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If you’re driving anyway, why not make some easy extra cash? Wrapify offers commuters and other drivers the opportunity to add extra income by wrapping their vehicle in eye-catching art and commercial messaging. Wrapify drivers can pick and choose an advertiser, as well as decide on the look of their car: full, partial or panel wrap covering. With plans ranging from three months to year-long contract, and safeguards to protect your personal information, Wrapify is the easiest way to make money short of finding it in the street.

- Easy money — if you drive a car, you can make extra cash
- Drivers can pick and choose any advertiser
- Drivers decide how much of their car is covered
- State-of-the-art wrapping protects the vehicle and leaves no marks

Wrapify’s mobile application is easier than starting your car — it’s disruptive for advertisers, not disruptive to you. Simply engage the app when you get in your vehicle; our technology checks you in and tracks your mileage as you go. It’s literally as easy as getting in and out of your car.

Getting Started:
After logging in look for the FAQ's under the main menu. Our FAQ's are updated regularly to answer common questions and are the best way to get immediate answers for anything from qualify for campaigns to what you need to do once you have joined a campaign.

Campaign Matching:
Once you have driven at least 50 miles you will be eligible to receive campaign offers. This does not guarantee that campaigns will be available in your area. It means that when an advertiser decides to run a campaign in your city in an area matching your driving activity you will receive the campaign offer. This can take some time but is worth it. Campaign offers are sent by push notification to your device so keep Wrapify installed and preferably active while you wait to receive campaigns.

Please Note: We are not currently supporting Android Nougat due to some BlueTooth connection issues.

Permissions Requests:
- Wrapify asks for only the permissions it needs to operate.
- Access to the phone "to make and receive" calls is so that we can check the state of your cellular connection for suitability of communication to our servers. The app does not actively make or receive calls.
- Access to contacts. This is currently only used to attempt to auto fill the login page. We will probably be removing this feature in the next release.
- Access to camera and media. When you join a campaign you will be asked to upload photos of your vehicle as part of the campaign on boarding process. Access to the camera and media are required for this task.

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Version History

Launched Jul 31, 2016 (almost 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

May 03
Version 1.9.1

-Update Android support libraries to AndroidX standards.

Oct 17
Version 1.7.5

Fix a bug related to a permissions check for locations.

Oct 15
Version 1.7.4

Updated code to prevent potential crash related to beacons.

Sep 12
Version 1.7.3

-Updated support for beacons
-Photo approval stage campaign report bug fix
-Updates to qualifying mode interface.

Apr 23
Version 1.7.2

Fixed working on campaign acceptance screens.

Apr 14
Version Varies with device

-Password reset now enabled from within app
-General bug fixes and improvements

Oct 09
Version 1.5.1

Update to interface for campaign offers.

Aug 09
Version 1.5.0

-All new location tracking architecture.
-Activity recognition for battery life optimization.
-Android O compatibility.

Aug 25
Version 1.05

- Location accuracy updates when app is getting initial location.
- Updates to FAQ and Messaging libraries.

Aug 10
Version 1.04

- Minor bug fixes to included faq that was affecting some users.

Aug 05
Version 1.03

- Refinements to the process for shutting down location updates on logout.
- Workaround for bug in Marshmallow that would not populate speed for a location update which caused the update to be ignored by the backend servers.
- Minor bug fixes.

Aug 03
Version 1.02

- Specific call to shut down location updates when logging out rather than relying on broadcast receiver.
- Bug fixes and performance enhancements

Aug 02
Version 1.01

- Removed the contacts permission request which was only being used to auto fill the login email.
- Included reason descriptions for phone status, camera and media permissions request.

Jul 31
Version 1.0

Wrapify 1.0

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