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�Scanner Master Pro is a smart lens and scanning application that is perfect for multiple scenes. It’s may be the first scanner for you and to be the last.

To be Fastest & Safest & Simplest &Smartest & Powerful!

Scanner Master Pro is an all in one tool for Android phone to scan QR Codes,PDF and recognize the text in the image and translate it.It also has powerful file management capabilities that make it easier to manage content.


Real-time Translation
You only need to use your mobile phone to scan the text you want to translate,just wait a few seconds to get the translation.Scanner Master is suitable for reading foreign language documents, traveling, and many other scenarios that require instant translation.

Image Translation
You can also upload a photo from your Album to translate.We can recognize the position of the text in the image and then replace the original text with the translated text.

Language support:
We also support more than 60 common languages including English,Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish,Portuguese,German,etc.

✡AI Recognition:

Fast: Super Scanner's AI supports offline recognition, meaning no network is required for identification, and recognition can be completed in a very short time.

Smart: With a powerful machine learning engine, Super Scanner's AI can distinguish between millions of objects, and we will continue to train to make it smarter.

More interesting and useful features: We will use Scanner in more life scenes to bring convenience to users, and other more practical functions are being developed, so stay tuned!

You can scan documents, receipts, and images by uploading or taking photos, and generate PDFs or images.You can also edit and manage the generated content.

✡Scan QR Codes:
Scan all standard 1D and 2D code types (including almost all QR code & barcodes);

Scan Barcodes: You can scan the barcodes of all products. QR Code Reader extracts the product info from the barcodes that you may directly forward to Shopping web to learn more about the product prices, reviews, etc., or to Google to search for more details;

Connect Wi-Fi Easily: Scan a QR Code of Wi-Fi password. QR Code Reader recognizes the password automatically and leads you directly to the setup of Wi-Fi connection. You are totally free from remembering or entering the Wi-Fi password during the process;

Record content as QR Code✉️: What can't you tell her directly, using a qr code to record your content;

Automatically browse web🔗: When scan a URL in a QR code, you will be guided to connect to the URL through your browser automatically;

Save contact quickly☎️: Identify the contacts in QR code, easily to save it as contact, copy the name, phone number as you like;

Open your flashlight🔦: Turn on the flashlight while scanning to avoid the invalid scan in the dark;

Automatically save: The scan & create history will be well saved, you can easily view your scan history at any time;

✡QR Code Maker:
Generate new QR Codes of different contents. Your own QR codes can be of items in clipboards, URLs, Wi-Fi information, phone numbers, emails, text messages etc. Use the private QR Codes to transfer information is more secured.


If you have any questions regarding our, you can contact our Scanner Master team:

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Version History

Launched Dec 15, 2018 (over 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 13 days, on average.

Aug 26
Version 2.2.2

Aug 22
Version 2.2.1

Jul 23
Version 2.2

Jul 12
Version 2.1.4

Jul 08
Version 2.1.3

May 27
Version 2.1.1

May 19
Version 1.9

Mar 24
Version 1.6.3

Mar 08
Version 1.6.1

1.Added more than 30 translation languages including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc.
2.Improve the stability and speed of translation

Feb 26
Version 1.5.2

Feb 22
Version 1.5.1

Jan 31
Version 1.4.1

Improve performance
Removed some unwanted ads

Jan 13
Version 1.4

1.The new AI recognition object function is online!
2.bug fixed

Jan 11
Version 1.3.2

Jan 07
Version 1.3.1

Jan 02
Version 1.3

Dec 28
Version 1.2.2

Dec 27
Version 1.2.1

Bugs fixed

Dec 19
Version 1.1

Dec 14
Version 1.0

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