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Ring the alarm! Sound the sirens! It’s time for some awesome firetruck fun! Enjoy fire truck sounds, learn about firefighters with our interactive flashcards, and play with puzzles and matching games in this fun activity app designed for ages 2 & up.

When you download the Fire Truck Activity App you’ll get a fire station full of fun activities:
Firetruck Sounds & Emergency Vehicle Sounds
Fire Station Flashcards
Firetruck Fun Cams
Firefighter Matching Games
NEW: Christmas Puppy Sequencing Game AND fun Christmas games!

Fire Fighter Sounds
The first stop for fun in the fire trucks games for toddlers is the interactive cool sounds. Just a tap will take them to a fun interactive moving picture that is sure to delight. And when they tap the moving icon in the kids firetruck games it will not only say the word on the flashcard but make the sound as well! They will hear fire truck sirens, a fire truck sound, a fire truck horn, and so many more, and the fire truck sirens and lights are interactive fun for all ages.

Firetruck Fun Cams
The next spray of fun in the fire truck app fire truck game for children is the Fun Cams. Take a picture in a firetruck, being a fireman, and even holiday firetrucks too! Then after you take your picture your little one can color them also. It's tons of firefighting fun and designed for all ages.

Fire Puppy Sequencing Game
Have a blast watching the cute puppies hats blink and repeating the sequence back! This game is engaging fun and playing also encourages:
-Fine motor skills
-Reasoning and concept development
-Early math skills

Fireman Match Games
The fun never stops in the firetruck game for kids free, and the matching games are sure to delight. The fire trucks free games features a fire truck memory game and a dalmatian paw print match that will keep toddlers and preschoolers happy dappy!

Take a slide down the fire house pole and hop on a fire truck of fun in the Fire Trucks Games for Kids Activity App and let your child have fun learning through play with a play and learn app!

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Fire-Fighter Games!  3 4 5 year old games for kids screenshot 1Fire-Fighter Games!  3 4 5 year old games for kids screenshot 2Fire-Fighter Games!  3 4 5 year old games for kids screenshot 3Fire-Fighter Games!  3 4 5 year old games for kids screenshot 4Fire-Fighter Games!  3 4 5 year old games for kids screenshot 5

Version History

Launched Sep 26, 2015 (over 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Jan 20
Version 1.5

New fun games added!

Nov 11
Version 1.4

Fun Christmas games!

Sep 09
Version 1.3

NEW activities added...
Firetruck Fun Cam... take a picture as a real fireman!!
PLUS new fire truck driving game.

May 05
Version 1.2

Firetruck Fun Cam: Take a picture as a real fireman.
And fire puppy rescue jumping game added.

Oct 28
Version 1.1

New puzzles and paw print match game added.

Sep 26
Version 1.0

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