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Woo Woo! All aboard!

Get on board the App Store’s most thrilling train ride!

Lay track to stay ahead of the speeding Train. Keep moving or the Train will catch up and CRASH into you! Stay ahead by making sure the Train picks up the waiting passengers and stops at the stations to drop them off.

• Travel through 8 colorful environments.
• Lay down the tracks for the trains to run on.
• Operate 17 different engine and carriage types.
• Collect coins to upgrade and unlock new trains.
• Collect over 120 prestigious passengers.
• Swipe control the handcar to stay ahead of the speeding train.
• Don’t stop! Woo Woo!

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Secondary: Casual

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Version History

Launched Jun 29, 2016 (over 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Oct 26
Version 1.2

It’s ‘Hot in the City’ with the biggest update of Tracky Train yet! As well as the gorgeous new City location we’ve added the amazing Industrial stage! There’s also the all new Wizard Express and a host of new passengers to pick up.

… and the fun doesn't stop there. If you're on iOS10, be sure to check out the new Tracky Train Sticker Pack. Send your friends amazing, unique images from the game to brighten up your messages!

Don’t get sidetracked, check it out now!

Aug 03
Version 1.1

The summer is here! What better way to celebrate than by travelling to the beach, the new location in your favourite game?

We've also made another batch of changes that you asked for, including:
• Added 2 new button-based control systems for those who don't like swiping
• Made the tutorial skippable if you fail it a few times
• Made the train catch up with you less quickly after It stops to pick up or drop off passengers


Your friends at Tracky Train

Jul 07
Version 1.0.1

All aboard! You’ve expressed your enjoyment of Tracky Train, so to make sure we don’t run out of steam, we’ve made some fixes and optimizations to ensure the best possible ride!

You asked for bigger trains to carry more passengers…. you’ve got them!
You asked for more stations... you’ve got them!

We’ve listened to your feedback and made a host of other changes to make sure the game stays first class!

Look out for a new update coming soon, with a new location!

Your friends at Tracky Train

Jun 29
Version 1.0

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