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The UK's fastest-growing bank is coming to the US!

Your Monzo account is instant spending notifications, stress-free traveling, easy budgeting and support from real people, whenever you need it.

Always know how much money you have

Get on top of your spending with instant notifications every time you pay for something, with a balance that updates immediately, not days later.

Use your card anywhere

Whether it's with your hot coral debit card, or Apple Pay, Monzo works all around the world, and you don’t need to tell us when you're going.

Spend for free

We don’t charge fees for spending on your card, we don’t charge overdraft fees and we don’t mark up the exchange rate when you go abroad.

Pay people in seconds

Send and receive money free and instantly with other Monzo users, and say thanks with an emoji!

Stay in control

If you lose your card, freeze it in the app and get a new one quickly. (Or defrost it if you find it again.)

Rest easy

Money in your Monzo account is protected by FDIC, so you’re insured up to $250,000, and our anti-fraud systems make sure your money is safe, without adding friction for you.

The Monzo Mastercard Debit Card is issued by Sutton Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Mastercard International Incorporated.

Monzo Inc. does not offer or provide banking services on its own behalf or for its affiliates and is not a bank. Monzo Inc. is wholly owned by Monzo Bank Limited. Monzo Bank Limited is a non-US bank, is not FDIC-insured, and does not offer or provide banking services in the United States or to US residents.

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Version History

Launched Feb 04, 2016 (over 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 9 days, on average.

Sep 29
Version 3.52.1

Refactoring is when you change the structure of code without changing what it does. The aim is to make it more reliable and less susceptible to bugs – we've been doing just that this week.

Sep 28
Version 3.52.0

Refactoring is when you change the structure of code without changing what it does. The aim is to make it more reliable and less susceptible to bugs – we've been doing just that this week.

Sep 21
Version 3.51.0

Bug watch: we fixed an issue where the app was making iCloud backups larger than necessary, and one where the app crashed for some users on iOS 10.

Sep 14
Version 3.50.0

You'll soon be able to order a personalized Monzo card, because if you like it then you should put your name on it. Look out for an update in your feed to find out more!

Sep 07
Version 3.49.0

This week we worked behind the scenes to make the app more reliable and less susceptible to bugs!

Sep 01
Version 3.48.0

This release includes some refactor work - which means we've made existing code more reliable and less susceptible to any bugs!

Aug 28
Version 3.47.1

Our app widget is now faster and more reliable. You can use it to quickly glance at your balance and spent today without needing to open the app.

Aug 24
Version 3.47.0

Our app widget is now faster and more reliable. You can use it to quickly glance at your balance and spent today without needing to open the app.

Aug 17
Version 3.46.0

Two key fixes to report this week. The first one straightened out an animation issue that popped up when going from home to the accounts list. The other is to do with loan repayments. Some of the content in that area of the app was all squished together, and now it isn’t.

Aug 10
Version 3.45.0

Lots of ‘backend’ work going on this week. Which, if you don’t know, means the parts of our code that make the app work behind the scenes.

Aug 03
Version 3.44.0

We're all staying safe and wearing masks at the moment. So we've added the ability to open the app with your iPhone passcode, for times when your face is covered. You need to be using Face ID to unlock the app for this fallback to appear.

Jul 27
Version 3.43.0

This week, we're *gifting* you a new spending category. (It's gifts.)

Jul 20
Version 3.42.0

We fixed a bug where cells were a little wonky in the ‘Manage your account’ section of the app when using a large device.

Jul 13
Version 3.41.1

We fixed a bug where cells were a little wonky in the 'Manage your account' section of the app when using a large device.

Jul 13
Version 3.41.0

We fixed a bug where cells were a little wonky in the 'Manage your account' section of the app when using a large device.

Jul 06
Version 3.40.0

Grace Hopper introduced us to the term "bug" – or at least in its computing form anyway. Apparently she used it to describe a malfunction in an early electromechanical computer. Well here's to you Grace, cos we've been fixing bugs.

Jun 29
Version 3.39.0

There was a pesky issue where some customers on slow connections could get stuck when trying to reset their PINs. We're happy to say that that bug's officially squashed. Onwards!

Jun 19
Version 3.38.0

You’ll see some especially fun product improvements and bug fixes this week. Make sure you check out the spinny animations that show when your balance is being refreshed.

Jun 15
Version 3.37.0

It’s a low-key update this week. Things are moving, but we’re not ready to share anything major just yet. Trust that the usual flurry of fixed bugs and improved performances are included though.

Jun 09
Version 3.36.0

This week we’ve improved accessibility for Pots by making it easier for screen readers to navigate and understand those pages.

Jun 01
Version 3.35.0

People with a UK and US Monzo account would sometimes see their profile pictures swapped around. Not anymore, friends! That bug is well and truly squashed.

May 26
Version 3.34.0

Customers who use VoiceOver should now find steppers and number entry fields easier to navigate. We've changed the messaging to improve what's read out by the screen reader.

May 18
Version 3.33.0

We fixed a bug where the app would crash after granting permission to take photos when adding receipts to your transactions. From home, of course.

May 11
Version 3.32.0

Another busy week clearing out bugs here at Monzo. Which got us thinking: we talk about 'bugs' a lot, but we never thought to ask if you know what that means? When we say 'bug', we're talking about an error or flaw somewhere in our system.

May 04
Version 3.31.0

With this update, we're rolling out the ability to hide and sort your Pots! Reorder them in a way that works best for you, or tuck them away entirely so they're out of sight.

Apr 27
Version 3.30.0

We’ve been making our app more resilient this week, in the unlikely event we see trouble with our in app chat we’ve put in a backup option. Safety first!

Apr 21
Version 3.29.0

More bug fixes and hard work behind the scenes this week, so here's a fact instead. Did you know that US paper money isn't made of paper at all? It's cloth. In Ben Franklin's day, people repaired torn bills with a needle and thread.

Apr 14
Version 3.28.0

We're still working from home, still squashing masses of bugs, and looking at adorable puppy videos to stay cheery. Keep safe out there, pals!

Apr 08
Version 3.27.1

This week we've all been working from home, fixing bugs and tidying up the app.

If you have any questions about coronavirus and your money, head to our website for information and guidance. We hope you're all staying safe out there.

Apr 06
Version 3.27.0

This week we've all been working from home, fixing bugs and tidying up the app.

If you have any questions about coronavirus and your money, head to our website for information and guidance. We hope you're all staying safe out there.

Mar 30
Version 3.26.0

Some people were a bit confused about when your card can, or can't, be unfrozen. So we made a new 'blocked' card state, which should clear things up. Enjoy!

Mar 25
Version 3.25.0

The spring cleaning is still in full swing here. We're dusting off old code and vacuuming up any bugs (the computer kind, not the buzzing, six-legged kind).

Mar 18
Version 3.24.1

We fixed a problem that meant the app was crashing when some of you tried to open it.

