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This is not a standalone application. A Kustom Live Wallpaper Pro key is REQUIRED to use this theme. Compatible launcher is also required: Nova Launcher highly recommended.

Phones are too long these days. Don't risk a sprained thumb - get Homestack today!

Homestack is brings your calendar, news, weather, media and notifications - all within beautifully animated reach. No longer shall you need stretch your thumb all the way to the top of your device. Designed to integrate with your launcher's dock, watch the video to see it in action.

Will work for any screen ratio.

Installation Instructions:

- Install from Play store
- Open KLWP
- Tap icon in top left (or swipe from left edge of device) to open the menu
- Tap "Load Preset"
- Click the "Installed" tab at the top or swipe to installed page
- Tap "Homestack" to load the wallpaper in the advanced editor
- Click "Globals" in the bottom right (you may have to swipe)
- Tap pick image if you wish to use your own background image
- Adjust the "offset" (distance from bottom of screen) slider to your preferred position
- Adjust the "width" slider to your preferred position
- Adjust the "anims" slider to your preferred animation speed (lower number = faster animation)
- Adjust the "radius" slider to your preferred position
- Select "dataRes" and choose the day of the month your data plan resets
- Select "dataAllo" and set your data limit in GB
- Tap the little save icon in the top right (floppy disk) to apply the wallpaper
- Enjoi

Icon pack used in screenshots and preview video: Minimo

Google Play Store Category:

Primary: Applications

Secondary: Personalization

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Homestack for KLWP (Kustom Theme) screenshot 1Homestack for KLWP (Kustom Theme) screenshot 2Homestack for KLWP (Kustom Theme) screenshot 3Homestack for KLWP (Kustom Theme) screenshot 4Homestack for KLWP (Kustom Theme) screenshot 5Homestack for KLWP (Kustom Theme) screenshot 6Homestack for KLWP (Kustom Theme) screenshot 7

Version History

Launched Nov 22, 2019 (about 1 year ago).
Sep 19
Version 1.2

Changed: Updated statusbar.
Changed: Target SDK 29.

Dec 04
Version 1.1

- New: Added full month calendar. Toggle will show up on the date and time header once the card is expanded.
- Fix: Data usage tracker displaying incorrect measurements.
- Fix: In some cases, animations were off by a frame or two.

Nov 21
Version v2019.Nov.22.03

Initial Release