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Many homes have a Tooth Fairy who is forgetful and often late. This leads to disappointed and sad kids in the morning. If your Tooth Fairy is unreliable, you need the only app that will help you avoid a “Tooth Fairy Fail.” It gives the Tooth Fairy (and you) a reminder. You’ll no longer think that you’re the “worst parent ever.”

“I've lost track of the amount of times I forgot to leave money from the Tooth Fairy. This is an awesome idea!”

“Absolutely BRILLIANT! Every parent must have. Thank you Tooth Fairy Alert for saving me from having to get uber creative in the mornings after forgetting, too many times to count. Life saver.”

“My son actually asks to brush his teeth now! He loves the toothbrush timer, and so do I.”

This is the most common “Parent Fail,” but it is gets little attention. Many parents think they are the only person who’s ever forgotten. In reality, the Tooth Fairy forgets to visit 35% of homes at some point.

When it comes to the Tooth Fairy, the odds are stack against you. It’s not like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, who visit on holidays that are clearly marked on the calendar. No parent is forgetting those visits. You’ve prepared for those. You have the receipts to prove it.

But, your child will lose a tooth on a random Tuesday. The same night that your kids have dance and basketball practice. Then you have to help with homework. And you still have to do the dishes. Trying to remember something at 10 PM. Who can even do that?

Each of your kids will lose 20 teeth. Visits from the Tooth Fairy will outnumber visits from Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny combined. The odds are stacked against you.

Stop making excuses for why the Tooth Fairy didn’t visit. Get the app that reminds parents of their Tooth Fairy duties.

It’s simple: you and your child report a lost tooth to the Tooth Fairy. In the background, this app sets up a reminder on your phone. There is a fun Bedtime Checklist that you can run through with your child, to prepare for the Tooth Fairy’s visit.

The default reminder is for 9:30 pm, but you can adjust it to any time that works for you. You’ll be able to hit snooze if needed (i.e. your child hasn’t fallen asleep yet).

When a child losses their next tooth, they often say, “We need to tell the Tooth Fairy!” By wanting to use this app, your child unknowingly plays a role in setting up a reminder for you.

This app covers every scenario, such as when your child loses a tooth and then can’t find it or swallows it. It introduces kids to different traditions around the world. They can select an alternative place to leave their tooth based on another country’s tradition.

This app includes a Toothbrush Timer to get your kids to brush for two minutes every time. Why is this important?
* Tooth decay is the #1 reason kids miss school
* Children miss 51 million school hours each year due to dental-related issues
* Tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease

It keeps track of the number of times they’ve used it since their last Tooth Fairy visit. So you can say, “The Tooth Fairy is keeping track of how well you are brushing your teeth.”

A portion of the profits are donated to programs that provide dental care to underserved children. So, you are not only helping yourself, and your kids, but we are helping less fortunate kids. Win-Win-Win. The amount donated increases with every upgrade to the full version.

Report all of your children's lost teeth and use the toothbrush timer for a one-time fee of $99 (U.S.). No in-app purchases.

 $0.99 in Google Play


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Launched Jul 09, 2015 (almost 4 years ago).
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