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Ions is back, recharged and better than ever! The sequel to the staff-favorite particle simulation allows total control over the look and behavior of your creations. Ions 2+ also supports iPhones and iPods as well as iPads!

Your ions can now change color and size based on age, speed, direction, and other parameters! Change shape, leave trails, change the background, and more! Use your device’s accelerometer to react to gravity or add turbulence and drag for more variety. You also have both rectangular and polar grids for precise placement.

Why stop at only 20,000 particles? With Ions 2+, you can raise the limit up to 100,000 on faster devices.

Of course you can still save your favorite layouts, as well as any custom looks you’ve created.

Ions 2+. I'm positive you'll love it.

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Version History

Launched Aug 13, 2015 (over 5 years ago).
Feb 11
Version 1.2

And now a big update, years in the making!

• Emitters have more controls: Radius, Twist, and Randomness.
⁃ Emitters can now emit within a specified radius to spread out your ions. You can also control the twist and randomness of their initial directions. Tap the dueling arrows on the bottom left of an emitters’ controls to see the new ones.
• Use colors from background images.
⁃ You can now have your ions take their colors from the background image. They can either sample the color once at birth, or continuously over their lives. That’s right. You can now paint with Ions2+.
• Background images.
⁃ You can load any image from your pictures library to use as a background image. You can then resize and place it within Ions2+ to put it right where you want it.
• Transparency.
⁃ There is now a separate curve to control the transparency (aka “alpha”) of your ions. Have them fade out, flash, or simply layer beautifully on top of each other.
• New layouts:
⁃ Echoes, Dust, Twirl, Watercolor, Corners, Sun, Eye. Hairbrush, Galaxy, Bursts. Stars. Chips, and Chase.
• More ions.
⁃ Devices are fast these days, so why not allow 200,000 ions at once? Why not, indeed.

Aug 31
Version 1.1

Ions 2+ has a bunch of fun new features, as well as some bug fixes.

• Use text as a shape.
⁃ What?! You can now use text in any font for the shape of your ions. And “any font” means you can now make emoji ions!!!
• Added “Fling” control to finger emitter.
⁃ When moving your finger around creating ions, you can now give them momentum. The faster you move, the faster the ions shoot out.
• Orientation control.
⁃ You can now control the base orientation of your ions. That means you can angle them in some direction other than just straight up. Useful for when you need to point that pizza emoji in the right direction.
• New layouts:
⁃ Aurora, Emoji, Fan, Feathers, Ions, Phoenix, Radiate, Sparks, Spheres, and Tangents.
• Improved finger emitter spacing.
⁃ The spacing of ions along your finger’s path is smoother now. Beautiful.
• Added “Restore Default Layouts” button to Settings panel.
⁃ If you deleted any of the layouts that ship with Ions 2+, you can get them back with this.
• Optimization.
⁃ More optimization. Always more optimization.
• Bug fixes!
⁃ There were some bugs. They were squashed.

Aug 13
Version 1.0