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Personal instruction is the best way teach your bird to talk; however, there are times when you just cannot be with it. Parrot Teacher reinforces your instructions while you are away. It records a short audio clip, in your voice, and plays it back at five, ten, or thirty minute intervals. A continuous playback option was also provided to test the audio recording. An animated bird appears while the sound clip is playing. This animation encourages your bird to pay attention and to learn.


Parrot Teacher requires the use of your tablet’s microphone and internal memory. It will ask you to permit the use of these features upon download. These permissions can be set and disabled after installation at ‘Settings (the gear), Apps, Parrot Teacher, Permissions’. If the app fails to record or if the app states ‘Unfortunately, Parrot Teacher has stopped’ the microphone and Internal Storage may not be set to ON.

Your privacy is protected. Parrot Teacher does not transmit your recorded information anywhere. The recording is stored at the local memory location ‘Settings, Storage and USB, Apps, Parrot Teacher’. Your app's recordings can be viewed and deleted at that location.

The power management of Parrot Teacher keeps your tablet alive. The app requires a little power while in operation. Connect your device to its charger while running the app at longer intervals. Closing or minimizing the app resets your device’s screen savers and power management timeouts to their normal condition.

Your device's Notifications Chimes alert you to such things as the battery is low and that an email has come in. If these notifications are interfering with your birds training they can be manually turned down from Settings (the Gear) and Sounds.

Parrot Teacher is minimized after its installation and upon a return from the Help Screen. This was done to insure that the app properly goes through its startup sequence. Click the app to call it up.

Thank you for your purchase. I hope the Parrot Teacher works well on your device and that you and your bird both like it.

Frank Znidarsic

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Version History

Launched Feb 22, 2017 (about 3 years ago).
Sep 20
Version 4

Updated SDK to 27 as per Google's request.

Apr 25
Version 3.0

Changed the screen orientation so that the charging cable comes out at the top. This will allow the tablet to be easily set near a bird cage.

Feb 22
Version 1.1