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Antibiotics & Infections is an app designed to meet the needs of medical students and health-care providers regarding anti-bacterial agents and their use in bacterial infections. The app is intended as an educational and reference tool, and has two parts: Drugs and Diseases.

The drugs discussed are common anti-bacterial agents and comprehensive information is provided about their :
• Available forms
• Anti-bacterial spectra
• Indications
• & Adverse effects .

The diseases given are common bacterial infections of various human systems and information is provided about:

• The first line antibiotics that should be used
• Alternatives available
• and their Dosages and Durations.

The information has been taken from standard and up-to-date resources including Harrison's principles of Medicine, Davidson's principle and practice of Medicine, Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment, NICE Guidelines , and Public health England among others.

Feel free to comment and report any errors and omissions.

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Launched Dec 02, 2013 (about 6 years ago).
Dec 01
Version 1.0