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State the States™ is a fun, free and simple way for anyone to learn the 50 United States and Capitals. Do you have a states and capitals quiz you need to study for? The easy to use interface of State the States makes it perfect for kids and adults to learn and memorize all 50 states and capitals. Explore the zoom enabled map to learn where states are located or simply select a state or capital from the menu to highlight it on the interactive map of the United States. As you select a state, you can also see the state flags, state nickname and statehood date.

• See each state shape clearly on U.S. map that can be zoomed
• Explore the United States map by tapping on each state
• Learn the states name, capital, location of each state, date of statehood, state number, state flag & state nickname
• Learn the two letter state abbreviation as you study each state
• Practice mode, learn the 50 U.S.States and Capitals at your own pace!
• Zoom & pan the states map to see where each state is located
• Play the States Quiz Game to test your state shape knowledge
• Play the Capitals Quiz Game to test your capital names knowledge
• Play the State Abbreviations Game to test your two letter state abbreviation knowledge
• Two letter state abbreviations appear next to each state in the Learn tab
• See the State Number and Statehood date for each state in the Learn tab
• See State Population in the Lean View
• Stack up points as you test your knowledge of the states & capitals and earn medals!
• High score leader board for States Quiz, Capitals Quiz & Abbreviations Quiz

Need to learn how to spell each state and capital, State Flags too?
• State the States now includes in-app options for a State Spelling Game, Capital Spelling Game & State Flags Game.
• Hear the spoken state name or spoken capital name then try to spell it.
• State the States will help you with the spelling by highlighting incorrect letters.
• See each State Flag and then match it to the correct state.

Share State the States with your entire class using the tvOS version for Apple TV!

If you're looking for an easy, fun & free way to study and learn the 50 United States of America and their Capitals, Sate the States is the app for you!

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Version History

Launched Oct 26, 2015 (over 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 2 months, on average.

Feb 09
Version 1.6.2

Minor bug fixes

Jan 25
Version 1.6.1

Updated Practice Mode to learn States and Capitals at your own pace.
Minor bug fixes

Jan 16
Version 1.6.0

All new Practice mode, learn the 50 U.S.States and Capitals at your own pace!
Please keep the feedback coming!

Aug 16
Version 1.5.0

* Added State Population data in the Lean View
* Squashed some bugs

May 21
Version 1.4.1

* Minor bug fixes to improve stability and performance

May 09
Version 1.4.0

* Added State Flags in the Lean View
* Added State Nickname in the Learn View

Thank you for all the feedback! Please leave a review so we can continue to improve!

Apr 11
Version 1.3.3

• Fixes State Shapes for some States not drawing correctly
• Bug fixes

Thanks for all the Feedback!

Mar 04
Version 1.3.2

Thanks for all the feedback!
• Update to fix some issues iOS 8 users may have
• Resolved issue some users may experience when trying to access the State Aberration Game
• Fixed issues with some graphics being blurry on some devices

Feb 09
Version 1.3.1

Fixed an issues where some users might experience a crash when trying to upgrade the spelling games.

Feb 02
Version 1.3.0

• Completely new look to improve usability and fun!
• Added Statehood Dates and Sate Number
• Bigger, better High Score board to show off your States and Capitals knowledge!
• Includes in-app options, for two new games, State Spelling Game & Capital Spelling Game.
• Bug fixes and improvements to make learning the 50 States and Capitals even more fun!

Dec 20
Version 1.2.0

Thanks for all the feedback on State the States™! We have made several improvements to help you better learn the 50 U.S. States and Capitals:
• New State Abbreviations Game to make learning the two letter state abbreviations fun and easy
• Added two letter state abbreviations to the Learn tab
• Improved the way states look to make it easier to recognize each state's shape
• Cleaner font used for state names and capital names
• New, better looking game medals for the points you stack up

Nov 17
Version 1.1.0

Thanks for your feedback! We have added a new high score feature so you can track your progress as you learn the U.S. states and capitals. We also crushed a few bugs!

Oct 26
Version 1.0.0

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