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With this application, discover on your device an overview of the number of encounters you have made as well as the place and time to adapt your behaviour accordingly.

You can manage your personal data conveniently and securely from anywhere, using BitsaboutMe’s mobile app. Import data from your online accounts, store it securely in your Personal Data Store (PDS), get up to date insights and analysis and earn money from leading brands by sharing your data on the Personal Data Marketplace (PDM) – all from your mobile device.

Our Promise

Your data is encrypted using state-of-the-art technology
We never see your personal data
We never sell your personal data
You have full control – Always!

You alone decide, what your data is being used for

How Does It Work?

Once you register on BitsaboutMe, we create your own Personal Data Store (PDS), you can add data from various online platforms. Everything in your PDS will be securely stored in a decentral data base that is encrypted on user-level, i.e. data can only be accessed when you decrypt it with your password first. Right now, we provide data importers for services including:

• Web
• Social Media
• Messages & Email
• Finance
• Fitness & Health
• Retail
• Mobility
• Streaming Media
• Bluetooth contact

On the Personal Data Marketplace (PDM), BitsaboutMe gives you the ability to share parts of your personal data with companies and organizations. Each of our partners provides a unique way for you to create value from your data, like money, discounts, insights or more personalized offers and services.

In-App Features

• Data importers
• Marketplace
• Pre-configured analysis
• Full text search
• Filter functions
• Detailed Insights

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Version History

Launched Jun 24, 2020 (5 months ago).
Jun 23
Version 2.5.0

Bluetooth Addon
New GPS Addon
Support Covid tracing protocol ( Apple & Google )