Mar 16
Version 3.24.0

We took a leaf out of Marie Kondo's book and gave the app a spring clean. (Before we removed any old code, we thanked it for its service.)

Mar 10
Version 3.23.0

We took a leaf out of Marie Kondo's book and gave the app a spring clean. (Before we removed any old code, we thanked it for its service.)

Mar 04
Version 3.22.1

Ever heard the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words"? We couldn't agree more. That's why we've updated our merchant logos, so you can see exactly where you're spending.

Mar 02
Version 3.22.0

Ever heard the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words"? We couldn't agree more. That's why we've updated our merchant logos, so you can see exactly where you're spending.

Feb 24
Version 3.21.0

If you’re waiting in line for a Monzo account, we’ll now let you know where you stand, and offer you ways to jump ahead! (Fun fact: our British cousins call a line a ‘queue’. Wild!)

We’ve also fixed a silly bug that was stopping people telling us their apartment number in sign-up.

Feb 19
Version 3.20.0

You can now split the check with friends in the app. No more paying with multiple cards, frantically swapping account details or awkward conversations about who owes who. Phew.

Feb 10
Version 3.19.0

If you have a US and UK Monzo account:
1. Lucky you
2. You can now switch between the two in your accounts list, for simpler money management.
And where's number 3, you ask? Well, there isn't one. Not all good things come in threes.

Feb 03
Version 3.18.0

Forget copying and pasting bank details. Now you can send money to other friends on Monzo easily - all you’ll need is their phone number.

Jan 27
Version 3.17.0

January's the perfect time to get things organised. We've tidied up the Profile and Settings pages so it's easier for you to find things like legal documents and notification preferences. Another tick off the to-do list.

Jan 20
Version 3.15.0

You can now pick your own PIN when you sign up with us. Sometimes it's the little things.

Jan 13
Version 3.14.0

Pots have arrived! They're our way of letting you separate your money from your spending balance. Slice of the pi, anyone?

Jan 08
Version 3.13.0

New year, time to reflect. In 2019 we gave 1,000 people early access to our beta card and loved meeting lots of you at our community events across San Francisco, NYC, Las Vegas and LA.

Now we're busy prepping for 2020. First up, our product roadmap. Using your feedback to decide what we build next is super important to us. Later this month you'll be able to see what we're planning, plus comment and vote on what we should do next! Watch this space…

Dec 17
Version 3.12.1

An extra Christmas gift, so soon?! We’re treating you with one last round of bug fixes before we sign off for the year.

Dec 16
Version 3.12.0

You know how you get socks for Christmas and it’s never really fun but it is useful. Well that’s a bit like this update. Our gift for the holidays is... bug fixes! Don't say we don't treat ya.

Dec 09
Version 3.11.0

We're working on general bug fixing and performance improvements ahead of the festive season. With this update everything should feel snappier and run smoother.

Dec 02
Version 3.10.0

Great news! Our new app layout has landed on US soil.

Nov 25
Version 3.9.0

We hate to do this to you, but all we’ve got is bug fixes. It’s important work, sure, but we appreciate it isn’t the most exciting news you’ll get today. Or maybe it will be.

Nov 18
Version 3.8.0

We're preparing for a makeover to set Monzo up for the future alongside a healthy dose of squashed bugs and polished edges. Keep your eyes open because we're just getting started.

Nov 11
Version 3.7.0

How do you stay regular? Some people recommend plenty of leafy greens. Others swear by prunes. We prescribe a week of tweaks and fixes to make your balance and transaction updates quicker and more reliable. (Prunes optional.)

Oct 30
Version 3.5.1

We've been fixing bugs. Not the squishy, buzzing, two-winged, eight-legged, 12-eyed kind. But the in-app, computer, code kind.

Oct 28
Version 3.5.0

Say cheese! This week we updated the identity verification experience during signup to include clearer messaging and improved photo and video capture.

Oct 21
Version 3.4.0

You asked, we answered! This week we added your account details and bank statements to your 'Manage' screen because that's where most people were looking for them. Sensible, eh?

Oct 14
Version 3.3.0

You might've heard on the grapevine that we're giving our app a whole new look. We've been working hard behind the scenes to make this happen for US accounts soon.

We've also listened to your feedback and helped make it clearer during signup why we collect SSN and how we safely and securely store that data

Oct 07
Version 3.2.0

You might’ve heard on the grapevine that we’re giving our app a whole new look. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make this happen for US accounts soon.

We’ve also listened to your feedback and helped make it clearer during signup why we collect SSN and how we safely and securely store that data.

Sep 30
Version 3.1.0

You might’ve heard on the grapevine that we’re giving our app a whole new look. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make this happen for US accounts soon.

We’ve also listened to your feedback and helped make it clearer during signup why we collect SSN and how we safely and securely store that data.

Sep 24
Version 3.0.1

Nothing much changed for US accounts this week!

If you have a UK account:

This is the big one: 3.0! We've had a makeover, and this new-look app is Monzo for the future. We've made it easier to find the things we do already, and left plenty of room for what's coming next. Keep your eyes open because we're just getting started.

Sep 23
Version 3.0.0

Nothing much changed for US accounts this week!

If you have a UK account:

This is the big one: 3.0! We've had a makeover, and this new-look app is Monzo for the future. We've made it easier to find the things we do already, and left plenty of room for what's coming next. Keep your eyes open because we're just getting started.

Sep 16
Version 2.65.0

You can now submit feedback directly in-app when a store’s information doesn’t look correct, so your feed can look even more beautiful.

Sep 09
Version 2.64.0

You can now submit feedback directly in-app when a store’s information doesn’t look correct, so your feed can look even more beautiful.

Sep 03
Version 2.63.0

You can now submit feedback directly in-app when a store’s information doesn’t look correct, so your feed can look even more beautiful.

Aug 28
Version 2.62.0

For US customers, we continued our mission to localize the app - thanks to everyone that told us where things were getting a bit too British

Aug 19
Version 2.61.0

This week we've been working on big, important things like making payments more reliable and localizing the app. But we also got rid of a silly, confusing message about changing your PIN at cash machines, which you can only do in the UK right now. Like we said: silly.

For UK accounts:

You might've heard on the grapevine that we're giving our app a whole new look. If you want special VIP access* then head to Monzo Labs in your Profile. We've made it even easier for you to discover things like Pots and loans in there. And on that note, we've now launched loans to all eligible customers!

*Okay, it's actually just early access. But what we said sounded better.

Aug 12
Version 2.60.0

This week we stopped explaining to US customers how American restaurants take payments differently from UK restaurants, because you already know how restaurants work.

We also made it clearer when you first see your PIN that you can get a reminder at any time.

For UK accounts:

The new navigation keeps on getting better! You can now open your Summary by tapping the Left to Spend progress bar, and you can access your accounts list by pulling the transaction drawer down. Try the new navigation in Monzo Labs.

Aug 03
Version 2.59.0

Monzo is coming to the US!

