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Baby Feet is a new system that allows the user to accurately obtain the measurement of children feet, wherever he/she is, not requiring the use of any credit card, ruler or additional objects, requiring only an Android device.

Finding the exact size for children shoes is a problem for most parents, as they want their children to wear a comfortable and safeguarding pair of shoes. However, the size of the feet is hard to acquire and to convert to different shoe size scales. With BabyFeet we present an innovative way to measure your little angel feet and provide the exact shoe size in different size systems (USA, UK, EUR, JPN).

Baby Feet is not like any other ruler app in the Play Store, we make use of an extensive database to obtain the real dimensions of your device. This way we make sure that your measurements are easy, fast and accurate.

No calibration is needed! No approximation is made!


1. Open the app and select the New Measure button on the bottom right-side of the screen.

2. Place your child foot on top of the screen aligning his/her heel with the white line on the bottom/right side of the screen.

3. Now using the volume keys move the another white line, so that it touches the child's most proeminent finger.

4. Click SAVE to store the measurement.

NOTICE: This app can only measure feet that can fit on the height of the device screen.

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Launched Nov 24, 2015 (about 4 years ago).
Nov 23
Version 1.0