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- The application displays data on 3 biorhythms on a graph
- Ability to select almost any date to calculate
- View the schedule of compatibility of biorhythms with other users.
- You can share the calculation of biorhythms with friends.
- Add an unlimited number of friends or family.
- Set the widget to the main screen.
- Be always aware of important days with the installation of notifications.

This is a convenient and easy-to-use application that allows you to calculate the forecasts of personal biorhythms for a selected date for each user. It has a user-friendly interface, allows you to find the most dangerous days in a month, calculate your biorhythms for today (or any other) day, and see on the charts how your biological rhythms will change within a month. Calculations are performed with high accuracy. Knowing your biorhythms, you can always be sure what to expect from each day is very convenient, fast and absolutely free.

Features of biorhythms:
           The application displays data on 3 biorhythms, since the person from the day of birth is in exactly these biological rhythms:
1) Physical, the cycle is 23 days. It determines the energy of a person, his strength, endurance, coordination of movement.
2) Emotional, the cycle is 28 days. Determines the state of the nervous system and mood.
3) Intelligent, the cycle is 33 days. Defines the creative ability of the person.

For example, in the first half of the physical cycle (about 10-11 days), you will be easier to give physical exertion, will be more enduring and work. In the second half of the physical cycle, on the contrary, it is more reasonable to approach physical exercises, try to control loads, without special need not to overwork themselves. Similarly, one should behave in the positive and negative phases of the emotional and intellectual cycles. Critical days are those days when the biorhythm curve crosses the zero mark.

At this moment, the impact of this biorhythm on a person is unpredictable.

If two or three sinusoids cross the same zero point, then such "double" or "triple" critical days are especially dangerous.

That's all! Use the calculation of biorhythms with this application to control your health and improve your performance. Good mood and good luck for the day!

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Version History

Launched Mar 16, 2018 (about 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Apr 24
Version 1.27

- Show the total number of days lived on the current date
- Minor corrections and additions

Apr 22
Version 1.26

- Added compatibility percentages!
- Widget: Improve the display of arrows showing in what position the biorhythm cycle.

Mar 09
Version 1.25

- Added an arrow in the widget, showing the rise or fall of the cycle
- Added a note (example) to the overall percentage.

Jul 29
Version Varies with device

- Added an arrow in the widget, showing the rise or fall of the cycle
- Added a note (example) to the overall percentage.

Apr 19
Version 1.24

- Added a light theme.
- Fixed "Notes" of rhythm for Korean.
- Fixed in page of Compatibility.
- Fixed widget work.

Apr 18
Version 1.234

- Fixed display of colors in widget.
         - Added compatibility.
         - Added compatibility notifications.
         - Fixed other bugs.

Jan 24
Version 1.233

- Fixed display of colors in widget.
         - Added compatibility.
         - Added compatibility notifications.
         - Fixed other bugs.

Jan 23
Version 1.22

- Added button to return to today's date of calculation.
- Added the ability to set the time.
- Fixed a small widget (write to e-mail, if not fixed).

Nov 21
Version 1.2

- Added Analysis of biorhythms by month.
- Ability to select the size of the graph in the settings.
- Adjusted notifications.
- Fixed other bugs.

Nov 04
Version 1.1

- Added Chinese Traditional Language
- Fixed widget
- Fix in the application itself

Aug 11
Version 1.09

- Added the ability to turn off "notes" in the settings
- Added support for the range 0..100% for the widget
- Other important bugs fixed

Aug 11
Version 1.07

We apologize for the inconvenience with the profiles.
- Added line color settings.
- Added custom range settings.
- Fixed visual design errors.
- Fixed other bugs.

Jun 28
Version 1.06

- Added a common line based on three cycles
- fixed a small widget
- Added Italian, Dutch
- other bugs fixed

Jun 28
Version 1.05

- When adding a new user, a selection list is immediately displayed
- Correcting notes
- Added Polish, Chinese
- Fixed other bugs

May 09
Version 1.03

- Corrected the work of notifications, reset them in your profile
- Fixed transition to the profile through the widget
- Fixed scrolling graphics
- Fixed other bugs

May 08
Version 1.02


Mar 15
Version 1.01

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