This week we've been busy replacing pound signs with dollar signs, and getting rid of every 'u' that doesn't belong.

Jul 30
Version 2.58.0

Monzo is coming to the US!

This week we've been busy replacing pound signs with dollar signs, and getting rid of every 'u' that doesn't belong.

Jul 22
Version 2.57.0

In the words of Oprah, you can get Monzo Plus! You can get Monzo Plus! Everyone can get Monzo Plus! (Because we’ve taken away the Monzo Plus waiting list and it’s available for everyone.)

Jul 17
Version 2.56.0

Great news for Monzo Plustomers! (See what we did there?) We’re giving you two new features as part of your core bundle, at no extra cost.

- You’ll earn 1.5% AER on all positive balances up to £4,000.
- You’ll also get access to exclusive offers and discounts (including TIDAL, Zipcar and HelloFresh).

We’ve also fixed some scaling issues on smaller phones so our terms and conditions don’t get shrunk down and tricky to read.

Jul 03
Version 2.54.1

If you had your region set to China, Japan or Canada, you weren't able to enter your date of birth when signing up for Monzo. We've fixed this now - so you can apply away!

Jul 01
Version 2.54.0

“That sweater is not just blue.” and neither is your card, if it’s Monzo Plus. We’ve fixed a bug so you can update your app icon to match your card, quicker. And, we made some changes under the hood to make your balance update even faster.

Jun 24
Version 2.53.0

We've made it even easier to discover awesome Monzo features when you first join. So, you know, if your friends still need a nudge, now's a good time to do it.

Jun 19
Version 2.52.0

Our poor app's been lugging extra weight around for no reason. We've helped lighten the load by removing files it didn't need from iCloud backups.

Jun 10
Version 2.51.0

Sometimes, it's the little things in life that bring the most enjoyment. A single snowflake resting delicately on a young puppy's nose; a fresh cool breeze cutting through the fug of a hot city day; or us changing the name of our Flexible Savings Pots to Easy Access Savings Pots.

Jun 04
Version 2.50.0

Just some regulation tidying up and fixing bugs this week. Since there's not much to see here, maybe try and find our ads on TV?

May 28
Version 2.49.0

There's now two million people with Monzo! This week we made it easier for you to see and manage all of your borrowing options at Monzo. We also fixed a few bugs, so navigating around the app should feel smoother.

May 20
Version 2.48.0

Life is all about balance. This week, we've ironed out some creases in the app (gotta be done). But we also prepped for the launch of our TV ads (*bites nails*). Keep an eye out for Monzo coming to a screen near you!

May 13
Version 2.47.0

Things you can do in under 6 minutes:
- Floss your teeth
- Pet a dog
- Play an instrument
- Make a fruit smoothie
- Switch your energy supplier to Octopus Energy or OVO Energy through Monzo

(By the way, they offer great customer service and use renewable energy too).

May 07
Version 2.46.0

Payday's the single best day of the month. And to celebrate it, we've made it even easier to get your salary paid into Monzo. Just go to the Account tab and tap 'Add money' to get the ball rollin'.

Apr 29
Version 2.45.0

We’ve spruced up the animation in the app for when you’re looking back at days gone by, we’re also doing lots of work behind the scenes to make the app fit for 2019 and beyond.

Apr 24
Version 2.44.0

Introducing ISAs! You can now save money without paying tax on the interest you earn by opening a Savings Pot ISA (individual savings account). Find out more by creating a pot on the Account tab.

Apr 15
Version 2.43.0

Lots of new features: good. Lots of notifications: a pain. So now features we think you'll find useful have a spot above your list of transactions in the Home tab. Also, if you change your email address, you can now update it yourself (along with your address and phone number) from your Profile in the Account tab.

Apr 08
Version 2.42.0

ISAs for everyone! You can open an ISA in the app today, in the same way you'd set up a Savings Pot (head to your Account tab to get started).

Also: we've added some Monzo magic to moving money between your accounts. You can now add notes to these just like other payments to people on Monzo.

Apr 01
Version 2.41.0

Behold: a shiny new Payments tab. We've tidied things up so your options are more streamlined. We've also listed all the apps connected to your Monzo account under 'Manage Apps and Devices'.

Mar 25
Version 2.40.0

Sometimes you don't know what you don't know. So when you join, we'll guide you through Monzo's handiest features to take you from rookie to pro in no time.

Mar 18
Version 2.39.0

There's nothing more motivating than seeing what you're saving for in front of your very eyes. So now you can choose your own Pot images - be it your dream holiday destination or a brand new hoover (we won't judge).

Plus, add regular payments to Shared Tabs and we'll work out who owes what. No more awkward conversations about last month's water bill. Ever.

Mar 11
Version 2.38.0

Sometimes it's releasing exciting new things. Sometimes it's "Oh no, this thing is broken". This week it's the latter: we fixed a bug that meant some people saw a zero balance when opening the app, or switching to their joint account.

Mar 04
Version 2.37.0

Forgotten your card and need your card number? No problem. Tap 'PIN & card number' in your Account tab and watch the magic happen. You can even tap and hold the number to copy it (clever, we know).

Feb 26
Version 2.36.1

You told us you love locked Pots, but that not being able to unlock them easily was a pain. So we’ve fixed it! Now you can unlock Pots early in the app.

Feb 25
Version 2.36.0

You know the old adage: “Pay someone once, write a payment reference. Pay someone twice, Monzo autofills the reference you used the first time.”

Feb 18
Version 2.35.0

Joint account friends! If you’ve been waiting to make the switch and go full Monzo, rejoice. You can now use the Current Account Switch Service (CASS) to move your joint account across to Monzo. It’s free, takes a week, and we do all the admin for you. Kick off your switch from the Profile section of your Account tab.

Feb 11
Version 2.34.0

Receipts are dead! Just joking – they're alive and well. But, while it won't reverse climate change, you can now get digital receipts from EAT, Itsu, Pod and Pure in your Monzo app. Just tap on a recent transaction from one of these places to get set up. Also, ask mates for money without splitting a bill, submit your passport details more easily and recover your PIN before you've even activated your card. Capeesh?

Feb 04
Version 2.33.0

You don't (usually) start a conversation in an empty room, so we figured you shouldn't start a chat with us on an empty screen. We've made some changes to Monzo Chat so it's clearer what to expect when you start a conversation with us.

Jan 28
Version 2.32.0

We’ve given Monzo Chat some much needed TLC so it’s even easier for you to tell us when something’s urgent. And now you can check who hasn’t paid up from splitting the bill at dinner last week. Handy.

Jan 21
Version 2.31.0

Making new friends is a good thing. So now you can add someone to an existing Shared Tab.

Jan 14
Version 2.30.0

A bumper crop of new year updates. You can now (deep breath): change the frequency of your standing orders and scheduled payments; save your chats with Monzo as PDFs and download or send them; see details of payments you’ve sent by text or email and cancel links if you like. Phew.

