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***3D Spirit Board PLUS is the paid version of 3D Spirit Board FREE. 3D Spirit Board PLUS automatically saves all of your previous Spirit Board sessions for later viewing! PLUS is also ad-free!***

Cross over into other worlds and interact with the supernatural by using the 3D Spirit Board app!

Gather a group of friends into a circle around your mobile device and launch the 3D Spirit Board app.
With the mobile device (the board) in the middle of your group, have all participants hold the mobile device off the ground and parallel to the floor.
Ask questions to the supernatural and any active spirits or entities in the area will influence the direction of the on-screen Planchette by subtly tilting your mobile device to spell out their responses.

Take heed, only ask the supernatural questions that you are prepared to hear answered. Not all spirits are friendly and not all entities are "human".

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Version History

Launched Jul 24, 2015 (over 5 years ago).
Oct 03
Version 1.40

Updated application branding.

Aug 10
Version 1.32