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Want to pass the FDLE State Officer Certification Exam? Download this app and start studying questions that will help you prepare for the test and your career as a police officer in the state of Florida.

Created by people with backgrounds in law enforcement and education, we've found the flashcard method to be one of the most effective training tools for police academy cadets. Our app includes questions covering all areas of the exam, which is divided up into different categories. Study the questions and categories you want to work on, and hide the ones you already know (you can always add them back later).

Having this information on your phone makes it easy to study on your own terms, and since they're pre-populated with questions and answers, you don't have to hassle with making them, organizing them, or keeping track of their location. Instead, you can concentrate on learning the material.

By popular demand, our app now features a built in stopwatch, which can help you time your study sessions or prepare for any applicable physical fitness test (by default, it's tuned to track the 1.5 mile run from the Cooper Institute Standard). A log is kept to help you track your progress.

Please note separate apps are available for those training for corrections, correctional probation, and auxiliary positions -- this app is designed for police officers.

For more information about Virtual Police Academy applications, visit virtualpoliceacademy.com

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Version History

Launched Aug 11, 2015 (almost 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 7 months, on average.

Jun 13
Version 1.5.2

Fixed issue that caused app to crash when viewing many flashcards

Nov 05
Version 1.4

Changed app to be a Universal app for use on large screen devices

Oct 12
Version 1.3

PT timer provides more information after a run

Aug 11
Version 1.2

Previous 3 versions


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