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The free app provides access to the following:
• CPT Evaluation and Management (E/M) codes
• E/M Code Selection Wizard powered by AMA, CMS 95, and CMS 97 guidelines

E/M codes are the most frequently used codes and arguably the most difficult to assign. The E/M Wizard will help physicians, coders, and qualified health care professionals select the right code according to AMA and CMS coding guidelines.

Unlock Additional Content with In-App Purchases

Two premium products are available for purchase and offer great benefit to physicians, coders, billers, payers, educators and students, and health care consultants.

Coding and Billing Pack
• The entire CPT code set for 2018 and 2019
• A Medicare Physician Fee Schedule calculator that can be set to your specific geographic region (2019 data coming in December 2018)
• 4,200 clinical examples/vignettes
• 200+ full-color AMA-created procedural illustrations
• Modifiers
• Official coding guidelines from the CPT Editorial Panel

CPT Assistant Archive
• An archive of all CPT® Assistant newsletter articles published from 1990 through 2018
• Links from CPT codes to the most relevant CPT Assistant articles

The CPT QuickRef app and its premium products put all the coding and billing tools that you need in the palm of your hand. Developed by the American Medical Association, this on-the-go reference guide quickly helps you determine the appropriate Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) codes to use for accurate billing. (This app provides suggested codes. Final code selection remains the responsibility of the individual user.)

Coming soon: AMA Members receive special discounts for in-app purchases.

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Version History

Launched Dec 23, 2016 (about 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Nov 03
Version 3.5.5

- Bug Fixes

Oct 25
Version 3.5.4

- Bug Fixes

Jan 23
Version 3.5.3

• Fixes for E/M Coding Wizard, stability improvements

Sep 26
Version 3.5.2

• Premium products
- A new Coding and Billing Pack that provides access to the 2017 and 2018 code sets as well as full-color procedural illustrations
- A new CPT Assistant Archive that provides access to all articles written in 1990 through 2017

Jun 18
Version 3.5.0

• Code number listings now include icons that indicate new codes, revised codes, telemedicine codes, modifier 51 exempt, and FDA approval pending
• Free version includes CMS Guidelines and keyword searching of E/M codes
• Premium:
- New links from the full CPT code to the applicable AMA Coding Guidelines
- Ability to toggle between local and national reimbursement settings
- RVU display enhanced to show Technical Component and Professional Component
- Proprietary Laboratory Analysis codes added

Jan 17
Version 3.0.2

- Modifier Codes can now be favorited
- Modifiers and Clinical Examples/Vignettes Now Included with Premium
- Bug Fixes

Dec 23
Version 3.0.1

Initial release

Previous 3 versions

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