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"Go To Next Spot" is an Android app that can help you find your locations at worksites. It was originally developed for geotechnical engineers/geologists who conduct field explorations and site reconnaissances, but it can be used by anybody who needs to find his/her locations at worksites. Just input the latitudes and longitudes, and the app can guide you to the vicinity of your locations using the GPS system in your phone. No more pacing and guessing. Some of the features include:

- no ads
- no in-app purchases
- no data mining
- no recurring subscriptions
- no need to sign up and log in
- multiple input methods, including voice recognition
- can import/export simple KML file
- can record revised or new locations at the site.

 $9.99 in Google Play


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Version History

Launched Sep 27, 2018 (4 months ago).
Dec 19
Version 3.0 Version

Version 2 - Added roadmap
Version 3 - Added runtime permissions

Nov 22
Version 2.0 Version

Added roadmap

Sep 27
Version 1.0 Version


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