Tap Steps shuffle flap-heel
New 3 Beginner Tap Dance Lesson with Rod Howell
Beginning Tap Routines with Lyn Cramer
Pullbacks Changing
Pullbacks Single 2 Feet
Pullbacks Single 1 Foot
Maxie Ford Break - Variation 2
Maxie Ford Break - Variation 1
Maxie Ford with Pullback
Grab Off
Double Pullbacks
Soft Shoe Break
How To Tap Dance Basic Steps
Kira Josephson - Tap Dancing Demo
New 5 Beginner Tap Dance Lesson with Rod Howell
RHYTHM TAP 1 with Steve Zee Clip
BR36D - Broadway Rhythm Tap DVD
Choreography for Tap with Lyn Cramer
How to do a Pick Up Dance Step
Advanced Tap Dancing Advanced Tap Dancing Pickup Skips
Corinne Karon - Philadelphia PA USA
1 Advanced Tap Dance Class with Rod Howell at unitedtapscom
Tap Dancing Bathroom Breaks - New Tap Lessons at eTapDancecom
Download View the Tap Dictionary using Downloader Pro
Tips and Tricks - PullbacksAVI
Advanced Tap Dancing Advanced Tap Dancing Syncopated Pullbacks With Toe Buster
Singing In The Rain Breakdown No 2 No Music
Singing In The Rain Breakdown No 1
Tap Dance - Shuffle Heal Turns
Tips and Tricks - Paradiddles
Shuffle Grab-off Tips and TricksAVI
Flap Heel Heel Brush Heel Toe Heel Shirley Temples
Hop Shuffle Leap Shuffle Leap Shuffle Leap Stomp
Flap Step Flap Ball Change
Shuffle Ball Change Shuffle Stamp
Single Stomp Time Step
Traveling Cramproll
Tap Dancing - Rythm Claps Grade 4
Tapatak Oz Senior Advanced 2
Obstacles for Tap Dancing
Understanding Tap Rhythm
Intermediate Tap Tripple Time Step
Tap in Motion the basics
Tap Turn Demonstration
Tap Class Review
Online Tap Lessons Study Tap Dancing at eTapDancecom
Pull backs and ripples
Wing Preparation 191109wmv
ISTD Intermediate Tap Free Dance
Tap Dancing Time Steps Tap Dancing Riffle Time Steps
Tap Dancing Time Steps Tap Dancing Riffle Scuffle Combo
For ravenreverie 3
Time steps
Tap Lesson
60-Second How-to Tap Dancing
Wings - Glenn Wood Tap
Turns In Tap Dance - Glenn Wood Tap
Time Steps - Glenn Wood Tap
Traveling - Glenn Wood Tap
The Fury of Elise Advanced tap Routine Sample by Rod Howell
Adult Tap- Time steps and breaks
Adult Tap- Riff exercise
Adult Tap- Paddle exercise
Slowed down paddle exercise
Learn a Tap Step
The 12 Tap Addicts Anonymous Dance Steps
Tap step heel exercise- Adult Tap
Fosse Combo- Adult Tap
Wing exercise- Adult Tap
Speed exercises slowed down unaccompanied- Adult Tap
Tap Dance - Buffalo Combo with Turn
Tap Dance Christy August 2013 Routine Add on 4
Single Time Step tap step practice
Soft Shoe Tap Dance - Practice video
Flap Heel Practice with ElRon Tap Dancing Reactive Video
How To Tap Dance TAP-toral Back-Flap Heel 3 Sound Series
How To Tap Dance TAP-torial Single Time Step Multiple Sound Series
How To Tap Dance TAP-torials Pullbacks 2 Sound Series
9 to 5 Tap dance combination
A guide to tap dancing - Teacher and Technology Assignment
Operation Tap- Technique Tuesday 8
Operation Tap Technique Tuesday- Articulation
How To Tap Dance TAP-torial Military Time Step Multiple Sound Series
Operation Tap- Musicality Monday AABA
Operation Tap- TRIVIA THURSDAY -Shim Sham Girls
Operation Tap Musicality Monday 1
Tap Dance Tutorial - Tap Basics for Kids -Adults
How to Tap Dance Beginner Combination
and more.

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