Jan 07
Version 2.29.0

Happy new year! We had a small sign-up bug which was making it harder for people to open accounts. Not ideal. But it's fixed now!

Dec 19
Version 2.28.0

We’re mostly making it easier to *not* use Monzo this week. You can now add payments to Shared Tabs that weren’t made on Monzo, for example if they were cash or on your credit card. And we’ve added the ability to send money to anyone – even if they’re not on Monzo – by text or email into Labs for testing.

Dec 12
Version 2.27.0

We've added Shared Tabs so you can split ongoing expenses with your friends! We've also made improvements to Monzo Chat so you can now see an estimate of the wait time. And as usual, we fixed a few bugs and added a bit of polish to your current account too.

Dec 05
Version 2.26.0

A quick fix for a few crowdfunding bugs that were reported, including the investment banner being hidden by an Apple Pay banner. Update now to get the chance to invest.

Nov 27
Version 2.25.0

Our noble team have spent the week questing through the app in search of bugs to vanquish. (We've also been playing a lot of Dungeons & Dragons recently.)

Nov 19
Version 2.24.0

This time we've made scrolling through the app a smoother experience. Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference.

Nov 12
Version 2.23.0

We’re pretty excited about this one: Shared Tabs have landed in Labs. It even rhymes! Set one up with friends to split ongoing expenses, and let us know what you think.

We’ve also made subscription and Direct Debit predictions more flexible, so you can set them two-weekly, monthly and quarterly.

Nov 06
Version 2.22.0

Finding stuff should be easier now. In Help we've made it simpler to query transactions, and in Settings we've added information about our fees. Plus the usual round of bug fixes.

Oct 30
Version 2.21.0

A bumper crop of tweaks this week. We've tidied up Pots so your transaction information is clearer. We've redesigned the 'add money' screen so it's easier to see your options. And we've wrestled with a few bugs that were making the app just a little bit less elegant.

Oct 23
Version 2.20.0

Bill splitters of the world unite – we've made it easier to tell that you can split bills with people even if they don't have Monzo accounts! Although, you know, if they wanted to get Monzo accounts that would still be cool.

Oct 15
Version 2.19.0

We fixed a silly bug in your Pulse graph that meant you could tap on a day in the future and see a 'Spent today' box. Like we said: silly.

Oct 09
Version 2.18.0

Thanks to everyone who’s been testing bill splitting in Monzo Labs. This week’s release contains some fixes for when you split the bill with people who aren’t using Monzo.

Oct 03
Version 2.17.0

This week we've focused on smoothing out the log-in process, so it's easier to access your app.

And we're full of gratitude for the million people using Monzo to manage their money. No YOU'RE crying at your desk.

Sep 26
Version 2.16.0

We’ve jazzed up the card activation flow, so it’s a nicer experience if you’re using your card for the first time. And, as always, we’ve battled a load of bugs.

Sep 17
Version 2.15.0

You may have noticed we skipped over version 2.14.0. But rest assured, this week’s release is definitely 0.2.0 better than 2.13.0!

Your Monzo app should feel a little snappier. We’ve fine-tuned the performance of your feed and pulse graph, as well as sped up switching between tabs.

We’ve also made it easier to order replacement cards, and check the status of any current card orders. The rest of your settings have moved into the profile section.

Sep 04
Version 2.13.0

We've heard that some people's apps were a bit slow, so the fixes in this update should help make scrolling around your feed buttery smooth.

Aug 28
Version 2.12.0

No big news, we've just fixed some bugs for joint accounts. But we do have some small news: the Brazilian pygmy gecko is so small that it can walk on water.

Aug 20
Version 2.11.0

Ever heard the phrase 'unknown unknowns'? That's the things you don't even realise you don't know, rather than just the things you know you don't know... make sense?

If you're new to Monzo, you might have a few unknown unknowns. So we've tweaked our Help section to suggest things that new people might find more useful, rather than leaving them to fend entirely for themselves.

We've also made it so you don't need to talk to us if you want to update your phone number. You can edit it yourself from your Profile.

Should make things easier for people, you know?

Aug 13
Version 2.10.0

Splitting bills is a pain, right? If only there were some way to make it better. Take a look at our Labs area where you can try out new features.

Aug 06
Version 2.9.0

This week: we’ve made some updates to the Joint Account sign-up process, and fixed some issues that were affecting how Summary works with Joint Accounts. There’s also some behind-the-scenes work to make paying your bills a bit less stressful. Coming soon!

Jul 31
Version 2.8.1

The bald eagle actually has quite a silly cry. So film-makers dub them with something more majestic-sounding (usually the red-tailed hawk).

Jul 30
Version 2.8.0

Are release notes without anything in them even technically release notes? Hmm.

Jul 23
Version 2.7.0

There’s not a lot to update you on at the moment, just some general sprucing up. But we didn’t want to leave you empty-handed, so here’s a nature fact:

Some types of snail can sleep for up to three years. Remarkable.

Jul 16
Version 2.6.0

We've been giving a little feature you know and love some TLC behind the scenes, to tidy it up and make it easier to find. We'll let you know in-app once it's ready for the main stage.

Jul 12
Version 2.5.1

This update contains a quick fix for a shiny new something that we're previewing later this week.

Come to or watch our event on Thursday night to hear more!

Jul 09
Version 2.5.0

While most people are outside enjoying the summer-y, we’ve been indoors tinkering with Summary. (Sorry.)

Now you’ll see sub-totals for your upcoming payments within each category, so it’s easier to spot what sort of things you’re spending most on.

Jul 02
Version 2.4.0

You know how people say no news is good news? Well this must be the best news ever, because there's literally nothing to say about this update. Just your regular dose of bug fixes and tidy-ups.

Jun 25
Version 2.3.0

Remember Targets? They’re now Budgets. (Because we realised that really they’re budgets to stay under, not targets to hit...) As well as setting individual budgets for particular categories like shopping and going out, you can now set a overall spending budget for the month too.

Jun 14
Version 2.2.0

It's the World Cup soon! So we've done something totally unrelated and let you add notes and #tags to your Direct Debits.

Are we doing this marketing thing right?

May 31
Version 2.1.0

Last weekend was literally named for companies like us. It's the only time we're allowed to take any holiday. We're imagining a beach full of employees from all the big banks, chatting about money and finances together, having a really great time.

Or not. Doesn't sound like our cup of tea. So instead, here's a new app update to make your bank even better! It's mainly fixing some bugs around Apple Pay (if you didn't hear, it's here!) and Summary (if you didn't hear, it's here!). We've also improved Direct Debits, so you'll start to see the amounts and dates on them (once the next ones come out).

Hope you enjoy it and all you bank employees enjoyed the bank holiday!

May 23
Version 2.0.0

Here’s version 2.0! There’s lots of new things for you:

Summary is here for everyone! We’ve been testing Summary in Labs and it’s now here for everyone to enjoy. You can set when your month starts (when you get paid) and see how much you have left to spend throughout the month. Big buys you’ve been saving up for can be excluded from your targets. So you won’t be in the red.

