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Survivor: JURASSIC KINGDOM is a "choose your own adventure" game where you are to show your survival skills in the most dangerous place on the planet - the wild jungles of the Amazon. Every choice that YOU make changes the course of YOUR adventure.

Due to a series of unfortunate events, you become the sole survivor of an expedition to the Amazon. In the wild conditions of the jungle, you are to show wit, courage and extraordinary survival skills to make it out of the world's most dangerous place.

And just when you start thinking that you have settled, successfully scouted food and water, made fire, sharpened the finest spear and need to fear the inhabitants of this place no more - get ready to meet the most dangerous predator, that has ever roamed these lands, because on the way to your freedom lies - JURASSIC KINGDOM!

★ Ponder carefully on your every choice, because one wrong move - and no one will hear of you again
★ What are you willing to do to survive...?
★ ... eat grubs to avoid starvation?
★ ... drink from puddles to quench your thirst?
★ ... suck out poison from a wound after a poisonous creature's bite?
★ But even after surviving all this deprivation and misery, are you ready to meet the inhabitants that terrify even the lions and tigers?
★ Are you ready to discover the JURASSIC KINGDOM, where the fiercest of all creatures, who had ever lived, rule?

★ New chapters are added every month.
★ The picture is in HD.
★ Ambient sound design
★ Attention! Enhanced gaming requires a stable connection to the Internet.

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Your Story Interactive is an independent game development studio located in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. Stories are our passion and storytelling is what we do. Our sims are free! If you like adventure stories, visual novels, and text quests, you'll love our games!

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Version History

Launched Jun 15, 2018 (over 2 years ago).
Jun 20
Version 0.1.327

"Survivor" has been released!

Jun 14
Version Varies with device

Open beta available!