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The LiveCam & Map for Pokemon helps you to always view your environment and to find Pokemon next to you faster. With this PokeCam and Live Camera Overlay App you can avoid mobile phone fails, accidents and collisions in your daily routine while collecting rare Pokemon quickly.

With the LiveCam & Map for Pokemon you'll find Pokemon next to you in double quick time. You risk no Bans with this app and are always on the safe side. The integrated Live Camera of this PokeCam helps you to keep your environment in view. You can move the Live Camera Overlay App comfortably on your phone screen and resize it, while continuing to operate within the Pokemon App. With the LiveCam & Map for Pokemon cellphone fails on the hunt for Pokemon can be avoided easily.

Share locations of Pokemon with other fans and benefit from the locations of other Pokemon hunters with the LiveCam & Map for Pokemon.

The LiveCam & Map for Pokemon provides you with the same high level of comfort, that nowadays any car through integrated driver assistance systems offers its drivers. Move safely through the day, avoiding accidents and collisions, and keep your environment in view on the display of your Android device. Get now the first available mobile assistance system on the market for your phone or tablet, the Live Camera Overlay App.

Secure hunt for Pokemon with this PokeCam without experiencing an embarrassing mobile phone fail.

The LiveCam & Map for Pokemon is not an official Pokeman app and is not supported by Niantic or Nintendo. This app was developed by Pokemon player for fans and the Pokemon-GO Community. Requires Google Maps.


For questions about our app, we are always attainable for you at android.apps@appnomads.com.

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Launched Dec 02, 2016 (about 2 years ago).
Apr 29
Version 1.0

- Changed settings for enhanced device group


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