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No matter who you are - PMCs or Scav, you have one goal in common - Escape from Tarkov. This application is an interactive map of the game areas. It will help you not to go missing and not to lose the found wealth.

The map shows the spawn zones of PMC's, the spawn zones of Scav's, exit points and loot for some locations. (Loot and other tokens will be added in updates.)

Presented 6 locations:
- Lab;
- Forest;
- Customs;
- Interchange;
- Factory;
- Shoreline.

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Version History

Launched Nov 09, 2018 (12 months ago).

Releasing new versions every 11 days, on average.

Jan 24
Version 1.3.0

Update 1.3.0, list of changes:
- Added the function of adding users to their markers;
- Added button to load markers in the upper left corner;
- Reflected the change on the map "Customs" after the expansion of the location;
- Fixed minor bugs.

Dec 25
Version 1.2.5

Update 1.2.5:
- Added new map "Lab";
- Fixed bugs.

Nov 27
Version 1.2.0

Update v.1.2.0 list of changes:
- completely redesigned Customs map;
- redesigned label layer system;
- added a large number of markers;
- optimized performance.

Nov 26
Version 1.1.52

Update v.1.1.52 list of changes:
- completely redesigned map "Interchange";
- added a layered display mode for the hypermarket by the floors;
- placed many markers on the map "Interchange".

Nov 24
Version 1.1.0

Update 1.1.0 list of changes:
- Improved localization of the application;
- Completely redesigned map of the location "Interchange";
- Added labels.

Nov 17
Version 1.0.5

Patch 1.0.5. List of changes:
- fixed bug with displaying the Shoreline map at maximum zoom;
- added weapons crates for location Factory;
- added different loot for location Factory;
- added weapons crates for location of Forest;
- added different loot tags for Forest location;
- added weapons crates for location Shoreline;
- added the weapon spawns on the location Shoreline;
- fixed a bug in naming layers on the Forest map;
- little icons fix.

Nov 09
Version 1.0.1

Update 1.0.1 changelog:
- fixed the location of the basements on Factory
- added weapon crates for Factory
- added other loot to Factory
- fixed a bug in naming layers on the Forest map

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Nov 08
Version 1.0

First app version

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