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Poop Map is a small app that helps you log all the places you've pooped.

By pressing the only real button available, "Drop the poop", you'll mark you location and be able to conquest your home, office, friends' houses. Expand everywhere and show your friends "all these places I've pooped"!

It also enables you to share your poop locations privately with your friends using the app or via official website.

Also available on iOS now so you can share your poops with your Apple friends.

Have you ever dreamed about getting push notifications when your friend drops a new poop or you get a new follower? the day is here!

- View and share your poops with the world (update your privacy mode in Profile -> Settings)
- View people you follow or who follow you by tapping on followers/following count on profile
- Share your poops via Poop Map Web with Profile -> Share action
- Configure push notification settings in Profile -> Settings
- Like your friend's poops in the feed
- Poop statistics in Profile

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Version History

Launched Jan 13, 2014 (over 6 years ago).
Jul 19
Version Varies with device

- Fixed display of stars in Feed
- Less ads for users who buy pin color change

- New app logo
- Inbox tab where you can see all your recent notifications
- Ability to manually approve all your follower requests - don't forget to enable this in Settings

Feedback is welcome! Please report to ninonandroid@gmail.com.

Jan 13
Version 1.1.1

hey, sorry for the early update, but I've got some great stuff baked in:
- share your poop map online using menu -> Share (works for poops added after this update)
- add your friends and follow their poop map
- since this was a rather large update, please send any bugs or feedback to ninonandroid@gmail.com
- share your poops with the world (opt-in), enable the feature inside Settings
- coming soon: share poops with friends