You can also delete payees in the Payments tab, with a swipe and a tap!

May 17
Version 1.9.35

It's hot out of the oven! A quick fix for a crash we were seeing for some people as they upgraded their accounts. Smells like fresh bread…mmmm, fresh bread. Yum.

May 14
Version 1.9.34

In today’s episode of “Monzo Release Notes”:

• We’ve made it easier to switch your salary to Monzo — just open the Add Money screen!
• We’ve also made improvements to Summary (you can turn it on from Monzo Labs), all based on your feedback

And that’s it folks! We hope you enjoyed this week’s episode of “Monzo Release Notes”. See you next time!

May 02
Version 1.9.33

There's a lot going on at Monzo. Like, really a lot. Unfortunately most of it isn't quite ready for the light of day, so only one announcement here: we've added 'Family' and 'Personal care' as two new spending categories, and renamed 'Cash' to 'Finances'. Hurrah!

Keep an eye out over the next couple of weeks though. There might well be more news...

Apr 16
Version 1.9.32

We’ll keep this brief.

If you’re eligible for an overdraft, we’ll send you a notification to let you know. Then you can find out more and switch it on in seconds if you like.

Other than that, it’s all behind-the-scenes tweaks this time around. ¡Adiós!

Apr 06
Version 1.9.31

Hello! This week it's mostly a lot of stuff behind the scenes that you don't need to worry about, like bug fixes, tweaks and general sprucing up.

Mar 24
Version 1.9.30

This release is what we call a hotfix – we found something that was broken and have quickly fixed it and released it to you.

The new Help screen was crashing the Monzo app if you were on a lower version than iOS 11. We're really sorry. Turns out, there was a recursion between heightForRow and numberOfRows.

Nope, not sure what that means either. But we're happy to have fixed it! Those recursions get everywhere…

Mar 22
Version 1.9.29

Two chunky changes this time around:

Help is getting an overhaul. We’ve (hopefully) made it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, and done smart stuff in the background so you’re more likely to see relevant information before you even start looking.

If you’re close to going overdrawn, we’ll let you know before it happens. So you can choose to go into your overdraft (if you’ve got one), or add money from elsewhere.

Mar 08
Version 1.9.28

Spring has technically sprung, and fresh shoots are sprouting on the Monzo allotment. Actually, do shoots sprout? Or do sprouts shoot?

Anyway. You can now:

- get your card delivered anywhere in the world when you’re upgrading
- tell your Monzo contacts apart from other payees with a Monzo logo
- display your preferred name for P2P transfers
- see why a transaction declined in the transaction details screen.

Feb 22
Version 1.9.27

I think it was Ernest Hemingway who said: ‘App updates. Gotta love them.’

Next time you pay someone in the app, you’ll see a little dropdown with references you’ve used before.

We’ve also put your bank statement history in your Profile, so it’s quicker to find.

Plus we’ve battled bugs, fixed errors and generally spruced the place up.

Hopefully it all makes your life a little easier. Until next time!

Feb 08
Version 1.9.26

Steaming app updates, fresh out the oven:

We’ve fixed it so you can get your card delivered wherever you like, rather than just to your registered home address. Maybe get it from your parents’ house and do some washing while you’re there?

Plus we squished bugs, as per usual. (Sorry for making you think about bugs in an oven.)

Jan 29
Version 1.9.25

Bank statements! A dream come true, fresh PDF statements you can download and decorate your home with (if you like). You'll find them in the spending tab, but maybe not straight away. We're rolling them out gradually so don't panic if you can't see yours yet.

We also fixed a problem with international keyboards and transferring money, and added some shiny new statistics on international ATM usage in the transaction screen.

Jan 10
Version 1.9.24

New year, new us. Well, not really. We're still the same Monzo but, in the spirit of self-improvement, we have a few fixes for you (plus something a little more fun to say thanks!)

• Sorted a couple of layout issues we were seeing on iPhone X (because that's no good)
• Fixed an important button (the kind you click, not the kind you sew on)
• Improved the performance of the feed (at least 3x snappier!)
• And best of all we added badges for our crowdfunding investors, and Alpha and Beta users (because you're amazing!)

Jan 03
Version 1.9.23

Happy New Year! ¡Feliz año nuevo! سنة جديدة سعيدة! godt nytår! Магчыма, вы перакладаеце ўсё гэта!

This release just fixes a lil big we noticed over Christmas where a button was missing when you joined the waiting list. We're ramping up for 2018 now, so watch this space…

Dec 18
Version 1.9.22

On this day in 1962, American astronaut John Glenn plopped down into the Atlantic Ocean after orbiting the Earth three times.

Today, the world celebrates another momentous landing, with the arrival of our latest app update.

You can now:
• Find out your PIN if you've forgotten it, securely from inside the app
• Tell us if your question's urgent

And we've also:
• Tidied up the screen where you see your account details
• And fixed a couple of bugs

Phew! As John Glenn put it as he re-entered the Earth's atmosphere, "Boy, that was a real fireball."

Dec 01
Version 1.9.21

This one, this time, is legitimately bug fixes and performance enhancements! We’ve fixed some issues with Pots that were reported and a fix for a ‘black screen of death’ that others reported. Thank you for all the reports

Nov 29
Version 1.9.20

All these stores starting up the Christmas music and lights and it's not even December. Bah humbug. There's no early Christmas here at Monzo HQ — we want to get your app releases out to you ASAP. So here's another one!

In today's show, we answer the following questions for customers who've upgraded their Monzo account:

* What happens if you lose your brand new debit card and need a new one?
* How do you change your home address?
* How do I use Monzo.me and bill splitting?

For all this, and more, tap that Update button. Yeah, that one. Go on, do it!

Nov 20
Version 1.9.19

I'd love to be the person with the job of writing release notes for those apps updating below. Just copy and paste each time: "Bug fixes and performance enhancements". Then head home for the day.

Instead, they make me write long essays here at Monzo. Locked in a cupboard all day, writing away. But it's all for you dear friends. And this release is pretty darn exciting.

Why? Because it has support for Pots! Segregate money away from your main account to save up for holidays, gifts or a rainy day. It's pretty cool :D

You can find Pots in your Account tab!

Nov 10
Version 1.9.18

We're excited about this one!

This latest release means we can start inviting existing users to upgrade their Monzo account to get features like a sort-code and account number.

To upgrade, just look out for an invitation in your app over the coming weeks. It takes less than five minutes to upgrade, we'll transfer your balance and transaction data over, and put a new hot coral debit card in the post.

Happy days!

Oct 16
Version 1.9.17

Rather unhelpfully, we added some bugs into the last update.

The good news is, we've fixed em!

Oct 09
Version 1.9.16

We’ve fixed some bugs! Swatted them away. Squished them underfoot. Did that gross yet satisfying thing where you squeeze them between your fingernails. Anyway, they’re gone!

