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Tonal Tinnitus Therapy can help you when you suffer from tonal tinnitus. It is based on the principles of acoustic neuromodulation.You can read about it at: http://content.iospress.com/articles/restorative-neurology-and-neuroscience/rnn110218 Tonal Tinnitus Therapy cannot be used when your Tinnitus tone has a frequency above 15000 Hz. Using acoustic neuromodulation above 10000 Hz is an unknown area, but if you have such a high Tinnitus tone, you can try the therapy using Tonal Tinnitus Therapy.

Some people really benefit from it, others don't notice any difference. Experiences can be found on the Internet.

The app is not free, but it offers a one week trial period. After that, you need to pay once for unlimited usage.

Usage is simple: first find the frequency of your most dominant Tinnitus tone. The app plays the selected frequency and you can change the frequency until it matches your tone. Don't do this too quickly, it is absolutely necessary to find the right frequency. You can always check again if you have the right frequency selected.

The app configures four therapy tones, two below and two above your Tinnitus tone. Acoustic neuromodulation uses these therapy tones in series of twelve with a short time interval to reset your Tinnitus tone. Before you start playing these series of therapy tones, you must check if you hear every therapy tone at the same volume. You can adapt the volume of every therapy tone if needed. Then you can start playing the therapy tones. While playing you can change the volume for left and right channel in the main screen. You can close the main screen and reopen it whenever you want. Playing the therapy tones happens in the background, you see the app icon in the notification bar while it is running.

It is recommended to listen every day for at least four hours to the therapy tones. The app shows every day how much time you already listened. Some people notice positive effects after one day, others after several weeks or months and others never.

When you use a headset and you unplug the headset, the app will pause playing. When you connect the headset again, the app will continue playing.

Usage of this app is at your own risk. Read on the Internet about Acoustic Neuromodulation before you start using the app. If the app has unpleasant effects, stop immediately using it.

The app is new and audio generation on Android devices has some known issues. If you have problems with the app or suggestions for improvement, please mail to info@appyhapps.nl

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Version History

Launched Jul 17, 2016 (over 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Oct 06
Version 4.3.3

Fixed the issue with a distorted sound when configuring the therapy tones.

Jul 18
Version 4.3.2

Fixed bug with combined experimental therapy with therapy tones and tinnitus tone.

Jul 16
Version 4.3.1

Bug fixes.

Jul 13
Version 4.3

App icon change.

Bug fixes.

Jul 12
Version 4.2

Bug fixes.

Jul 02
Version 4.1

The volume range for therapy tones and left/right volume has been doubled. This means that the volume difference between the lowest volume and the highest volume is twice as big as it was. For people with partial deafness on specific frequencies, this can be usefull.

In case of any trouble, requests or support, just send an email to info@appyhapps.nl

Jun 22
Version 4.0

Fixed an issue when a phone call interrupts playing the therapy tones.

Jun 01
Version 3.9

There are now two experimental modes available: one with only your own tinnitus tone as therapy tone (already present after the previous update) and now also a mode that combines the four therapy tones with your own tinnitus tone. This experimental mode has been added because some users report that their tinnitus symptoms reduce when they hear their own tinnitus tone for some time.

The Internet permission is now required to retrieve information about the latest app version.

May 19
Version 3.7

Bug fix.

May 08
Version 3.6

Added the special, experimental mode to listen to your own Tinnitus tone as a kind of therapy. For those who benefit from this (not for everyone).
Saving your settings with more control, previously you easily could change and save a setting without noticing.
Few bugs solved.

May 07
Version 3.4

Added fade in option (default on) to prevent crackle noise on some devices when starting the therapy tones.

Solved an issue with Android Oreo when disconnecting headset while playing the therapy tones.

Feb 14
Version 3.3

You now have the possibility to add white noise while listening to the therapy tones.
Adaptations for Android Oreo.
Bug fixes.

Feb 04
Version 3.0

On some devices, Tonal Tinnitus Therapy can crash incidentally. Some stabilization measures are added, including error logging. This is why Tonal Tinnitus Therapy now requires the Internet permission: error logs are send to the secure server of appyhapps.nl for improvements of the app. No other data is sent, only error logs.

Jan 22
Version 2.9

When you use the tinnitus therapy during sleep or in another situation where you want it to stop automatically after some time, you now can do this. Use the automatic play duration setting to activate this.
Also a few stability improvements were made.

Aug 17
Version 2.8

Fixed the issue with fine tuning very high tinnitus frequencies.

Feb 01
Version 2.7

Improved sound quality for several devices that had problems with the therapy tones.
Android devices can be very different with audio generation. It is impossible to test it for all available devices. If you have problems with this update, please mail to info@appyhapps.nl for support.

Dec 26
Version 2.6

It is now possible to have different configurations, for example when you have several Tinnitus tones, you can now store settings for one tone as one configuration, and settings for another tone as another configuration.
Solved a few issues that could cause problems on some devices.

Dec 13
Version 2.5

When you have a Tinnitus tone above 10000 Hz, you can now use Tonal Tinnitus Therapy. There is not much know about applying the principle of acoustic neuromodulation above the 10000 Hz, but you can try. Take care of your ears, don't use very loud therapy tones.
Also some minor improvements are part of this update.

Nov 26
Version 2.4

Minor improvements.

Oct 09
Version 2.3

Added the possibility to see and change the frequencies of the therapy tones. It is not recommended to change these frequencies, but some users can't hear the highest therapy tone and asked for the possibility to manually adapt the frequency.

Sep 27
Version 2.2

Fix for specific problem with Samsung S4.

Sep 23
Version 2.1

Fix for specific problem with Samsung S4.
Added daily reminder.

Aug 29
Version 2.0

Added option to change volume level for left and right channel.

Aug 20
Version 1.9

Bug fix (played time was not always correct).
Added choice for tutorial, instructions or nothing at first use.

Aug 10
Version 1.8

Now Tonal Tinnitus Therapy will pause automatically when headset is unplugged, and restart playing when headset is plugged again.

Jul 17
Version 1.7

Fixed issues with Tinnitus tone.
Added tutorial.

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