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Where should we go? Who should it be? What do we eat? We all come across a situation where decisions are hard to make. How about having a dice make the decision for you?

We support all languages. Let's enjoy it anywhere and on any occasions: with your friends, office members, roommates, partners, family, at parties, and so on. Enjoyable all over the world!

- Write a text on dice.
- Add photo on dice.
- Dice rolls when the device is shaken.
- 6 colors of dice. (White, Black, Pink, Blue, Wood, Stone)
- Up to 6 dice.
- 5 color tables. (Green, Red, White, Black, Gray)
- also possible to use favorite photograph a table from the photo album.
- All the languages and signs can be input.
- Sounds ON/OFF
- Accelerometer ON/OFF

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Version History

Launched Nov 01, 2017 (over 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 days, on average.

Nov 12
Version 2.6.3

Added layout for tablet.
License statement was displayed.

Nov 06
Version 2.6.2

Fixed a bug that the splash screen could not be displayed correctly on Android 7 and later.

Nov 06
Version 2.6.1

Fixed a bug that app icons differ on Android 8.
Fixed several wordings.

Oct 31
Version 2.6

MakeDice has been released.

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