Oct 02
Version 1.9.15

We’ve just got a couple of quick updates for you, so we’ll be sure to keep it quick. You know, get straight to the point. We won’t go round the houses. Or beat around the bush. We’ll cut to the chase. And get right to it. We’ll be done in a jiffy. In two shakes of a lamb’s tail. So, where were we?

• We’ve fixed a few bugs related to spending and support
• And we’ve made some updates in light of iOS 11

Sep 08
Version 1.9.14

This fixes one thing, changing your address, which we conveniently broke in 1.9.13, sorry about that!

Aug 24
Version 1.9.13

Tonight, on the Monzo update show, we have version 1.9.13. Featuring:

Preferred name now displays in your Profile. There’s not much you can do with this at the moment, but in the future you’ll be able to choose a preferred name (eg. Andy, not Andrew) or remove some of those pesky middle names your parents gave you and you never want anyone else to find out about. Cough.
Improved support for feed items that embed a webpage in them — we’re beginning to run a few tests with partnerships that’ll save you money and this helps with that.
Fixed up some wording around the app. Because words are important.

And that’s it. Lucky number 13!

Aug 10
Version 1.9.12

I.IX.XII. That’s right. We know Latin. It comes in pretty useful at Monzo Towers, as you can imagine.

In hoc versionem:

• Improved instructions for making bank transfers, so you can make them even more correctly
• Fixed some bugs around identity verification, when you switched your chosen method of ID halfway through

Quod ut 'omnis. But in the background, we’re working hard on current accounts. You can see how we’re doing at monzo.com/current-account/live if you’re that way inclined.

Gratias tibi. Vale Monzonauti.

Jul 27
Version 1.9.11

The team at Release Notes Towers™©® are slowly running out of hilarious oddities to put in these notes. Which is bad for those of you who like them. And good for those who don’t. Kind of a win-win, lose-lose situation where nobody is happy.

But don’t worry! There’s still some juice in the old tank for this release, which features improvements to identity verification, improvements to card replacements and improvements to the Contacts tab so that you can scroll to the top by tapping the Contacts tab. All the improvements. None of the deprovements. Because that’s what we’re all about at Monzo Towers.

Enjoy friends!

Jul 18
Version 1.9.10

This is version 1.9.10. Yep, that’s right. We went there. And we’re not sorry. Well, not that sorry anyway. Quite sorry. OK, we’re fully apologising. But we had no choice. There wasn’t another option. We’re saving that sweet 2.0.0 for you-know-what.

The most exciting fix in this version is that the yellow hex value of links on the Help screen is now #E28D00 to increase contrast. If you have no idea what that means, don’t worry. You’re not missing out. Just know that in the background, sweet sweet 2.0.0 goodness is happening.

Thank you wonderful people. Monzo out.

Jul 04
Version 1.9.9

Version 1.9.9. A number so close to the elusive version 2.0, yet so far. Where could we possibly go next? Send your guesses on a postcard to Monzo HQ, Monzotown, Monzoworld, M0 NZ0.

This is a release that sprinkles a few improvements in hard to reach places, mainly helping people who are going through identity verification. Other than that, there’s not much to it that you’ll notice — but we’re hard at work behind the scenes on the all important current account.

Adios amigos.

Jun 15
Version 1.9.8

On this day — 313 AD: the Edict of Milan, an agreement between Constantine the Great and Licinius to treat Christians benevolently within the Roman Empire, was posted in Nicomedia.

On this day — 2017 AD: Monzo releases version 1.9.8 of their iOS app, mainly with bug fixes. It also includes some improvements to requesting your PIN so it’s easier to do if you forget it, and implements support for some new survey-style feed items so we can start to ask how you feel about Monzo. Something like that anyway.

Jun 07
Version 1.9.7

Big day tomorrow. Maybe. Who knows really. All we can say from here is, go out and vote if you can, join in our democracy and enjoy this update, brought to you by your friends at Monzo.

What did we do? Here’s what we did!

• Made the app smaller! So small you can fit it in your pocket. As long as it’s on an iPhone.
• Added links to forum travel wiki posts in travel reports for the most popular countries. Check them out and edit them to make them better!
• Fixed lots of bugs and crashes! Thank you to everyone who reports issues and please keep the feedback coming.
• Included a top secret test revamping one of the screens in the app to make it easier to use. Not everyone will see it, so keep your eyes peeled in case you’re in luck!

That’s it! Behind the scenes, we’re hard at work on current account features so don’t fret if you’re sad to see these smaller updates. It’ll be worth it. Promise.

May 18
Version 1.9.6

This isn't what you might call an exciting update. Sorry about that. It's what some companies might call "bug fixes and performance enhancements". There are a couple of tinsy changes you might spot if you're especially eagle-eyed:

* A new PIN entry screen, so it's clearer that you're entering your card's PIN and not your phone's lock code
* Add Note and Add Receipt are now available on Top Up feed items, so you can now use them

Apr 20
Version 1.9.5

After last week's giganticnormous update, we thought we should follow up with a minnow of an update. It's mainly bug fixes (a big thanks for reporting those!) and an improvement to ordering a replacement card to make it clearer what happens to your registered address. And that's it. No… really. No one more thing here. Adios.

Apr 05
Version 1.9.4

It might be called version 1.9.4. And that might make you think this is a boring update. But you’d be wrong. Switcheroonie! Here’s a short essay so you can see what we’ve changed.

• Profile pictures — the one you’ve all been waiting for! Add a profile picture so your friends can see who they’re paying and everything looks 1746 times more beautiful. Guaranteed.*
• New style Pulse — that useful graph at the top of your feed is now fancy, faster and more fabulous. And it’s always visible now too so you can revel in its fabulousness.
• Request PIN via SMS — if you’ve forgotten your PIN, you don’t need to chat to customer support anymore to get a reminder. Just like that.
• Faster login — if you’ve got a bunch of transactions, you no longer need to wait a bunch of time for all of them to load. Boom, ta-da, flash and a bang.
• Change address in-app — moved house? Moved tent? Moved boat? No matter! You can now change your address within the app in a few seconds. Just don’t forget where you live.
• Shiny help screen — it’s infinitely more useful, so we can answer your questions before you’ve even asked them. Or something like that anyway.

And way more changes that we can’t fit in! Google Maps instead of Apple Maps on your transactions, an improved banner so you can see what we’ve changed in updates (like this one), no more ‘pull to refresh’ (because everything’s always up to date) and hundreds of thousands of bug fixes. Well, at least 10.

* Dependent on your friends.

Feb 22
Version 1.9.3

Here’s an exciting one, just for you! It’s our very first version of bill splitting – and it’s going to become even better over the coming months so that you always get paid back by those pesky friends who always ‘forget’…

• Easy link to Monzo.me within each transaction, so you can split bills with friends in a heartbeat. Thump thump.


