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Sunshine Compass calculates the sun positions of today and visualizes them in an amazing Augmented Reality (AR) view. The integrated True North compass is easy to use and helps you to orient yourself.

Additional features:
✔ View the sunrise, sun transit, and sunset of today.
✔ View the sun positions of the shortest and longest day of the year.
✔ Automatically detects and shows your current location (latitude, longitude, and altitude).

☀ Widget for your home screen showing the sunrise, sun transit, and sunset times of today. Add a widget by long-pressing on a blank space on your home screen (newer Android versions), or on the app launcher icon (older Android versions).

Useful for:
☀ Find out where and when to watch the sunrise or sunset.
☀ Plan building your house or examine your new potential home. When does the sun shine through each window or onto your future terrace?
☀ Plan a photo shoot. When is the sun at a specific point?
☀ Plan an event like a wedding or a garden party: How to set up the tables and seats or the stage for the band?
☀ Go camping: How can you park your caravan or mobile home or set up your tent in the best place to get most or least of the sun?
☀ Install your solar panels smartly: In which position do they produce the most energy?
☀ Find out how to arrange your new plants in the garden.

Keep your orientation with the compass while trekking, biking, running, hiking, sailing in all kinds of weather and terrains like mountains, forests, lakes, in downtown areas or in the wilderness.

Sunshine Compass is interesting for real estate agents/brokers, photographers, architects, home builders, homebuyers, event managers, rangers, construction workers, facility managers, farmers, foresters, gardeners, interior designers, sunbather, sun worshipers, tourists, campers, and many others.

Please note that Sunshine Compass is limited by the integrated sensors of your Android device. Some devices may not have sensors with a satisfying accuracy. Sensors may be disturbed by objects nearby. You usually get the most accurate results when you are outdoor.

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Version History

Launched Nov 20, 2015 (about 5 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Feb 14
Version 1.3.1

☀ Added an awesome homescreen widget
☀ Added privacy policy
☀ Minor improvements

Aug 09
Version 1.3

☀ Added an awesome homescreen widget.
☀ Minor improvements

Apr 13
Version 1.2

☀ Displays the sun positions of a freely selectable day.
☀ Minor bug fixes

Dec 28
Version 1.1

Nov 29
Version 1.0.1

Nov 20
Version 1.0

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