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Hue Body & Soul & Mindfulness - Meditation, Yoga and Mindfulness for Philips Hue.

Hue Body & Soul & Mindfulness is the ultimate way to relax and de-stress with Philips Hue. Let the colors of your lights help you float away with the various beautifully selected presets of flowing sounds and hymns. Get into the perfect moment with soothing soft light effects and beautiful soundscapes.

Hue Body & Soul is the perfect companion for use with various kinds of Yoga, meditation and mindfulness exercises. Pick one of the carefully crafted presets that fits your mood or workout and immerse yourself into a beautiful world of light and sounds. All presets are dynamic and unique every time it its started. Never the same, never predictable. But always a nice themed flow of light and sound.

Customise the themed presets and alter it to your needs to within detail. We will make sure your personal touch to the presets will be saved in between sessions.

Hue Body Soul works best when connected to an external speaker or sound system. (Bluetooth, Airplay, Cable). Light effects are exactly timed to the delay of the connected device.


12 carefully crafted soundscapes for various purposes in perfect harmony with hand picked colors and transitions for your Philips Hue lights.
All soundscapes are made out off several high quality samples which volume can be altered individually. This enables a personalised setting and feeling to the presets.
Lights effects can be adjusted with the brightness slider to control the overall brightness. The Intensity slider controls how often the shorter detail samples are played alongside the ambient sounds.

Themes included:

- Japanese Garden
- Indian Monastery
- Relaxing Spa
- Lonely Desert
- Peaceful Calm Beach
- Space Odyssey
- Wind Chimes
- Flowing Soul
- Mysterious Temple
- Serene Creek
- Chinese Healing
- Mindful Voices

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Version History

Launched Jun 08, 2017 (over 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 8 months, on average.

Jun 17
Version 1.07

Complete new version of the app
Reported bugs are fixed
New themes and functionality

Jun 17
Version 1.06

Complete new version of the app
Reported bugs are fixed
New themes and functionality

Jul 07
Version 1.05

- Bug fixes

Jun 07
Version 1.01

Initial release

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