• Updated limits – accessible from within your Profile. We’ve made it all whizz-bangy and slidey, as well as included better prompts for when you’re nearing those limits so you don’t hit ‘em accidentally.
• Better VoiceOver support – if you use this, please give us your feedback and let us know what’s working and not working! We want to make it perfecto.
• Bug fixes galore – identity verification is clearer, Search searches all transactions (because it’s search so that’s what it should do), no more disappearing push notifications, an improved replacement card flow and better errors when top-ups aren’t working. Wowee, that was a mouthful eh?! Well, they’re all working much better now.

Have a wonderful week friends!

Feb 08
Version 1.9.2

You know when other apps write things like “Bug fixes and performance enhancements” in their release notes and it’s really annoying because you don’t know what changed? Yeah, we feel you.

Unfortunately this time, there’s not much else to write — this update is mainly…you guessed it…bug fixes and performance enhancements. For the technical among you, we’ve upgraded to Swift 3 (a newer version of the language the Monzo app is written in), so that should lay groundwork for the future. We’ve also fixed an issue that lots of people reported where they were continually logged out. Sorry about that one.

Don’t panic though! We’re working on an exciting new feature that should make using Monzo.me much easier to use — coming in the next update. Watch this space <3

Jan 03
Version 1.9.1

Back at work? So are we. New year, new you. Let’s do this. Dust your Christmas body off for an update from your friends at Monzo. And join the gym.

• View your PIN in the app if you have Touch ID. Visit the Card tab to give it a go and activate it. Which brings us nicely on to…
• A redesigned Card tab. We’ve separated out your Profile settings and cleaned it all up for 2017. Which brings us nicely on to…
• More details of the limits on the Monzo Beta card and Monzo.me. It’s all in the new Card settings section. Which brings us nicely on to…
• Just kidding. That’s it! We fixed some miscellaneous bugs and of course made a bunch of performance improvements, because that’s what all the cool kids do.

All the New Year love and support to you, wonderful Monzonauts <3

Dec 07
Version 1.9.0

Imagine if you could send anyone a link, which they could use to pay you using their existing debit card from a boring, old-school bank?! And if they had a Monzo account, it automatically prefilled a payment to you in their app?! And imagine if that was totally free?! And instant?! And beautiful?!

Well… you guessed it… we did it. Monzo.me is here! Create your own page with your unique username and send the link to anyone. It takes them less than a minute to pay you (typing speed dependent) and the money is in your account instantly. Go check it out under the Request tab of Contacts!

We also improved Golden Tickets to make them even better. Now, once you’ve received a ticket and someone uses it, you get another to use on someone else. We’re like real life Willy Wonkas with golden retrievers.

And we didn’t stop there. Oh no. We fixed a bunch of those pesky bugs you wonderful people keep reporting and also put in a beautiful new animation when you freeze and defrost your card. It’s pretty cool. At least, we think it is.

Have a wonderful day Monzonauts.

Nov 14
Version 1.8.2

We have an update – and nobody does updates better than us, believe me – it's the best update. The best update. It makes Monzo tremendous to use with friends. Tremendous.

• An all new Contacts tab that lets you see which of your clever friends are already on Monzo, easily send them money and more importantly, receive money from them.
• Magstripe ATM support for when you’re travelling and need to withdraw cash. Turn it on for 24 hours in the Profile and withdraw away (with no fees, obvs).
• Logout bug fixes. They were pretty annoying but we think we’ve fixed the last of ‘em. Hopefully.
• Notification settings. Turn instant payment notifications on or off from your Profile, just in case you want a few less emoji in your life. Which would be weird.

That’s all for this update!

Oct 28
Version 1.8.1

Ooops. We accidentally stopped new users from receiving notifications with transactions. Which kind of makes the whole instant notifications thing a bit pointless. Sorry about that — it's now fixed! Have a great day :)

Oct 17
Version 1.8

Greetings to you, the lucky finder of this app update, from Monzo! We shake you warmly by the hand! Tremendous things are in store for you! Many wonderful surprises await you!

Along with a new feature we’ll be testing (hint, hint), we’ve also squeezed in:

• Improved instructions for topping up by bank transfer. It’s easy and efficient, so why not give it a go?
• More fixes for bugs with Touch ID protection. We must have them all by now!
• Various fixes and improvements to our new Targets feature, so it keeps you even more on target. Is that even possible?
• A more affordable initial top up for students — the new generation need all the help they can get.
• A bazillion (well, some) other bug fixes and tweaks to make your experience as smooth as a very smooth piece of smooth material.

We are preparing other surprises that are even more marvellous and even more fantastic for you! Coming soon…

Sep 30
Version 1.7.2

Updates coming thick and fast now! This makes a few improvements and lays the groundwork for something even more exciting…

• Merchants without a logo now come with a colourful category icon to prettify your feed. Grey initials are boring. We used to do this, then we changed it, now we’re changing it back. Progress yo.
• The identity verification process is now easier, with the option of signing instead of speaking. All suggestions and feedback on this very welcome.
• More tweaks to reduce the number of unwanted log outs people are experiencing. Sorry about these — we’ve still got some work to do to fix it completely.
• Secret support for our biggest new feature yet which will magically appear in your app at the beginning of next month. Yep, October. That’s pretty soon.

Have a splendid weekend beautiful people <3

Sep 26
Version 1.7

Seven is the first integer reciprocal with infinitely repeating sexagesimal representation. That’s why with version 1.7, we wanted to bring you something special. Obviously.

*Siri on iOS 10*

You can now use your voice to send money to any of your other contacts that also have Monzo, perfect for when you’re too lazy to use your fingers :)

Siri can be a bit temperamental sometimes while it’s still young; we’ve found using a sentence like: “Send £10 to Andy using Monzo” works best, but feel free to go all experimental.

*iOS 10 support*

If you’ve updated to Apple’s latest and greatest, we’ve also spiffed up our widgets to match the new design and made sure everything works like a charm. We’ve got lots more iOS 10 goodies coming up that we can’t wait to share with you too!

*Bug fixes*

This also fixes a bunch of bugs reported by our users, especially around Touch ID and Search. Please keep the feedback coming. We love it all <3

Sep 12
Version 1.6.3

If you didn’t manage to pre-order the new iPhone, fear not — Monzo has you covered with this new update (no headphones included)!

This update brings a new Limits page (go to Card => Profile to find it) that shows your spending and top up limits and how much you’ve used of them.

We’re also working hard on some iOS 10 specific features, coming very, very, very soon. Watch this space.

Aug 25
Version 1.6.2

Mondo is now Monzo! We’re incredibly excited to announce our new name and share it with you. You can read all about the change on our blog at monzo.com/blog – we hope you like it!

Aug 23
Version 1.6.1

The great bug squashing release of 2016! Well, August at least. Here’s what we fixed:

• On smaller iPhones, text sometimes overlapped the edge of the screen and was cut off. Having a small iPhone is difficult enough; you should at least be able to see all the text.
• A few of the graphics weren't correctly aligned. That made our Head of Design very sad, so we lined them up.
• You could sometimes top up more than your limits. Which means they weren’t really limits.
• Mondo sometimes forgot to keep your top up card details for next time. Typing a 16 digit card number every time you want to top up is no fun. Fact.

Oh, by the way: on Thursday, your app is going to change forever. Goodbye Mondo, hello M… ;)

Aug 08
Version 1.6

Bonjourno! Hola! こんにちは! It’s Monday, so let’s hit the ground running…with a new Mondo update:

— Your Running Balance (that graph thingamajig at the top, formerly known as the Pulse™) is now super silky, smooth and splendid. Because why would you want it any other way?
— We revamped the design! New tabs and more light backgrounds make their debut today and pave the way for future features. Because 3 tabs really isn’t enough for anyone.
— Touch ID bugs have been squashed in their thousands…well…low single digits. But they were squashed and that’s what matters here. Because Touch ID isn’t that useful if it doesn’t work now, is it?
— This release also has a new secret feature that we’ll be enabling in the next few weeks…the clue is in these release notes. We’re clever like that and thunked ahead.


Jul 18
Version 1.5.3

Another week, another update! This one brings some yummy treats, including:


Protect Mondo from prying eyes by turning on Touch ID and edit your personal details in case you moved house, changed email or just mistyped your name on that pesky keyboard. There's also a little surprise at the bottom that might give you bragging rights in a few years…

Tips and Tricks

Are you a new user? Welcome! We've made it even easier to get started with Mondo by guiding you through some of the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious features and benefits. Become an expert in no time!

Update News

Believe it or not, not everybody reads these release notes :disappointed: So we thought we'd make it a bit clearer—we'll now tell you what's changed when we update Mondo so that you don't miss out.

Other Fixes

CSV exports no longer show declined transactions. Because that was silly.
Declined transactions no longer show in the Merchant History. That was silly too.
We added an FAQ in Chat. And answered the questions.
Search is a bit snappier. Who wants to wait? Not us!

Not bad, eh? Next time we'll just write "Bug fixes and performance improvements"…

Jul 01
Version 1.5.2

So… this is a bit awkward. Our last update made the app crash on launch for some people, which is bad. We fixed it, which is good. Sorry.

Jun 29
Version 1.5.1

This is one of those really boooorrring but really important releases in which you (hopefully) won’t notice anything different in your app (unless we mucked it up…)

We’re moving to a new payment processor behind the scenes and this makes it all hunky dory. The next update is going to be soooo nice though to make up for this boring one.

Jun 13
Version 1.5


That’s a big number. It deserves lots of new features right? Right!

We took a look at Search and thought, “We can make this so much better”. So that’s what we did. Search is now fandabbydosey (and magic) – search by categories, retailers, people, time, amount, location and more, all with a couple of taps. The days of CMD+F’ing through your bank statement are long gone. Loooonnnggg gone.

That’s pretty cool huh? But that’s not all. There’s ONE MORE THING (in honour of WWDC this week).

Export options! You can now export your beautiful Mondo feed to CSV and QIF if you’re in to that kind of thing and do whatever you like with it. We won’t judge. Go for it. It works from Search and from the Your Spending screen too, so you can choose exactly what you want to export. We’re nice like that.

That’s it. Not bad for a week’s work. Now we’re going to get back to it.

Jun 03
Version 1.4.3

You know how sometimes release notes are just "bug fixes" and nothing else? Well we actually did that this time. This release fixes one bug, where the app occasionally crashed when tapping declined transactions, sorry about that.

May 27
Version 1.4.2

Hello! We’ve just had lunch and thought we’d give you a little update on this bright Friday morning. We’ve got improvements for the foodie, the photographer, and the designer in each of you:

• Eating at a restaurant in the USA? We now give you some more info about the ‘unique’ way they do things over there…cough, cough.
• Moving house often? We’ll now ask you to verify your identity in some pretty clever (and super simple) ways if we can’t do it automatically.
• Finding bugs in Mondo? We’ve fixed a small issue with attachment uploads, another one with sending money and a third with push notifications. All gone. Wham-bam. Boom.

Please keep the feedback coming lovely people. We have some pretty fun stuff coming up soon ;)

May 17
Version 1.4.1

This release is all about speed: refreshing your feed should now be oodles faster, and receiving a notification now automatically updates it in the background so that it’s always ready when you need it :)

We’ve also added support for topping up by bank transfer, so you can now set up regular payments to your Mondo account.

Finally, we’ve fixed the niggles with adding receipts to your transactions, made sure that you can always find the right payee when sending money, and revamped transfer stats for when you do.

Have fun!

May 09
Version 1.4

Do you eat your 5-a-day? This week, we've been eating apples every day which means… lots of love for you iOS power users.

It's version 1.4 featuring:
• A Notification Centre widget to see your balance at a glance
• Spotlight integration to search from your home screen
• Interactive notifications from your lock screen (swipe left on them to see the actions)

…and for you lucky iPhone 6s or 6s Plus owners:

• 3D Touch to access Quick Actions on the Mondo app icon
• “Peek and Pop” actions with 3D Touch to get an instant view in your feed

We also fixed a bunch of bugs and little niggles, including correctly counting declined transactions in your transaction history. Have a great week!

Apr 25
Version 1.3.1

It’s a drab Monday, so what better way to cheer yourself up than an update to your Mondo app full of bug fixes and improvements?

It includes clever things like being able to remove informational feed items (like active card checks), as well as making it clearer to our brethren outside of the UK when they might get Mondo.

Have a great day Mondonauts :)

Apr 11
Version 1.3.0

A bonanza of a release to mark our first major update for the App Store! We've made improvements across the app and fixed lots of snags under the hood. A few highlights for our wonderful users – now you can:

• Submit better merchant information to beautify your feed
• Order a replacement card if you lose yours
• Read and join in on the community forum within the app
• See the exchange rate for your foreign transactions (with no fees!)
• Check the reason your transaction declined
• Revel in improvements to Your Spending, P2P and logging in
• Enjoy even more animation goodness on the waiting list


Mar 22
Version 1.2.1

Lots of little fixes for our signup process, as well as improvements to P2P payments and a fix for a crash that snuck in.

Mar 16
Version 1.2.0

Sign-ins to the app will now need to be verified by email. This is a first step towards comprehensive multi-factor authentication that will make Mondo more secure while still being a pleasure to use.

We’ve fixed some pesky bugs – less jankiness when you search, less jankiness on an iPhone 4S, less jankiness in the UI.

Feb 26
Version 1.1.4

Lots of small fixes:

• Made some speed improvements, especially on launching
• We now double check you're getting notifications when you update
• Some little UI improvements
• Removed some annoyances around the dashboard

Thanks for all the feedback!

Feb 04
Version 1.0

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